Daybed Mattress

Once you’ve purchased a great space-saving daybed, you’ll need a daybed mattress to fit your special purchase.  A daybed usually has a slightly different size than traditional beds, and therefore needs a special mattress to fit it. Although daybeds come in different sizes, including single, double, queen and kind, many daybeds are custom sizes that can be ordered online to get the perfect fit for that perfect daybed.

You should always measure your daybed frame first before ordering to be sure you are getting a mattress that is the perfect fit, especially for custom orders. Your daybed mattress dimensions will vary according to the type of bed you purchase, so you can also double check the manufacturer’s suggested mattress size. If you have a king size daybed, for example, you will want to measure to see if it is a standard king or California king. Twin size daybeds can differ in size by as much as one foot in the width, and several inches in the length. It also depends if you are fitting a mattress to a daybed from another culture, or an antique. An opium daybed, circa China at the turn of century will have much different dimensions that a traditional daybed found in a furniture store today. The same is true for antique daybeds, so you will want to measure twice to make sure you get the right size mattress to fit your bed.

Once you have your mattress, you’ll need some durable daybed mattress covers to go with it. Mattress covers help to protect your investment, and make your mattress last longer. They also increase resale value should you want to sell your day bed and mattress one day. A daybed mattress without stains or the yellowing of material, as usually happens over time, will keep your mattress looking fresh and keep it in top condition for many years to come.

When buying a daybed mattress, be sure to measure your daybed dimensions as well as the room dimensions to be sure that both the bed and the bed with its mattress will fit comfortably. Though daybeds are meant to be a space saving addition to any room, they need to be oriented in a way that maximize square footage without looking ill placed. You can cut out a large sheet of butcher paper to the same dimensions of the daybed and experiment with that, placing it in different places in the room to be sure you get the best possible resting place for both your daybed, and you resting on it! Then, when you rest on your daybed mattress, you’ll feel as comfortable and cozy as possible.

There are custom sizes, twin mattress sizes, queen and king. Whether you are purchasing a daybed for a traditional day bed, a custom day bed or a day bed gained at an auction or as a family heirloom, you can find the perfect daybed mattress to fit your bed.