The full size trundle bed is growing in popularity, and with good reason.  Whether it is in a guest room or not; it is always worth considering buying a trundle bed option.

What is a full size bed?

Buying a bed should be easy; however, it seems to have got more complicated recently.  Beds come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, but there are 7 basic sizes to choose from.  The smallest is the toddler or cot bed, then twin and extra long twin, the full, followed by the royals, queen, king and Californian king being the largest.  As a general rule of thumb, whatever size you think you want, also consider the size up.  So if you were looking at a twin bed, then you should also consider the full, equally, if you were looking at a queen, then it is worth considering the king.    The reason for this is that the size difference is not always that great, but it gives you a greater choice of styles and opens your eyes to other options.

Why a full size trundle bed

If your room can fit a full size trundle bed then it is definitely worth it.  The twin is fine and when putting the bed and trundle together you get a king size.  But if you have the full you can quite easily sleep several adults and their kids in the room without much hassle.

Combination for use

With a full size trundle bed you can either keep the trundle bed separate or you can attach it.  If you keep it separate then you can sleep a couple of adults/teenagers in separate beds.  But the real advantages come when there are little ones involved.  Take a family visiting with two small kids.  Mum and one kid in one bed and dad and the other kid on the trundle; the perfect way to sleep a family.  If you are having lots of kids to stay, then attach the full size  trundle and bed together, put the kids in sleeping bags and you can sleep more kids than you would actually want, in one room and one bed – a great slumber party solution.

Designs of full size trundle bed

There are so many full size trundle beds out there now that you will certainly be able to find what you are looking for.  Since the full size is not that much bigger than the twin, most of the designs found for one can also be found for the other.  The biggest decision is whether to have a pop up trundle or not.  In my eyes, it is insane not to have the pop up trundle.  It is more expensive, but you have more possible combinations with a pop up trundle.

Wood or metal full size trundle bed

The wooden full-size trundle bed frames do tend to be a bit more expensive, but they do have advantages.  Firstly, the trundle will usually come in a drawer underneath the bed, so it is tidy and easy to keep clean arrangement.  These are also sturdy and will certainly last well.  The metal frames do offer a very contemporary look, however, the trundle is much more exposed to dust and therefore you will need proper trundle bed covers.

Care for your full-size trundle bed mattress

As with all mattresses, they need to be looked after.  Mattresses should be aired and vacuum cleaned regularly to remove dust and dust mites.  It is important not to forget about your trundle bed, even it if is not being used, you should still have the same routines.  If possible you should have the same mattress on both your bed and trundle.  This means that you can swap the mattresses around.  The advantage of this is that both mattresses will wear at the rate so when put together to create on big bed it will be a lot more comfortable.

Once you have a full size trundle bed you will wonder why anyone has the full size bed with out the trundle options.