Bunk Beds With Stairs, Best bunk bed with stairsBedroom decor and comfort has become a matter of prime concern for kids and parents. With so many bunk beds with stairs, selecting the right one may be a daunting task.

Is it really?

well, we got you covered on this.

Bunk beds are the perfect option for saving space, especially for your young ones.

Not only has it set a sense of competition, fashion, and trend amongst people, it’s also a necessity in providing a comfortable life for your beloved ones.

Children like to have their space and the best bunk beds for kids provide ample space. Each child can get a bed so that they do not fight over who is taking up more space. In fact, bunk beds can help your children to grow up together playing with each other making their relationship strong.

Why Choose a Bunk Bed?

Bunk beds help your children to grow up strong and healthy because of the exercise they get. This also bonds their relationship with other kids. Bunk beds also enhance the beauty of the room and at the same time adds a personal touch. Kids love having the best bunk beds as the main piece of furniture in the room.

In fact, bunk beds have not only become a place for them to sleep or relax but also a fun area where they can climb and slide down the slide in a slide bunk bed.

Traditional twin beds Vs Bunk beds?

Why settle for traditional twin beds, when these bunk beds for kids are so much fun. The best bunk beds stand out in the room because of their design and color. They come in natural shades of wood, metal or a combination of both. Kids get attracted to it right away.

Who doesn’t want a makeover? Redo your kid’s room with this nice and bright bunk beds to create a great ambiance and feel. Most bunk beds also come with a trundle bed or a rollaway bed which can be used for accommodating visiting kids. Others have storage space for storing toys and clothes.

Bunk Bed Sizes

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Twin over full bunk beds is ideal in situations where your younger kid might still need your company on certain days. While you sleep at the top bunk, there is much room left for you to join your younger kid at the bottom, if it is a full-sized bed. It is also perfect for sleepovers for younger kids when a cousin or friend comes visiting.

It really depends on what your needs are when it comes to a bunk bed.

Some people need a full-sized bed at the bottom to accommodate a bigger-sized teenager, leaving the twin bed at the top for their smaller-sized kid. Others prefer one bigger bed so that there is space for soft toys and hug pillows for their younger one.

There are also parents who prefer twin over full bunk bed with stairs because they come with more storage space and seems safer and sturdier than those beds with a ladder. Naturally, with a bigger bed at the bottom, you can have bigger drawers for storage or a desk at the side for writing. While it takes up more space than a twin over twin bunk bed, one of the beds would be roomier and more comfortable for a fast growing kid.

In many aspects, twin over full bunk beds is practical, though bulkier. So, you might also need to take into account the size of your kid’s bedroom before buying. If space is not a constraint, then just choose a configuration that best matches your kids’ lifestyle and needs.

Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Twin over twin bunk beds is suitable for those with kids aged 6 and above. Being smaller in size than a full-size bed, it is perfect for those who have a lack of bedroom space. You can also consider getting this bed size if your kids are already sleeping on their own without the need for your company.

For twin over twin bunk beds, you can also look at various designs. You can opt for a trundle bed or storage drawers at the bottom or you can have it in an L-shape design so that the sides can be used for stairs, desk and/or storage.

Of course, the cheapest alternative would be a metal twin over twin bunk bed twin over twin bunk bed with the two beds sitting right on top of each other. For this type of design, it is also common to be able to take the two beds apart so that you can convert it into two separate twin beds. This works great if you need the beds to be in separate rooms later on. For instance, if you have a girl and a boy who are afraid to sleep in their own rooms at present, having a twin over twin bunk bed that can be separated will be a practical solution when they are old enough to sleep in their own rooms without company.

The not so good thing about a twin over twin bunk bed is, of course, the size itself, although it is a space-saver. As your kids grow older, it might not be too comfortable being a little squeezed. It is ideal for younger kids but it will not be so roomy for older teenagers.

Bunk Bed Designs

Bunk Bed With Desk

A desk is a necessity in many a teenager’s rooms. Not all of us have bedrooms that large to accommodate both a bed and a desk so that our kids have a comfortable bed to sleep on and a desk to do their school work. Therefore, a bunk bed with a desk is a practical piece of bedroom furniture to get if you have a teenager at home.

Basically, you have two options if you need a desk with a bunk bed. You can have the desk at the side and slot in another bed underneath the top bunk or you can opt for a full desk beneath the bed. Of course, a desk at the side may not be that practical because the space that comes with the desk will be pretty limited. It may be good for writing and reading but it will not be adequate if your kid needs the space for books, papers, and files to do projects and other school work. Furthermore, it will be hard to fit in a workstation on such a small desk if one is needed.

On the other hand, a full-size desk will provide more flexibility to your kid as he can then put up shelves, organizers and a desktop on it. He can also put drawers and boxes underneath the desk for more storage space. Of course, this means you will have one less sleeping space with a full-size desk underneath the top bunk. Therefore, you will need to evaluate what is your priority when considering the bunk bed design.

The other consideration would be to look at bunk beds with a desk that shares the space beneath the top bunk with a futon bed. While your kid will have a futon chair to sit on, he will have a much smaller desk to work with. But at least there will be a space for a guest to sleep on with the pull out futon chair that converts into a bed.

Futon Bunk Bed

Futon beds make a very useful piece of home furniture as these serve the purpose of a couch and bed at the same time. As futon beds are designed to include a bed on the top with a seating arrangement beneath it, it is one of the most favored types of beds by many householders. In case you are not inclined to invest in buying futon bunks, you may consider making one of your own by using a couple of futons you may already be having at home.

Bunk beds with futon allow you to use them for relaxation and recreation. A futon bed makes the room livelier for family and friends. If you are planning to advertise your home, remodeling of your cellar adds value to your place. Giving your attic a facelift helps to bring more of prospective buyers as it increases the living area of your home. However, for giving a new look to your attic you should seek professional help for getting a modern design. That way you get a complete basement condo that a small family or an individual may use as a small comfortable home.

Another great idea in this regard will be to include an indoor sauna. You’ll realize the health benefits of using a Jacuzzi for relaxing on a daily basis or once a week. You may consider installation of some workout equipment and mirror on the walls to give your cellar the looks of a real fitness and health club. Another equally good option is to convert your attic to a video games room. In that case, you may get many styles readily available. Even the floor can be treated to give a specific feel and theme of your choice. You would have known many people who transform their attic to a darts room or a billiards parlor.

Bunk Bed With Trundle

Need an extra sleeping space for guest but don’t have the room for another bed? If so, you can’t really go wrong looking at bunk beds with trundle. When you have more kids than bedrooms, then a bunk bed is a solution. And when you need that extra bed for whatever reason, you can have all three in a single unit too with a trundle bed at the bottom.

Apart from being economical on space, it also offers a comfortable place to sleep in for your guest. Unlike sofa beds, you can choose the quality of the mattress that goes onto the trundle bed too. This means it can be a comfortable arrangement for the night compared to a folded bed.

Furthermore, if you find that you need to sleep with your kids for the night when they are sick or there is a thunderstorm outside, that is also when you can conveniently pull out the trundle bed and have a comfortable sleep too.

The only drawback of having a bunk bed with trundle is that you will then have to give up the storage space, which will otherwise be available at the bottom. Usually, you can have drawers where the trundle bed is to keep blankets and sheets. However, storage space will be available on the side or underneath each step if you are also getting a bunk bed with stairs. This will compensate for the lack of drawers with a trundle bed at the bottom.

The other alternative is, of course, to get a separate chest if you are really in need of more storage space. At least, this should still be more economical on space compared to getting a third bed separately just to free up storage space at the bottom of the bunk bed.

Bunk Bed With Slide

If you want a fun aspect to your kids bedroom, then you can opt for bunk beds with a slide. In a way, it will make the bed look more like a large toy, especially those that come with a tent and designed with a particular theme such as castle and cottage. But if your kid is still young, there is no harm with him having a little fun in his own room, right?

Anyway, if your kid still insists on sleeping in your room, getting such a fun bunk bed will easily entice him to move into his own room. Some parents literally have to force their kids to sleep on their own and it can be a real headache when it comes to this transition phase. So, a bunk bed with slide might solve this problem with ease once your kid sees what a difference it is from your standard adult bed.

Even if your kid is already sleeping on his own, this type of bunk bed can still be an ideal choice if you want him to have his own play area. The space below this type of bed usually comes with a tent, which makes it perfect for a little privacy as well as great for pretend play. So, if you have a lack of space at home to set up a play tent for your kid, then a bunk bed with slide provides a good alternative. Your kid can even camp out under the bed at night, f he chooses to. Imagine the fun he will have!

Furthermore, you will only buy this type of bed when your kid is still young. By the time he reaches his teenage years, it will lose its appeal. In other words, get it while you still can. Let your kid experience the fun such a bunk bed brings. See the smiles as he goes down the slide every morning when he wakes up. By the time he is all grown up and the bed is long gone, you will recall those times with a smile on your face too. That is the reason why you should buy a bunk bed with a slide.

L Shaped Bunk Beds

L shaped bunk beds are basically those with the lower bed jutting out as it is positioned at a 90-degree angle from the bed at the top. Hence, it is shaped like the letter L. This type of design is great for those who want to make use of the two sides below the top deck. While it seems like it takes up a lot more space with the bottom half of the lower bed jutting out, you have to bear in mind that you are also using the space at the two sides.

Usually, this space is reserved for drawers and shelves. More innovative designs also have this little space transformed into a desk on one side and cupboard on the other. In fact, there are many options and configurations that you can consider.

On top of that, you can also consider the position of the lower bunk bed. Instead of having it placed at the center, you can put it on the side, which gives you much more space at one end of the bed. This works well if you have the space to put the two beds alongside two adjoining walls of your kid’s room. If you are considering this option, do note that you can also opt for two upper deck beds, freeing up all the space at the bottom for a workstation and other alternatives.

Some people also like L-shaped bunk beds if the sizes of the two beds differ. If you have a larger lower bed, it will jut out no matter what. So, placing it in an L shape way may, in fact, look better. It will also optimize the space below the upper deck, which you can still fit in a few drawers and shelves.

One practical thing you should give some thought to is to have casters on the lower bunk bed. This way, it will be more convenient when it comes to moving the bed. Your kid can pull it out and sleep facing the ceiling for a change if desired, and push it back in when morning comes.

Cheap Bunk Beds (under $200)




Bunk Bed Assembly Instructions

Kids bunk beds come with instructions on how to assemble the bed. The best kids’ bunk beds can be detached and used separately. If you ever have two rooms for your children you can split the beds and use them instead of having to buy a new one.

Cool right!

Purchasing bunk beds for kids is not as easy. There are estimated 36,000 cases of bunk related injuries each year.

Well, you can prevent this if you take certain precautions such as following the assembly instructions to the letter. You can also hire someone to assemble the bed if you cannot do it yourself for whatever reasons.

How To Prevent Bunk Bed-Related Injuries

Now that you know the different types of bunk beds for kids, here is the much-needed information regarding how to prevent bunk-related injuries:

  • Do not allow children under six years of age on the top bunk.
  • Both sides of the upper bunk must have guardrails.
  • Use only the correct size mattress, pursuant to the recommendations of the manufacturer. The thickness of both the mattress and foundation combined must be at least 5″ below the top of the guardrails.
  • Do not allow more than one person on the upper bunk.
  • Always use the ladder for getting up and down the upper bunk.
  • Make sure that the foundation of the mattress is locked and the mattress is of appropriate size.
  • Do not modify your bunk beds for kids as these have safety standards that might be altered.

Bunk Beds Buying Guide

So, it all depends on what you are looking for. Check out the following buying tips below if you are unsure of what to get. They may be able to help you to assess your situation to get a better idea of which type of design best suits your needs so that you won’t regret what you buy in the end.

  1. Do you want separate beds?Some bunk beds can be detached to make two separate beds and this can come in handy when you need to move one of the beds later on to another room when your kids are older.
  2. Who will be using the bed?Bunk beds come in different sizes. So, think how many and who will be sleeping on the beds before you buy. If one of your kids is still young and may need your company now and then, perhaps a twin-over-full bunk bed would be better than a twin-over-twin one so there will be enough room for you when there is a need. Similarly, if you think your kids will have friends over on some night, then you might also need to bigger-sized bed or one with a trundle at the bottom for more sleeping space.
  3. Is it safe for your child?For your kid to sleep on the top bunk, he or she should be at least 6 years of age. On top of that, you have to assess if a bunk bed with stairs would be a better option than one with a ladder if you have young kids rather than teens at home right now.
  4. Do you need storage space?Commonly, people buy bunk beds to economize on space. Therefore, you will see a lot of bunk beds come with storage areas so that you can make use of the space below the stairs, at the sides and under the bottom deck to store your kid’s items. This may save you the need to get another cupboard and hence, your kid’s room will be less cramped up.
  5. Are you putting the bed in a corner?If you are, you can consider L-shaped bunk beds and thus, make use of the space on one side of the bottom deck for shelves, cabinet or desk.
  6. Do you plan to have other uses out of the bed?Take a look at loft beds if you want your kid to have a working desk, place to sit or play tent underneath the bed. If you have a teen, a futon bed or bed with large desk may be ideal. If you are getting a bed for a youngster, there are loft beds with a tent and even a slide for a little bit of fun apart from being a place for sleep.

6 Steps to Minimize Bunk Bed Accidents

Bunk beds for kids are cool, and if your own children are giving you hints in wanting to get one, and if you think that it is a great idea, there are a few things to consider because unlike any other beds out there, this type of bed imposes dangers to children whether they are awake or fast asleep—especially the ones who choose to sleep on the top bunk. You won’t believe the number of children who are taken to the emergency room at all hours of the day because of a bunk-bed related accident. While most of them are minor injuries, a small number of these kids have actually died on it. Choosing for the right bunk is something that every parent needs to take seriously, and this is one of the reasons why the US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has released guidelines in the safety of its structure.

These guidelines were made for the purpose of avoiding any kind of accident. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

  1. Guardrails must be installed on the bed if the foundation’s bottom is more than thirty inches off of the floor, and there must be continuous side rail along the wall.
  2. Openings and side rails on the structure of the top bunk should be at least 3.5” to avoid entrapment of any body part of the child, most especially the neck and torso.
  3. Both ends of the lower bunk should have openings large enough for the child’s body parts to go through, or small enough that no body part should get trapped.
  4. There must be a label on the bed indicating who manufactured, distributed, or sold the bed, as well as what its model number is, and when it was manufactured.
  5. There must also be a label indicating that children six years old and below are not permitted to sleep on the top bunk.
  6. The size of the mattress should also be included in the label as well as the instructions that come with the package to ensure parents purchase a snug, perfect fit.

Now that you know what the proper guidelines are in choosing among bunk beds for kids, you can now go ahead and start your research. But these are not enough. You have to be firm and steadfast when it comes to letting your kids know what proper behaviour is when playing on the bed. For instance, you have to be stern with jumping from the top bunk to the floor, and let them know how it could hurt them. This will help them be aware of the consequences of their actions. Good luck!