Kids Trundle – Why Every Childs Room Needs One

Wow, how did we survive before the kids trundle was invented?

Whether your little one is just getting out of a cot and heading for their first ‘big bed’ or they are older and you are updating their room, you must consider the kids trundle combinations.  These great designs of furniture have finally consigned the camp bed and air bed to the tent.  You will find that your kids trundle gets used so often that it is practically as essential as the main bed itself.

If you have kids then you have to be prepared for their friends to come and stay.  It is almost as if they wake up one day and all they can talk about are sleep overs.

Kids Standard Bed With Trundle

This is a highly popular kids trundle choice.  You basically have your kid’s bed and then the trundle underneath.  The style of bed you choose will affect the style of trundle you get.  If you want a traditional wooden bed then you will find that a lot of the associated trundles are in a wooden box which when under the bed looks like drawers.  If you are choosing a metal standard bed then you will probably have a trundle with fabric covers.

Kids Bunk Bed With Trundle

Most people think that they have maximised they kids bedroom when they have a bunk bed – then comes along a kids trundle which fits underneath; fabulous idea.  The bunk bed is a great pieced of furniture, and your kids will love them; but they will still want to have their friends over to stay.  The kids trundle is a great way to make an extra child feel welcome and comfortable.

Kids Pop Up Trundle

The pop up trundle allows you to raise the trundle up to the height of a standard bed.  Many people use this facility to put two twins together and create a king size bed.  You may think that this is not necessary for a kids trundle.  However, the pop up trundle is a good idea for two reasons.  Firstly, it can create a king size bed where you can sleep three kids rather than two.  This works best if you put them all in sleeping bags.  They will love it; it will probably be their favourite sleep over.  The other reason is that even if you are not going to put the bed together, kids like things to be the same.  So by having two beds the same height with matching superhero or Barbie bed linen the kids will be much happier.

Preparation For An Easy Sleep Over

If you are having extra kids then you need to be organised, the evenings can be a little stressful, with the food, bath and bed schedules running quite tightly.  With the kids trundle it is worth preparing the bed, or even always keeping it prepared underneath the trundle covers.  This means that there is one less thing to organise in the evening.

Best Colours For A Kids Trundle

A popular colour for kids trundle is white.  This is basically because it is versatile and also wears well.  The dark woods do look stunning, but kids have a way of knocking and chipping things and it just seems to show less on the white kid’s bedroom furniture.

Best Bedding Choices For A 

If you have chosen a trundle bed in a drawer then you will need very little extra bedding.  It is worth having a sheet or cover which you can put over the bed sheet to keep the dust out after you have made up the bed and when it is in the trundle drawer, but other than that your standard bedding will be fine.  However, if you have a kids trundle which is visible then you should invest in a trundle bed cover ensemble.  This will include a cover which hides the trundle bed from view and makes it look a little more attractive when under the bed.

The huge number of different styles and designs of kids trundles means that you could not possible see all these in shops, but the internet will give you access to pretty much all of them, and at very competitive prices.