A Comprehensive Guide to Coffee Tables

Best coffee table reviews, Best coffee table, Coffee tableLet’s agree that no living room is complete without a coffee table.

Whether you are planning to buy a new one or replace the old one, you will be surprised to find a wide collection of tables available today.


Choosing the perfect piece of furniture will let your living room make a statement and be warm and inviting at the same time.

And today, I have a list of the best coffee table reviews in the market.

In this list, you can easily go through the various types of coffee tables by different brands and models and make the right pick!

Coffee Table Reviews 2019

1. Lift Top Coffee Table

Lift top coffee table, best lift top coffee table reviewsRead our in-depth buying guide to find the best one that suits your needs.

As the name suggests, the top part of a lift top table can be lifted and underneath is storage space.

Also known as the convertible coffee table, this kind of table keeps your living room organized by keeping these things out of the way.

The dual function also saves money and space because you do not need to buy storage furniture that will occupy a portion of your living room space.

You can organize books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, newspapers, and so on. This will make cleaning and de-cluttering your living room easier and faster.

Once you’ve raised the top of the lift top coffee table, you can lock it in that position and use the raised part when eating.

No more bending and reaching very far if you have this coffee table with lift top.

2. Round Coffee Table

Round coffee table, Best round coffee table reviewsA round coffee table is one of the most common shapes for tables.

You get many benefits from choosing a round coffee table.

For one, it will give a softer look to your living room compared to square and rectangular tables.

secondly, It also makes it easier for you to arrange your other furniture like sofa and side tables because the table has a regular shape.

Furthermore, a round coffee table comes in different styles. In our comprehensive Buying guide, we show you some of the best ones in the market.

Round tables are best for parents with young children because there are no sharp corners to bang into small heads and hands.

They are best suited for square rooms with a U-shaped seating area that is even on all sides.

3. Ottoman Coffee Table

ottoman coffee table, Best Ottoman coffee table

In a word – comfort and flexibility – ok, that was two words. The great thing about using an ottoman as a coffee table is that they can easily perform double duty.

Feel the need to kick back and prop your feet up without having to worry about damaging the table?

Check out some of the really cool leather ottomans available that are soft and luxurious and are comfortable not only to prop your feet up on but to sit on if you need an extra chair.

The color must coincide with the overall theme of the room as well. Finding the best ottoman that fits your need should be based on what fits your room.

It is also important to determine the types of materials used in coffee tables for ottomans. You do not want to waste all your money buying for a non-durable table.

4. Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee table, Best glass coffee table reviewsOne of the easiest ways to add some style to your home furnishings is by adding a glass top coffee table.

Interior designers all over the world continue to use these glass top tables to enhance even the simplest designs.

It is important to make stylish decisions when dealing with interior furnishings because they make a statement about who you are and what you want to project to the rest of the world. One of the best ways to make that statement is with a glass coffee table. Read our top picks today.

The best glass tables come in many styles ranging from traditional to modern. They come in all shapes and sizes as well. Choosing your coffee table will depend on whether you are adding it to an already furnished room or if you are starting from scratch.

If adding it to an existing room, just make sure to take into account the current furnishings because a misplaced coffee table can ruin the style of a room.

Building a room from scratch is much easier because the coffee table can be included in the initial design phases.

5. Coffee Table With Storage

Coffee table with storage, Best coffee table with storage reviewsCoffee makes an important component of our everyday life.

It’s not only taking coffee that matter but taking it with style.

Storage coffee tables help in saving space and making your room tidy.

In ordinary circumstances, you would avoid having your room cluttered hence it would be a great relief having a good coffee table with the necessary storage.

In addition to holding many of your little things, it would help if your coffee table could add some beauty to your home.

This will only be possible if the table can match well with whatever is already is in the house. However, when you are purchasing one, it’s imperative that you consider getting a coffee table that would offer you the elegance, style, and comfort that you require.

However, in addition to the price, it’s important that you consider the functional superiority of your coffee table since it would make no sense if it does not offer you the service you badly need. Read our Buyers guide here.

6. Rustic Coffee Table

Rustic coffee table, Best Rustic coffee table reviews

Rustic tables are considered to be unique home items.

The look is certainly something that you want to consider.

It matches any kind of theme and decorations. This item is not that hard to find.

A rustic coffee table is natural and will look good in your vacation home or rustic living room.

When choosing a rustic coffee table, choose the kind of wood that will last for a long time, although most types are durable and sturdy.

You also need to decide on the finish. Do you want a natural, reddish, or painted finish? You have to keep in mind that when choosing rustic pieces of furniture, natural finish is your best option.

7. Square Coffee Table

Square coffee table Reviews, Best Square coffee tables,

Have you ever considered buying a square coffee table for your living room instead of the traditional rectangular coffee table?

When you visit most homes, what you will usually see is a rectangular, a-round or even an oval coffee table.

A square coffee table is a bit unusual compared to the previously mentioned shapes. Read our top picks Here.

Although it is non-traditional, you can still enjoy many benefits and advantages that only a square coffee table can provide. But before you buy one for your living room, you need to know the following information.

First, you have to consider the equal sides of this coffee table. Unless you are planning to buy a complete living room set, you have to consider your existing furniture like your sofa, chair, and couch when buying a coffee table.

8. Marble Top Coffee Table – Elegant and Stylish

Marble coffee table reviews, Best marble coffee table

Searching for the best contemporary lounge furniture?

Then my recommendation to you is to get a spectacular and stunning marble top coffee table.

This is totally different from a concrete coffee table

Most of these tables are featuring with a dynamic and sleek design which is for sure will enhance the decorative statement for your lounge as well as for your home, indeed the presence of this furniture item will definitely exceed your expectations in terms of their usages.

Indeed the beautiful design and construct of these are able to match with any room décor and furniture item.

For example, this special coffee table is matched perfectly with wood cabinets, chairs, and sofas. Thus the color of these tables also compliments well with other home improvement units like rugs and vases.

These tables are offered with different style, patterns, shapes, and sizes. In terms of styles, they are either in modern or antique style. Read our in-depth buying guide here.

9. Oval Coffee Table – Great For Any Space, And Decor

Oval coffee table reviews, best oval coffee tables

An oval coffee table can be made of glass, wood, and metal.

Among these three materials, however, the most popular are glass and wood.

If you want to achieve a contemporary look in your living room, a glass coffee table is perfect for you.

If what you want is a cozy ambiance, then you should choose a wooden table.

Glass tables are available in different frames and glass colors. Choose the one that will complement your living room theme the most.

Wood tables, on the other hand, are available in different finishes and can be made from different types of wood.

You should use an oval coffee table if your sofa set is sectional or scattered. Your coffee table can be the centerpiece of your sofa set.

It is also perfect if you entertain guests a lot since you and your friends can sit around the table while playing card games and the like. Get our in-depth reviews here.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal and functionality of an oval coffee table, it is also safe to place this kind of furniture in the home especially if you have kids or you often have guests with kids. Since there are no edges, kids will not be hurt when they bump into the table.

10. Trunk Coffee Table

Trunk coffee table, best trunk coffee table reviews

Trunk coffee tables are a great way to spice up a room and give it an antique feel of style.

These can be used in the outdoors too.

This is wonderful for a library or an office as they give it an old type of feel.

A trunk table is a piece of furniture that has a multipurpose function.

It is a low table that will add a classy look to your living room.

The classy look of this coffee table will surely catch anyone’s attention.

This coffee table also has a wide variety of designs and styles that will fit anywhere. Trunk coffee table has different kinds such as leather trunk coffee table, tree trunk coffee table, storage trunk coffee table, and Steamer trunk coffee table. Read Our Buyers Guide.

The tables are also known as mid-century modern coffee tables.

11. Small Coffee Table

Small coffee table, best small coffee table reviews

Choosing the perfect small coffee table can be somewhat of a difficult task.

By identifying exactly what you desire, matching it with your decor and planning carefully, you can pick out a small coffee table that perfectly accents a small space and can in fact even make it look larger than it is.

Read our in-depth buying guide here.

Small coffee tables can add a little spice to your dull and monotonous coffee breaks.

Coffee tables come in different designs and colors that can turn a dull moment to an experience worth cherishing for the rest of your life.

You can have coffee with friends and loved ones and enjoy the cool coffee table that you have bought.

One of the first steps in choosing a coffee table is to determine what kind of style of décor you wish the table to match with.

A modern coffee table may have a metallic finish or be finished with a glass top. Wood and traditional style coffee tables can fit in with a rustic style of décor and match with more classical and wood grains which may already exist in the space.

12. Coffee table set

Coffee table sets, best coffee table sets reviews

Coffee table sets may have a simple or ornate pedestal, or they may be a more traditional four-legged table. Read our guide on the best table sets

They may be made of a variety of woods with light or darker colored stains.

Other round coffee tables have a glass tabletop for a more contemporary or modern look.

These tables also come in a wide range of sizes and are suitable for two people or up to eight people and more depending on which size you select.

Often you will find larger tables informal areas.

Smaller tables, including circular bistro tables, can be found in the dining room.

History of the Coffee Tables

Derived from older style tea tables, coffee tables originated in the Victorian era. As sofas metamorphosed from high backed settles to lower backed sofas, tables likewise dropped from the high-end tables and tea tables to lower tables that could be reached by those reclining in comfort.

The tables were designed to hold the coffee or tea of those sitting at the sofa, allowing them easy access to their hot drinks. These early ancestors of this table became popular in the early twentieth century, as casual visits replaced formal entertaining.

Coffee and cocktails replaced high tea and fancy food spreads, and the coffee table of the living room replaced the elevated tea table of the formal sitting room.

Modern Coffee Tables – Materials

Coffee tables are available in five primary materials: wood, metal, plastic, glass, and fabric. The best one for you depends both on your taste and your family life.


Wood tables can be quite modern, especially when combined with other materials like glass and metal. A modern wood table will often be stained a dark color or painted. The legs tend to be straight. The top may either be glass or wood. A newer style features a glass top floating over a wood base, or a square wood base with an inset glass top.


or many people, metals like chrome are synonymous with the modern design aesthetic. However, iron is making an entrance into the modern design as well. While most iron tables are ornate, some newer coffee tables feature straight black legs that combine both the artistry of iron with the sleek lines of modern tastes. Like wooden designs, most chrome or iron coffee tables feature glass tops.


Although most people think plastic furniture is of poor quality and suitable only for dorm rooms. Some of the latest designs feature sturdy molded plastic with a high gloss. Plastic tables are usually topped with glass or acrylic. In addition to being very sturdy, plastic is lightweight. They’re also harder to break, which is important for parents with young children.


Glass tables are at the opposite spectrum from plastic tables. Although it’s unusual to find a table made completely from glass, it is possible. Think carefully before buying an all-glass table however, if you have pets or children.


Fabric tables are the newest entry in coffee table design. They’re frequently firm, over-sized ottomans placed in the center of the seating area. However, some new designs are wood covered in tight fabric with having a glass top. Popular fabrics are leather and vinyl.

Types and Kinds of these tables

Because of their functionality, there are several different types and kinds of coffee tables. There are a variety of different shapes of the table to fit each space, from rectangular to square to round.

Some companies make coffee tables under which stools or ottomans may be stored, serving both as visual interest and practical space saving technique.

Still, other coffee tables may serve as storage units with tops that can be lifted to reveal hidden trunk space or drawers that can store odds and ends.

Soon, there may even be smart tables to introduce a technological element to a living space.

Microsoft has developed tables with touch screen interfaces that may be available for homes and offices in a matter of years.

Acrylic coffee waterfall tables are also becoming popular.

Design: Coffee Tables as Art Pieces

For the stylish homeowner, the coffee table can surpass the level of functionality and move into the realm of pure aesthetics.

Because of their central place in the most used room in the house, these tables can serve as conversation pieces themselves as architectural design and art permeate the furniture design business.

Several companies such as Velocity Art and design and the foundry, as well as individual designers, market unique furniture for the original individual. crate coffee table

These tables can be large aquariums with clear glass tops or solid redwood trunks, lacquered to a shine. A coffee table can be made to reflect its owners’ personalities or interests and leave a personal touch on home decorating.

Coffee Table Art

Even if the coffee table is not itself an art piece, it can be a great showcase for displaying art. In fact, there is an entire realm of literature devoted to displaying on the table.

Coffee table books are books filled with photographs and illustrations of things such as art, architecture, flowers, animals, and even food.

These books are designed to be displayed at the social center of the house, to spark conversation among guests or distract bored visitors. These books are often superficial in nature, designed more to be looked at rather than read.

Yet, thousands of coffee table books are sold each year with the explicit purpose of being set on a coffee table and being thumbed through casually while people visit.

There are so many different kinds and designs of coffee tables that it is possible for everyone to find one that suits their decor, their lifestyles, and their unique personalities.

It is important to do a fair amount of research to discover just what sort of coffee table best fits into each person’s life.

Whether a coffee table with legs that look like tree limbs or a practical mahogany table with drawers for the remote, a coffee table can pull a room together and make it a true living space.

About Wooden Tables

Wooden tables are available in a wealth of styles, designs, and colors and finding one that meets your taste for beauty and specific needs perfectly really is not a problem.

You can choose between the traditional rectangular wooden tables with four legs and ultramodern designs which give a contemporary furnished living room the final touch.

Then, there are coffee tables which are made with functionality in mind and may feature drawers, shelves for magazines, wheels to be able to move it around with ease, etc. in order to allow you to optimize the space available and achieve a perfect blend of functionality and style.

In addition to having the ability to choose between literally countless styles, designs, and colors, you can also choose between different types of wood.

Just about every wooden coffee table is a good choice and you cannot go wrong if you choose pine or walnut, however, there are a few important differences between different types of wood other than their aesthetic appeal.

Wood can roughly be divided into two categories – softwood and hardwood. The first category refers to timber which is obtained from gymnosperms such as conifers for instance, while the term hardwood encompasses wood from angiosperm trees most of which are deciduous.

Why is this important?

Because hardwoods have a more complex structure than softwoods and as their name suggests, they are also harder and stronger in comparison to softwoods. But they are also more resistant to scratches and wear and tear, and are generally also more durable.

Lastly, hardwoods are rarer and coffee tables which are made from hardwood, therefore, give the living room a unique aesthetic appeal and a sense of prestige.

Common Coffee Table Terms

Apron – the apron on your coffee table is the rail around the table, directly under the top.

Cabriole – cabriole is a leg shape that is common on Queen Anne and Chippendale style coffee tables. The leg is formed into an S-shape, bending outward at the top and then tapering and bending inward to a decorative foot.

Casual– casual style tables are characterized by simple design and soft details.

Chippendale – these tables are typically wood, with flowing lines and rococo ornamentation.

Coffee Table – a low table that sits in front of the sofa in the living or sitting room. They are typically a resting place for drinks, magazines, and the occasional knickknack.

Cocktail Table – smaller, curvier coffee tables.

Mid-century coffee table – These are antique coffee tables.

Colonial – this style was developed during Europe’s colonial period.

Contemporary – a style that is between traditional and casual, with straight clean lines and very few carvings or embellishments.

Country – a no-frills casual style that includes some traditional designs and is typically made with light or warm-colored woods. Also called “rustic.”

End Table – These tables accent the style of the coffee table and the rest of the living room. Usually set on either end of the couch.

Reclaimed wood coffee table – This is a table made from pieces of old wood.

Mission/Shaker – extremely simple style. Yields furniture that is both useful and durable.

Modern – these are artistic coffee tables with clean lines, industrial elements, and bold color choices. Usually very simple, with a heavy emphasis on practicality.

Molding – decorative embellishments that protrude outward from the surface of the apron or the tabletop.

Nesting Tables – a set of tables that can be stored one under the other.

Novelty – a style that complements a theme or makes a statement.

Ottoman – a low, wide, upholstered stool that can serve as a coffee table.

Overlay – a decorative layer on a tabletop made from different colored wood or other materials.

… And a bunch of others!

Paint Finish – a painted finish on a table. This can include finishes that are only one color or multicolored designs or scenes.

Patina – the coating that develops on any metal surface through age and use.

Polyurethane – the clear plastic overlay applied to some coffee tables.

Queen Anne – the 18th-century style with simple designs and soft shapes.

Sheraton – a style characterized by straight lines.

Stain – applied to lighter woods to color them and highlight the grain.

Tapered Leg – a table leg that is wider at the top and gradually narrows toward the bottom.

Tempered Glass – glass that has been manufactured to be stronger than regular glass. It will shatter into small fragments with minimally sharp edges, as opposed to large shards.

Traditional Style – an ornate, ordered, bold style full of contrast. Usually accented with curved details, brass and iron pull, and hand-painted wood.

Varnish – a finish to protect and darken the wood.

Veneer – a thin panel of wood applied on top of a coffee table made of cheaper wood.

Victorian – a subset of the traditional furniture style.

Wax – a finish to enhance the natural appearance of the wood and to protect it.

Wood coffee tables do come in various colors. Black brown and white coffee tables are the most popular.


With us, you can compare coffee tables by different brands that include 4D Concepts, Acme, Baxton, Poundex, Walker Edison, Winsome Wood, Coaster, Cross and 2k Designs.

You find a wide range of tables by these brands in different design, sizes, and looks. Make sure that you keep utility in mind when selecting a table. You can also find tables with built-in drawers for storage.

We all agree that coffee table decor is important.

The other option is to have DIY coffee table. I recomend using a coffee table plan which includes all the instructions and precise dimensions of the table. These include coffee table legs and height required