adjustable height coffee tableIf you’re looking for an extremely functional, yet also fashionable, coffee table for your house or apartment, the adjustable height coffee table could be for you.

The coffee table’s unique feature is exactly as it sounds; the adjustable height coffee table has a top that lifts up to working table height and adjusts back down to a traditional coffee table height.

Best Adjustable Coffee Table Reviews 

1. Flash Furniture 23.75” Round Adjustable Height White Wood Table (Adjustable Range 26.25” – 35.75”)

Flash Furniture 23.75'' Round Adjustable Height White Wood Table (Adjustable Range 26.25'' - 35.75'')

This adjustable table is reflective of resplendent beauty. Comprised of a white tabletop which is mounted on a slender chrome-based silver pedestal and base, the table is a designer’s dream.

The pedestal is adjustable, allowing the tabletop to adjust in height from a base height of 26.25 inches to a maximum height of 37.75 inches. The top which is made of wood and white in color is very sturdy being 75inches thick.

The clean crisp design is perfect for a classic get-together setting, which makes it a great piece for event coordinators to use in establishing settings for hosting events.  It also fits perfectly in classic and modern interior décor.

This table is perfect for a breakfast nook, a porch coffee table as well as a dining or living room accent piece.

If you have a penchant for the sophisticated and classic things in life, this adjustable coffee table is designed to suit your tastes.

Pros: A protective plastic covering which encases the base helps to protect your floor from scratches.

It is fairly lightweight since it weighs 23 pounds

Cons: The tabletop isn’t exactly stationary so expect it to spin a little.

The adjustable pedestal can be tricky to maneuver sometimes.

2. Home Decorators Collection Industrial Adjustable Height Coffee Table, ADJUSTABLE, Natural Reclaimed

Modern décor discovers old world charm in this magnificent coffee table trunk. Natural wood is blended with metal features to bring you the ultimate stylish interior furnishing item.

The table’s top is primarily solid mango wood encased around the 36 inches wide circumference with a black cast iron band. Beneath the top panel is the black cast iron support, which features some interesting design features.

Chief among these design features are the curved feet which are reminiscent of ancient Greek and Roman furniture designs. From the feet to the tabletop, a cast iron pedestal serves as a connector and a height adjustment facilitator.  A metal hand crank attached to the pedestal helps to lower and lift the tabletop as needed.

Because it can be adjusted to suit varying heights, the table can be used for dining purposes or as a light meal (such as breakfast or coffee) station.

This combination of wood and iron delivers the perfect dose of rustic appeal, contemporary flair, and an industrial aura.

The table is a great addition to space with a rustic or classic décor theme. Since it is adjustable, it works well as a coffee table or an accent stand.

Pros: Given the cast iron and genuine wood components it is pretty durable

The adjustable height makes it a good table for use while standing or seated

Cons: The cast iron and genuine wood components make it pretty heavy (above 80 pounds)

It may be difficult to move since it is so heavy

3. SpaceMaster Transforming X Coffee and Dining Table 2.0 in Walnut Finish

This modern and futuristic coffee and the dining table are perfect for the contemporary and eclectic décor themes. With the capacity to rotate, lift and fold, this table is the ultimate in multi-purpose and flexible furniture.

The top panel is a merger of two wooden panels merged in the center by three hinges. The table-top is supported by a network of metal support arranged into an X shaped design.

The sleek design facilitates smooth transitions between positions making this table an impressively user-friendly item of furniture.

This table is an incredible space maximizer. The tabletop can fold in half to save space or fold out to create double the surface space depending on your needs.

With a capacity to facilitate 4-6 people, this adjustable coffee table is a host’s dream. Most tables of its kind can only accommodate a maximum of three or four people.

Choose the height at which you’ll use this table starting at a base of 7 inches up to a maximum of 30 inches. It is so flexible that it can be a coffee table, accent stand or dining table depending on your preferences and needs.

Pros: No assembly required

Lockable wheels allow for easy movement of the table

Cons: At 67 pounds, it’s on the heavier side

4. Scott Living Sawyer Adjustable Height Coffee Table, Natural/Black


An elegant piece of furniture that can easily become a long term treasured possession, this adjustable coffee table is designed to inspire a zen state of mind and add an air of sophistication to any décor.

It combines the soft, gentle appeal of natural wood with the industrial robustness of metal in a most stunning fashion.

A circular tabletop made of light brown mango wood sits atop ornate adjustable metal support to complete the frame for this spectacular table.

The top features subtle designs ingrained into the surface. The designs include geometric patterns encased in a border that runs around the circumferences.

The metalwork doubles as a decorative feature as well as an adjustable base for the table.  A crank (with a handle accented to match the tabletop) installed into the metal base allows the height to be an adjustment when it is turned.

The adjustable height makes the table ideal to use while you lounge on your sectional, sit on a traditional chair or stand in a casual setting.

Pros: Solid wood and metal frame give this table extra points for durability and stability

The adjustable height makes it a very flexible item of furniture

Cons: Assembly required

It weighs 57 pounds which means it is quite heavy

5. Carolina Chair and Table Brook Adjustable Crank Accent Table, Chestnut/Black

This table is a powerful statement piece that adds a sophisticated flair to any room’s décor.  It has a round chestnut finished top with a diameter of 18 inches.

Beneath this table-top is an artistic metal frame designed to support the table while adding another design detail. The metalwork is coated with a powder finish that leaves it with a cool matte look.

The hand crank allows you to change the table’s height from a minimum of 19 inches to a maximum of 28 inches to suit your needs.

This flexibility allows the table to adjust to the coffee table, side table or console table height and to either fit in with or stand out against the heights of the other furnishings in the room, depending on what your design vision demands.

Without a doubt, this table is designed to take your décor to the next level of sophistication. The perfect merger of modern and rustic design features this is, without a doubt, a fabulous table.

Pros: It is light since it weighs 22 pounds

Because it is light it is easy to move around

Cons: The surface of the tabletop is too small for it to be used for purposes outside of light use such as coffee table

Assembly required

6. Adjustable Height Multifunctional Round Table 

If you’re looking for a table that delivers the wow effect, this is it! This adjustable height multifunctional round table is ideal for chic, crisp and sophisticated décor plans.

It is light through and through from its beige colored circular top to the white-coated metal pedestal on which it stands, this table is the optimum in simply stylish furniture concepts.

The pedestal is a rectangular stand that merges into four balance-providing padded metal feet. The padding helps to prevent floor damage and keep the table from sliding away from its position.

This table provides ample usage space defined by a 31.5 inches diameter and a surface area of 5.4 square feet.

In addition, the table is designed for flexible use. A handy foot lever allows you to change the table’s height whenever you need to.

You get a range of heights starting at 28 inches and ending at 42.5 inches. As a result, this table compliments sitting as well as standing uses.

Its sleek design is also great for minimalistic design concepts.

Pros: It is relatively light

It fits well into most décor plans

Cons: Not suitable for heavy-duty use

Not suitable for prolonged exposure to the elements (outdoor use)

7. SUPER DEAL Lift Top Coffee Table w/Hidden Compartment and Storage Shelves Pop-Up Storage Cocktail Table

SUPER DEAL Lift Top Coffee Table w/Hidden Compartment and Storage Shelves Pop-Up Storage Cocktail Table

This is a classic addition to any home office, living area or corporate office! Its Lacquer and melamine dark veneer finish gives it a pristine look and makes it pop against pretty much any background.  And with sharp, clean design features it

The coffee table in its smaller version presents a crisp clean simplistic design comprising four feet each built with two panels merged to create a right angle.  A flat panel hinged on the four feet provides space for additional storage.

It opens into a more elaborate coffee table though, with a lid that slides upward and slightly outwards to reveal nifty storage space beneath. To cut the visibility of the items you’ve stored in this nifty little compartment, simply slide the lid back into place.

The coffee table doubles as a workstation if needed. It is also great for displaying accent pieces or a magazine collection.  It looks just as good in a corner as it does in the center of a room.

Pros: It has a very airy design which helps if you want to avoid that crowded look

Lots of room for storage

Cons: Assembly required

The edges can be pretty sharp so you’ll have to either add edge protectors or be careful when moving around it.

8. Emall Life Upgraded Multifunctional Height Adjustable Overbed End Table Wooden Nightstand with Swivel Top

Emall Life Upgraded Multifunctional Height Adjustable Overbed End Table Wooden Nightstand with Swivel Top, Storage Drawers, Wheels and Open Shelf, 3 Colors (Black Walnut)

Gorgeous, crisp and modern are few of the adjectives that aptly describe this magnificent adjustable height end table.

1.2 mm thick carbon steel brackets connect the adjustable panel to the frame and facilitate movement.

With panels boasting 16mm of thickness, the table boasts a pretty sturdy frame.

One side has the perfect mini stand for your magazines another houses two storage drawers plus a nook below the top for extra storage.

This coffee table has an adjustable top that swings upward and outward with a 360 degrees range to convert the unit into a handy table that functions as a great stand for a laptop, tablet or magazine and can be accessed from a couch or bed.

The simple maneuver converts this table’s height from 27 inches to 35 inches. For added convenience, a Q-type clip on the back allows for cables to be held neatly in place.  Another nifty feature is the anti-slip strips that help to keep things from slipping off the surfaces.

In its contracted position, the tabletop makes a great coffee table, nightstand or display space for that perfect accent piece.

Pros: Built using upgraded material

Wheels help with mobility

Cons: Assembly required

It weighs 40.79 pounds which makes it a little heavy for its size.

9. Carson Forge Lift Top Coffee Table in Cherry, stylish Modern Contemporary Traditional Home Decor Furniture

This coffee table epitomizes the phrase timeless beauty as it exudes a sort of graceful charm that will definitely endure through time.

Designed with a weathered look, this table has a distinctly antique feel. But its minimalistic design and crisp shape also give it a hint of modern inspiration.

The mainframe of the table comprises a shallow storage area running along the full width of the top, which is hidden when the lid is down.

The lid extends outward to add height to the table while also providing the user with more convenient surface access. When extended, the lid serves as an elevated work surface and allows access to the storage area. Below you’ll notice two open shelves for extra storage.

Its contemporary design fits in with any décor. It can blend in seamlessly or provide great contrast depending on your design concept. Additionally, it is an ideal work desk, coffee table or college dorm room furniture.

Pros: It is eco-friendly having been made with non-toxic material

Four feet suspend the table off the floor for easy cleaning

Cons: susceptible to water damage so avoid getting wet or you’ll have water spots/rings

It’s pretty heavy since it weighs 74 pounds

Assembly required

10. Tribesigns Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Compartment and Lower Shelf for Living Room, Solid Wood Legs (Black Walnut)

Tribesigns Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Compartment and Lower Shelf for Living Room, Solid Wood Legs (Black Walnut)

This table provides you with the perfect opportunity to achieve that high end looks at an economical budget. It sits on four solid wooden legs that offer great stability. The classic finish is clean and crisp adding to the sophistication that this table exudes.

Three semi-open cupboards at the base offer plenty of storage for books, records or small speakers.  When it is elevated, the lid reveals a concealed storage space, ideal for keeping folders and gadgets like tables when not in use.

The slow-moving lid helps to eliminate accidents and make the adjustment easy to make. Another safety feature is the rounded edges.

This eliminates the risk of injury when you accidentally bump into the table. With an elevated lid, the table’s height increases from its base height of 18.5 inches to a maximum of 24.6 inches.

It has sufficient space to function as a dinner table and the fact that its top can be elevated makes it even more suitable for this use.

Whether it is used as a work desk, coffee table, center table or dining table, this immaculately designed piece is sure to leave users satisfied and inspired.

Pros: large storage capacity

It is built to handle heavyweight.

Cons: Assembly required

Its weight of 50 pounds makes it quite heavy

Why You Need an Adjustable Height Coffee Table 

Do you enjoy spending time working or relaxing in your living room?

If so, you might have experienced back pain from not having a proper set up for your laptop or for your snacks.

If you like to use your coffee table for various things, you might consider purchasing a convertible lift top coffee table to remedy the situation.

Why You Need One?

1. Remedy Back Pain

One of the biggest reasons why you will need a table that adjusts in height is the fact that it can help remedy back pain. It can do this for you because it has the ability to make it easier for you to use the table for different tasks.

If you want to use it as a laptop holder and work on it, you can simply raise it up to your rib area.

Whereas, if you want to use it to eat, you can raise it even further if you want. This is the biggest benefit of having a table that can adjust in height.

2. Accommodate Guests

Do you enjoy having guests over?

If so, you might consider using an adjustable table in order to facilitate your guests’ needs. Most of the time, when you have a get-together, people are often standing.

The coffee table will not help at all if it is too low. In this case, it is important to have a coffee table that is going to be able to raise up in order to facilitate the guests that are standing. This is going to allow you to use the table during your parties.

3. Storage

Another reason why you are going to want an adjustable coffee table is in order to have more storage area. By having an adjustable table, you are going to effectively create more space to place things that you need to store. This is because a lot of the adjustable tables have a compartment underneath which can be incredibly useful for storing things.

4. Multiple Uses

Another reason as to why you are going to want an adjustable table is the fact that you are going to be able to use the table for multiple things.

You will be able to use it for sitting and standing. You will also be able to use it for leisure and work. It is a very versatile table that you can use for multiple functions.

As you can see, there are plenty of different reasons as to why you are going to want a height-adjustable coffee table with top lift.

It is important to consider the reasons we have discussed above because they can help increase your health and increase the amount of space that you have in your home. When you are searching for the perfect table to purchase, you will want to take note of the customer reviews of the product beforehand.

Benefits Of Using Adjustable Table Legs

As said earlier, one can have several benefits by using this Adjustable Table Legs furniture and this article divide such benefits in two ways, health, and productivity.

Both these factors are important and to be considered while buying this unique furniture from the local or online stores.

Productivity Enhancer

People around the world use tables for all sorts of activities. In fact, one can even say there is no work can be done without a table. This is said in a real sense especially for those who work in businesses, warehouses, as well as in government offices.

Keeping this aspect in mind most people work with comfort only in the tables that offer correct height.

Hence scientifically it has been proved that the height of the working table is one of the most important factors in determining the productivity of an individual as well as the team members.

Interestingly furniture with the adjustable table legs is known to be an innovative product of the modern kind, which not only brings ergonomics but also carries great durability. This furniture offers such a dual benefit to the users and assists them to deliver high productivity wherever they use in the working environment.

Hence most of the employers prefer these kinds of tables for their employees in order to achieve maximum productivity on a daily basis.

In addition to the above-described benefits, this furniture offers many adjustable positions so that a user can use the table while sitting or even standing positions.

This clearly means that a user can use this table in wherever level he or she prefers. As these tables are built with industrial materials, there is no question on durability and reliability.

Health Benefits

As the second dimension, these Adjustable Table Legs furniture offers several health benefits to the users. According to the research on the people who use this unique furniture complain less back pain and neck pain.

In fact, these tables enhance the blood flow and even assist in burning calories by correcting a person’s posture allow their metabolism to remain active while sitting comfortably.

These are the real health advantages these tables bring to users.

More importantly, using the right height of the working table reduces stress levels to a great extent.

Where To Buy Adjustable Table Legs Furniture?

It is always recommended to get this unique furniture from reputed stores either local or online. This aspect is very essential for the purposes of quality, durability, and guarantee, etc.

Online buyers can always verify some of the reviews and the testimonials are given in the World Wide Web.

When shopping for the Adjustable Table Legs, it is always worth to select a reliable online store where one can see the innumerable choice of these tables. As the computer users are in a phenomenal rise every year certain brands have introduced height adjustable computer desks which are selling in huge volumes in recent times.

Above all this unique furniture offers maintenance-free which seems to be another USP of this great furniture.

Electrically Driven Adjustable Table Legs

Table! It is a very common device seen in every house, big or small. However, now you will be amazed to know that like most of the other things, there are tables available in the market that run on electricity.

Yes, I am talking about the electrically driven adjustable table legs, newly introduced in the market. These table sets are highly durable and sturdy and you can either use it in pairs or individually.

In the case of these electrically driven adjustable table legs, there is a worm drive in the telescoping table legs that goes down or up, as per one’s demand. The legs fit precisely into one another and hence, there is no wobble.

The table can be lowered down or raised higher by means of a handy rocker switch which is attached to the desk. In addition, there are optional switches that consist of a foot pedal or a highly complicated rocker switch.

The legs of the electrically driven adjustable table legs are of a slim design; however, they bear a better lifting capacity along with the ability to daisy chain up to four legs. All the legs contain a 3-stage telescope in a slimline and modern design.

If you are looking for ultra-modern equipment in your home or office, this electrically driven adjustable table legs would be the ultimate choice. Add an element of glamour and elegance in your room by adding this table set there. Moreover, one can use it in several ways. It can be highly used and prove as a helpful furniture piece in case of presentations, conferences, meetings, gatherings or any other social event in the house. Small kids can use it as a dining or study table, as well.

This kind of item is a way to improve your modern home. However, if you do not like such advanced and modernized table sets, things like this Black Adjustable Table Leg Set may fit your home decor.