Best Furniture Reviews: An Insider Guide to Buying Home Decor & Furniture 2020

furniture reviews, best furniture reviewsLet’s agree that quality furniture improves the look and feel of every home.

It is for this reason that we decided to create a blog that reviews home furniture.

I know your thinking about the price point in these hard economic times.

Trust me, simple furniture can make a huge difference in your home.

Let’s look at some of the furniture reviews we offer on this blog.

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  1. 14 Coffee Table Ideas to Spruce up your Home

Coffee Table ideas

There are different types of Coffee tables available. On this website, we review different types of coffee tables including;

1. lift top coffee tables: These have a mechanism where the upper part of the table lifts up. This offers an elevated working space that can be compared to a desk.

2. Glass coffee table: The top part is usually made of glass. people love these tables because they portray class and elegance.

3. Round coffee tables: These kinds of tables are loved for their space-saving ability. If you have a small family, then this would be perfect for your home.

4. Ottoman coffee table: These are upholstered coffee tables. They can be used for relaxing your feet, as a bedside table and for storage.

5. Coffee table with storage: If you need more storage space in your living room, then it will suit you perfectly. The storage can be hidden and or divided into compartments with shelves.

6. Trunk coffee table: These bring back the old days design and feel into your home. The trunk tables also offer storage space if required.

A coffee table is normally a type of long, low table designed to be placed in front or alongside a couch, sofa, or chair. The purposes of the table are to provide a space to place cups, glasses or refreshments beside guests in an informal and comfortable setting.

Because the most common drinks that were provided in this setting was coffee, the name coffee table stuck. It is also common today to find magazines, books, and decorative items and objects on the table.

An arrangement of beverage coasters is also a common item. These tables are generally during parties to have plates of food placed on them.

2. 15 Bedroom Furniture Ideas for Kids, Adults, and Seniors 

Bedroom furniture ideas

I think we all agree that bedroom furniture is one of the most important in the house.

Comfortable furniture enhances better sleep hence improving the quality of life.

On this category, we look at some of the best-rated beds including;

1. Trundle bed: A trundle bed is a bed found underneath the normal one. These beds are pulled out when they are needed. These are great for hosting guests especially kids.

2. Futon mattresses: These are somehow similar to your normal mattress, Read our in-depth reviews and select the best futons for your daily use.

3. Platform bed: Platform beds come in different shapes and designs. Platform beds refer to those beds which have a base consisting of a flat, raised, hard and horizontal surface meant for supporting just a mattress.

4. Daybed with trundle: A daybed is awesome when it comes to saving space in your living room. A trundle also works great if you expect guests. The trundle is rolled underneath the bed when not in use.

5. Rollaway beds: These folding beds are perfect for your guests, hotels and even camping. Read our in-depth shopping guides and learn more about these beds.

6. Bed Frames with storage: Storage is a crucial topic when it comes to bedroom furniture. The more storage space you get the better. The spaces come in form of drawers and compartments.

3. 13 Dining Table Ideas for a Perfect make Over

Dining Table Ideas

On this category, we review the following dining tables;

1.Round dining table: This is one of the best solutions for a small dining room. Besides being colossal save of space, it also is great for gatherings with close friends and family: it gives a cozy feel for intimate conversations.

2. 3 piece dining set: This kind of dining table is suitable for a small family. The family should only have 2 members. It comes with two chairs and a table.

3. 7 piece dining set: Different from a 3 piece set, these hold a maximum of six members at the same time. Perfect for a large family.

4. Glass dining table: A dining table made of glass stands out in a small room, With such a dazzling design, it’s impossible to stay detached.

5. Pedestal dining table: Pedestal bases are usually great because you can fit extra guests around the dining table without table legs getting in the way. Mix a contemporary design with a daring color like black.

6. Counter height dining set: Statement pieces can match perfectly with other statement pieces. Forget this old fashioned idea and take a chance with this magnificent dining table.

While some may be content with picking up bits and pieces of furniture for their dining room here and there, matching dining room furniture sets are now so common.

They have produced insufficiently inexpensive varieties that you can get a very good set without spending much money.

This allows you to enjoy furniture that matches and gives a good impression on guests and also has the not insubstantial benefit of being of similar quality of manufacture.

A brief glance into the relevant manufacturing company before you buy one of their sets will allow you to know just what you’re getting and how long it’s likely to last.

Unlike with mix and match furniture where figuring out the value and longevity of the whole thing is made difficult by necessitating specific research into each individual piece.

4. Chairs


Chair ideas type





5.Patio Furniture

patio furniture

Having a great place for family barbecues, small cookouts with close friends and larger backyard parties will make your home a place you will enjoy spending more time.

There are so many outdoor patio designs to consider. To make your patio just the way you want it to suit your particular needs and desires, take some time to learn all the various options. Outdoor patio solutions are easy to find and easy to come up with on your own.

Before searching for patio decorating ideas, take stock of the area you have available for your patio space. Then keep this in mind when looking at designs and ideas and think in terms of how they will work for the area you have. It can be helpful to draw up a sketch of the area with at least an approximate footage and have this with you when you are looking at outdoor patio ideas, whether it is driving around your neighborhood or looking online.

6.Storage & Cabinets 


Storage and cabinet ideas










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