King Platform Bed

For those who require a little more length and width while sleeping, a king platform bed is the ideal solution. Whether the person enjoys stretching out at night or they just like having a roomier bed, the king size is sure to accommodate them. The king size bed measures 76” wide and 80” long, easily dominating over the queen size. Purchasing a bed is more than just buying a mattress. The frame and box spring also must be factored into the buyer’s choices when selecting one. A king size platform bed may seem a little expensive at first glance, but when the buyer looks at all of the benefits of purchasing one, it is easy to see why it has remained one of the most popular options when purchasing a bed.

If it the buyers first bed purchase or it has been a while, it may seem overwhelming by all of the prices listed at home décor stores. However, there are actually many places where king platform beds can be found. Determining a specific person’s budget, location and personal preference can simply narrow all of the options down. If the person searching for a bed is located in a rural area, it may be very difficult to find a place to purchase one. If they do happen to have a store nearby which carries platform beds, it is unlikely that they carry a wide selection and will have something for everyone’s specific taste. If this ends up being the case, the person may need to drive farther and check out other stores and what they carry. Remember that there is no sure fire way of knowing which store will carry what and if they are stocked up enough to accommodate for everyone. Purchasing at home décor shops is the most common way of purchasing a bed because it allows the buyer to try them out, inspect it in person and take it home right away. This can also be the single most expensive methods of purchasing a king size platform bed frame, though.

While purchasing a bed at a store can be an extremely convenient ways to quickly get a new bed home, several other options are more affordable and provide a better selection. While it may seem like a strange way to purchase a bed, the internet is a great place to find one. This is also a great way to find that matching mirrored end table you wanted. There are plenty of reputable websites that specialize in selling platforms beds in a variety of sizes and styles. Since the internet gives the buyer so many places to buy, they have an advantage of being able to be as picky as they want. Instead of choosing out of a few at the store, they can browse many websites and narrow down their choices to fit exactly what they’re looking for. Many sites choose to focus on a specific style of beds. Some only sell modern styles, with sleek edges and minimalist designs. Others may decide to provide only wooden beds, with traditional and contemporary styles. Finding a website which sells the styles of bed that the person likes will help them make their decision much easier.

Purchasing a king platform bed at a store may be too expensive with little selection, but buying online can be intimating for some. Not being able to try it out or see it in person before putting money down can make some people nervous and feel uncomfortable. Instead of getting into that situation, there is one other way to find a bed at a great price. When people purchase a new bed, they will need to sell their old one first. This allows the buyer to find many different styles at great prices. The internet and newspaper have many classified ads where anyone can see what is for sale and purchase something if it really grabs their attention. Purchasing a king platform bed secondhand could be the ideal situation for those who do not want to spend a fortune but want to have something that fits their taste perfectly.

king platform storage bed will have a lot of space to store all sorts of things. Remember to keep this in mind when you are hunting for a bed.

California King Platform Bed

A standard king is about 16″ longer than a queen platform bed. These are also known as an Eastern king. The Cal king platform bed is only 12″ wider, but 4″ longer than a queen. These are sometimes called a Western king. These California kings are great for tall people, but they can be more difficult to find sheets for.

Finding a king platform bed that is not only affordable, but looks great with the rest of the rooms décor is important in putting a room together. A king size bed is usually the most expensive type of bed because of its large size, so it is easy to see why their prices typically run high. Whether the bed is purchased at a home décor store, online or from a used ad, finding the best deal possible on a bed that fits the persons personal taste will leave them satisfied with their choice for years to come.