Folding Doors: Proper Configuration and Everything you need to know

Folding Doors

Folding doors can be stylish and perhaps the most reasonable way to make use of any space you have. But there is also a catch; everything about them must be done in the right way. You have to get the right size, material, and even have them designed by a qualified team to get the configuration right.

One of the lovely characteristics of folding doors is that they can open outward or inwards. The most important element should be that it finally gives you the right view and easy accessibility to space it opens into. In this article, we look at various reasons why bi-folding doors have grown in popularity.

Perfect Size: Custom-made Fitting

Bi-folding doors are outstanding because they easily fit into the intended space without being bulky or looking heavy. They easily fall in place since they are built for both accessibility and functionality. Ensure you consult an expert and conduct an initial survey to have everything work in the right order.

Although there is no standard or specific sizing, each opening or section eventually dictates the number of bi-folding doors it can take. As Melbourne folding doors experts observe, the leaves or number of folds that can be fixed on each door is dependent on the size of the space.

Stylish Configuration

Bi-folding doors no doubt, remain aesthetically outstanding. When configured properly, they help to enhance your space. Besides, they allow you a wider whether they open to the inner or outer space. For instance, if they open to a garden, you will enjoy the beautiful view while your privacy is still guaranteed. They also give you easy access, especially when you want to move large items such as furniture or machines.

Choosing the right material for bi-folding doors

You will need to critically think and choose the right material for your doors. You can opt for wood, PVC, or aluminum. Each offers you a set of benefits.


Aluminum is durable and can withhold changing weather patterns for a long time. It’s also useable in just about any kind of space. In addition, you can pick from a wide variety of colors, probably one that complements the color of your walls. Because of this strength, aluminum remains straight for a long, without bending from the effects of continued usage.


Whereas PVC is relatively cheaper, it may eventually disfigure and you will notice a change in color. Besides, PVC doesn’t withstand long periods of use as aluminum would. It’s also not very appropriate to form spaces where enhanced security is needed. This notwithstanding, PVC is still aesthetically appealing and would still work best, especially if you want a lightweight door. PVC frame also blends very well with a glass panel, thus giving you a good combination


Wood also makes a good choice for frames of your bi-folding doors. Whether you go for natural wood or engineered wood, your bi-folding doors can still be functionally and aesthetically outstanding. Like any other material, you still need to ensure that great work is done and you make the right choices as to how your doors open. In terms of color or finishing, factors such as your choice of wood will also determine whether you eventually get exactly what you are looking for.

Internal vs External Bifold doors

Like any other type of doors, folding doors can be used for both your internal and external spaces. However, it’s important to consult an expert to get all the possible options for your space. One of the considerations will ultimately be barriers such as walls, or staircases, and so on. Importantly, you have to figure out how the door gets together when it’s all open. In the case of internal doors, for instance, you don’t want them to open onto barriers such as tables and seats. They have to be convenient enough, easy to operate and serve the right purpose.

Safe for Kids and adults

Whereas safety for everyone should be a consideration, your kids’ safety should be an utmost priority.

Ensure that such doors are safe and easy to operate for them. At the same time, have them fixed in a way that it gives you a good view of the little ones when playing outside.

As a safety measure, ensure that you frequently maintain your doors. Whether by greasing or opening them to test their flexibility from time to time, you must take care of them both for safety and durability


The glass panels on your doors give you a beautiful view of the space inside or outside your folding doors. However, you have a core duty of ensuring that the workmanship on your doors is done in the right way. You don’t want your doors to get stuck when you need to open or close. They need to run along their rail smoothly and fold together and stand strong.