Bunk Bed With Trundle – A Good Way To Keep The Whole Family Happy

The bunk bed with trundle is a great solution to your kids sleeping arrangements. Decorating any room requires a lot of thought and planning. This is even more important with a kid’s room as their likes and dislikes will change and you will not be able to change the room to fit every trend that comes along. If you have two kids in one room it gets even tougher.

The easiest way to get a room which the kids like is to look and what you want, then what they want. You will all probably need to compromise a little, but most importantly, you will need to create an environment which is sufficiently versatile that every one will feel that they have got what they want. This is where the bunk bed with trundle really comes into its own.

Why Choose A 

If you have two or more kids the bunk bed is an ideal solution. However, your kids will still want to have their friends around to stay. So however good your sleeping arrangements are for your kids you will always need more capacity. This is why the bunk bed with trundle is such a great idea. It means that you can always accommodate an extra child without a major re-jig of the room.

Advantages Of A 

Of course there are other sleeping options such as the camp bed or an air bed. These obviously work fine but they are definitely more hassle. The camp bed is a nuisance sine you need to find somewhere to store it when not in use. The air bed is easy to store, but you have pump it up and make it every time you use it, there is nothing particularly instant or easy about either of these options. The trundle is stored under your bunk bed – so no extra storage required. It can also be prepared earlier in the day, or even a week earlier, then you simply pull it out, throw on a duvet and pillow and you are good to go.

Designs Of 

When the bunk bed with trundle first appeared on the market there were not many designs to choose from. The trundles were all custom fitted to the beds, so you could not necessarily buy a trundle and be sure that it would fit under your current bunk bed. Fortunately the bunk bed with trundle has become such a popular design that most manufacturers are now including it in their bed range.

Having A Trundle Doesn’t Have To Limit Your Bunk Bed Choices

Every one has slightly different ideas about the perfect bunk bed; however a lot of these are based around the designs of the steps. There are basically three different designs of steps. The traditional ladder which hooks onto the top bed and you climb up. Most of these have their lowest step at the same height as the lower bed frame, so your trundle will still easily pull in and out. The second design is the steps, which taper, where the lower step is the widest and they get progressively narrower until the top bunk is reached. As with the other steps these can stay in place when the trundle is pull out and put away. The final design is a fixed step, usually at the end of the bed, so also not a problem.

What Should Your  Be Made From?

You have two basic choices, metal or wood. The original bunk beds were all wood. The designs of the wooden bunk beds really do lend themselves perfectly to the addition of a trundle bed. The usual design would be for the trundle to be in what looks like a drawer and sits perfectly under the lower bunk. If however you are looking at a metal frame bunk bed with trundle, which will probably be cheaper, then you have to bear in mind that the trundle will be much more visible. With the trundles which are not inside a drawer you will also need to buy covers.

However you decide to furnish you your kid’s room, you can be sure that the bunk bed with trundle will be a long term success.