Types of Carpet Tiles for the Deck or Patio

Outdoor carpet is becoming more and more popular among people who have pools, decks and patios. The reason for that is because carpet provides a non-slippery surface, which is especially useful if you have a pool in your backyard or there are other places prone to moisture. Also, they can be very decorative, due to there being many different possible carpet designs. Finally, for anyone who likes to walk barefoot in the summer, outdoor carpeting is nice because it does not get nearly as hot as wood or tile would.

If you decided that you want to install outdoor carpeting, you have many options, although outdoor carpet tiles are the easiest to install. So, do some research before so you know exactly what type of carpet you would like to put in your backyard. Here are some options:

Self-adhesive tiles
These types of carpet tiles are very easy install and are not too much money either. How these work is there is a sticky back to each square, and all that you have to do is pull off the film on the back and place the carpet wherever you would like it. Place each square next to each other to make a bigger carpet or do whatever design you would like. This type of carpet is waterproof, so it is able to last in rain storms and other types of weather.

Interlocking tiles
The best part of this type of tile is that even though they may be individual tiles, it really looks like a much bigger carpet when they are placed together because each tile is tightly locked to the ones surrounding it. These are easy to install as well and you do not need to worry about tiles separating and looking messy.

Floating tiles
These are very similar to the interlocking ones. The only difference is that there is some elevation between the carpet and the ground so that water and all types of moisture can easily flee the carpet. I suggest these to you if you have a pool or get rain frequently. Due to these being interlocking, a simple installation can be done by you so there is no need to go out and call a company and spend money to get outdoor carpeting.

There is also indoor outdoor carpet, which coming exactly from the name, means that carpet can be used either indoors or outdoors. You have many options to choose from if you want carpet outside, so decide which type is best for you and your budget because each one has a different price range. But installing carpet in your backyard is definitely a great decision because it is aesthetically pleasing as well as being useful for preventing possible slipping injuries.