Lift top coffee table, Lift top coffee table reviews, Best lift top coffee table

A lift top coffee table is gradually becoming the popular among coffee tables today.

…so what is it that sets it apart from other furniture in the market?

As the name suggests, the top of these tables lifts up, providing the table with additional levels of function.

Lift top coffee tables are quite simply a great innovation. Thats why i decided to list these lift top coffee table reviews.

Coffee tables with lift top provide not only very handy hidden storage within the table, but the top itself is often adjustable, providing instant usable surface.

The lift top itself can really come in handy if you are pressed for space (as in an apartment) or if you just love to eat or use your computer while you watch TV (and who doesn’t?)

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Best Lift Top Coffee Table Reviews

Out of thousands of the coffee table with lift top and storage, we have shortlisted the best Lift top coffee tables.

They are built for modern homes and the quality standards are not compromised at all. This means you can enjoy the best the market has to offer.

1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Alymere Lift Top Coffee Table – Cocktail Height – Rectangular – Rustic Brown

This coffee table is designed by Ashley furniture. The lift top coffee table is rustic in color, which gives you an elegant look for your house.

The design is inspired by the 20th-century royalty furniture, but Ashley ensures that it has the latest look and feel to it.

Ashley Furniture’s uses high-quality wood in the making of this lift up coffee table. The storage space is perfect for hiding books and other items when not in use.

This is probably the best lift top coffee table Ashley furniture has delivered.


Built- quality– The built of the lift top coffee table is decent, it won’t break that easily, and it will last for a long time with minimum maintenance. Easy to move around with the caster wheels.
Craft Material– The Company has used veneers, cast resin, good quality wood, and engineered wood.
Storage– It comes with two side drawers, one fixed shelf, and a lift-top table.


  • Excellent design.
  • The length and height are decent. It fits well in medium room size.
  • Ashley furniture packages protect, and delivery it carefully.
  • Cleaning is also easy.
  • Comes with the assembly manual and tools are included too.

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2. Lift Top Coffee Table Oak With Storage Drawers And Bottom Shelf


Are you looking for a simple yet stylish coffee table with lift up top?

This is a perfect choice because of the type of wood used to create it which is Oak. This type of wood is durable but is heavy to move around.

It comes with a bottom shelf and two drawers. The lift-up mechanism reveals more space that can be used for stashing away books and laptops. Interior storage compartment with a felt-lined bottom. it’s clean, angular design works with any decor.


Built- quality– Very well built with a lift top that goes up about 9″ and forwards about 13 or 14″.
Craft Material– Uses oak solid wood. It’s very heavy to move around on your own.
Storage– Two drawers at the bottom and a lift-up mechanism which makes it great for using as a dining table or desk



  • Rich cherry finish casual styling
  • Assembly manual included
  • Very highly rated by other buyers
  • Elegant design

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3. Mainstays Lift-Top Coffee Table, (Brown)

Mainstay Lift-Top Coffee Table, (Brown), Coffee table with storage

When it comes to coffee tables that make you jazz up the room with an enthralling finish, the mainstay is the perfect choice for you. It comes loaded with sturdiness and perfect dimensions to fit a small living room.

This mainstay coffee table is simply designed and matches perfectly with any decor in your home. The storage underneath the main surface enables you to keep your essentials within reach.

The table comes in Espresso and Sonoma Oak finishes. It is available in multiple colors making it easy for you to select the one that best complements the rest of your furniture and decor.


Built- qualityA sturdy frame which does not weaken easily.
Craft Material–Made of composite wood. A rich finish to complement any decor in your room.
StorageComes with storage area underneath the top surface of the table



  • Sturdy frame for storing delicate goods.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in multiple colors

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4. Sauder 420421 Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table Coffee Oak finish

Sauder 420421 Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table with Storage, L: 43.15

If you are looking for modern lift top coffee table, then you should check out the Sauder which is built from composite wood with a premium coating that will keep it away from rust, water stains and more.

The lift top coffee table is multi-purpose, where you can work on a laptop with ease, surf the web or have a good tea time with your family.

On storage, which is an important aspect of the Sauder. This table has 2 shelves so that you can store toys, blankets, comforts, frames, shoes, and more.

The hidden compartment is very usable, and you can put many things in it, just make sure that the weight of the items is not heavy.


Built-quality– The whole table is coated with Chalked Chestnut, and the wood quality is also decent. The height of the top lift is above 41 inches, which is an amazing height and you can adjust it.
Craft Material– Composite wood is used in it, i.e Engineered wood.
Storage– There are two compartments on the sides, and four on the front end.


  • The quality is good and will last for more than five years if used properly.
  • it does not cost you a lot in repairs as the wood used in the manufacturing is easy to find.

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5. Yaheetech Lift-up Top Coffee Table w/Hidden Storage Compartment & Shelf White


Yaheetech Lift-up Top Coffee Table w/Hidden Storage Compartment & Shelf White

For those that want to take visual appeal and functionality to its outer limits, the Yaheetech lift top coffee table is a perfect choice!

For anyone living in a small apartment, this lift top coffee table can be a total godsend. The table doubles not only as a desk but as a dining table and storage area.

The storage area is very handy for such items as remote controls, books, magazines, newspapers, and anything else you need to get your hands on frequently.


Built-quality– Sturdy structure with well-built storage space. Will not wobble easily if properly cared for
Craft Material– Made of high-quality P2 compliant MDF and metal mechanism
Storage– Hidden compartment and a bottom shelf



  • 8 foam pads are available for minimizing the lowering operation of the lift top table
  • Great for an office or a living room.
  • The compartment is hidden and access to it is easy.
  • The lowering and lifting mechanism is great.

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6. Progressive Furniture P543-25 Sebring Castered Double Lift-Top Cocktail Table, Cherry Medium Ash

Yaheetech Lift-up Top Coffee Table w/Hidden Storage Compartment & Shelf White

This great looking coffee table comes with a unique design that is perfect for a small room with multiple seats.

It features with two lift top mechanisms on both ends. The lift ascends 7 inches taller than the top of the table. It has three shelves and one big storage space on the front-side.

Casters enable easy movement of the table. Assembly of the table may require some extra hands if you don’t have enough time.


Built-quality– The cocktail table comes in a teardrop shape and the structure is firm.
Craft Material– Made of high-quality veneers in a dark wood-tone finish
Storage– 2 lift top mechanisms on the table and 4 compartments on the bottom section



  • Lots of storage space
  • A sophisticated style for your home’s living area
  • Open shelves for display and storage

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7. Best Choice Products Multifunctional Modern Lift Top Coffee Table Desk Dining Furniture for Home

Best Choice Products Wooden Modern Multifunctional Coffee Dining Table for Living Room, Décor, Display with Hidden Storage and Lift Tabletop, Espresso

It’s such an impressive table that we are unable to take our eyes away.

It is a modern design made for the modern house, where you can place your laptop at an adjustable size.

The most interesting part is that the furniture company has used hardwood and metal hardware to give it the final finish.

The table has three lower shelves and hidden compartments that can be used for storage.


Built-quality– The quality is decent.
Craft Material– Hardwood and metal hardware.
Storage– Three shelves and one hidden compartment.


  • Modern design and quality is excellent.
  • Inexpensive
  • Assemble is required, but it will be easy, and the company will provide you with the parts.

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8. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Gately Coffee Table – Rectangular – Lift Top – Medium Brown

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Gately Coffee Table - Rectangular - Lift Top - Medium Brown

When it comes to appearance, not many products can beat this table. It comes in a designer contemporary style that just oozes luxury.

In addition to an excellent looking design, it’s very well built. You’ll certainly appreciate the sturdiness if and when you get it. For such a high-quality product, this is priced quite cheaply especially when you compare it to other similarly priced coffee tables.

You’re bound to fall in love with this lift top table just as so many others have.

In fact, with this lift top coffee table, you might find your spending more time on your couch than ever before – and that you’re actually getting more done.

Assembly of the Coffee table lift up top is also easy.


Built-quality– The quality is awesome. Comes with lots of storage space and looks great in the leaving room.
Craft Material– Made of veneers, wood and engineered wood. Metal hardware for the mechanism.
Storage– Features 2 storage cubbies, 2 drawers, and a hinged lift-top



  • Made with select veneers and hardwood solids
  • Hand-applied burnished brown finish
  • Lift-top design with storage beneath
  • 2 drawers, 2 storage cubbies

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9. Steve Silver Company Nelson Lift-Top Cocktail Table, Cherry

Steve Silver Company Nelson Lift-Top Cocktail Table, Cherry


In order to add a little modern touch to any living room, this product would be the perfect candidate. It’s one of the smaller tables on the list but it looks so unique and elegant.

This product comes in cherry color with a high-gloss feature. Casters allow you to shift it from room to room with ease. It’s also very easy and extremely quick to put together when you receive it.

While it’s not the cheapest, I think the price isn’t too high either. This is because of the fact that this table will liven up any setting in your home. It’ll be ideal to use when drinking coffee and reading the newspaper in the morning.

You’ll get a reasonable amount of storage space due to the shelves and the drawer just below the main surface.

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10. TANGKULA Coffee Table Lift Top Wood Home Living Room Modern Lift Top Storage Coffee Table w/Hidden Compartment

TANGKULA Coffee Table Lift Top Wood Home Living Room Modern Lift Top Storage Coffee Table w/Hidden Compartment Lift Tabletop Furniture

A lot of people shopping for furniture try to find something that isn’t too modern or traditional. This is exactly where the success of this coffee table lies.

The size of this product is on the large side and so it probably won’t be considered as a side table. Despite the size, it isn’t expensive at all. I would consider this product to be quite cheap because of the overall appearance and the quality of materials used.

It even has an under shelf for extra storage! This area is quite roomy and will store books or any other decoration pieces very easily.

The build quality of this product is decent. It feels solid and completely sturdy. However, one disadvantage is the sharp corners, which won’t bother adults too much but will be a hindrance for children.

In overview, this is a terrific product due to several reasons. It’s quite easy to assemble and comes in a good size.


Built-quality– Very durable and sturdy structure
Craft MaterialMade solid wood, chipboard, and metal pieces for the lift mechanism.
Storage– 3 divided shelves and the lift top part of the table


  • Made of chipboard, solid wood and metal piece.
  • Adjustable height from 19″ to 24.5″.
  • 3 divided storage design, which can well accommodate your various kinds of accessories.

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11. ATS: Rustic Farmhouse Lift Up Top Coffee Table

Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage for Living Room Decor Lift Top Wood Rectangle Industrial Coffee Table Decoration & eBook by AllTim3Shopping

This table is designed for those who want to have a cup of coffee without adjusting to get out of their comfort zone. The design is made with you in mind and it has the least cons.

The table is designed for two things, working or having a cup of coffee. The ATS delivers a farmhouse table that has rustic color, which comes in adjustable height.

You can find many lift top coffee table with storage from various sources, but only a few of them can provide you with the best quality.

If you are looking for a table that can give you the storage you need plus a beautiful look in the room, then this table comes with many compartments and hidden storage space.


Built-quality– The built of the lift top coffee table is good. With a little effort of maintenance, it lasts for years.
Craft MaterialUnspecified.
Storage– It has many storage compartments.


  • Storage capacity is good and the finish is also good.
  • Affordable price while other companies are offering similar specifications tables at a higher price.
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy.

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12. Sauder edge water lift top coffee table

Sauder 414856 Edge Water Lift Top Coffee Table, L: 41.102

Sauder is well known for its furniture and this is one of the best coffee tables around. The main reason for this is that it is extremely cheap and affordable. In fact, it’ll only cost you a little over $$$.

In terms of quality, this is an excellent product although it does have a very simple and plain design.

It’s also quite light and thus, extremely easy to move from room to room. In addition to this, it’ll also be simple to put together. I found the build quality to be quite good and you can’t really go wrong at such a low price!

One of the main advantages of this product is its availability in a wide range of colors such as Estate Black Finish, Auburn Cherry Finish, and Chalked Chestnut finish.


  • Top lifts up and forward
  • Hidden storage beneath top
  • Finished on all sides for versatile placement

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13. HOMCOM 43″ Modern Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

14. AmazonBasics Lift-Top Storage Coffee Table, Black

AmazonBasics Lift-Top Storage Coffee Table, Black

15. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Tyler Creek Coffee Table with Lift Top, Grayish Brown/Black

 Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Tyler Creek Coffee Table with Lift Top, Grayish Brown/Black

A Complete Buying Guide For Lift Top Coffee Tables

What is a lift top coffee table?

A lift-top coffee table is a stationary table in which the top raises to a specific height, which makes it useful in a variety of ways.

One valuable difference comparable to standard tables is lift-top coffee tables make it much easier to grab those snacks off the table by putting foods at a level height so you no longer have to bend down.

This multi-functional table is ideal in homes like studio apartments, lofts, and other small spaces.

What kind of features do these tables offer?

It all depends on the table in question. Some tables have a top that lifts up to provide extra storage.

Other tables lift up so that a single table can be used for more than one purpose. For example, the top of a coffee table could lift up so that it could be used as a desk.

Most of these tables have hidden storage under the top, you can storage remote and small things. Some have drawers or shelves to collect the magazines and so on. Click here for different storage tables.

The Main Types and Styles of Coffee Tables with Lift top

Mission Style Lift Top Coffee Table Set in Medium OakAnother thing that’s great about these tables is that they come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

There are tables with a more modern design, and there are tables with a traditional look. No matter what kind of living room you have, you can find something that will fit within it.

In order to make these tables more affordable, many products on the market combine manufactured wood with natural wood veneers. This is a simple way to cut costs while still giving the finished product a solid appearance.

Of course, there are tables on the market made entirely from synthetic materials, and there are also tables that are made entirely out of real wood or solid wood. No matter what your budget or needs are, you should be able to find a table that’s a perfect fit for you.

And you can also try Metal-And-Glass Coffee Tables, Glass Lift Top Coffee Table for money saving.

When it comes to buying new pieces of furniture, one of the primary concerns that most people have is price. Just how far will their money take them? Will they be able to get the kind of table they want or need for a price that they can comfortably afford?

Benefits of Using the Best Lift Top Coffee Table:

• Function – The best lift top coffee table can serve as a mini bookshelf. You only have to lift the adjustable top and stuff all your books inside the compartment-like box of the table.

It can also be used as a working table. If you’re just trying to arrange some office documents and don’t want to miss your favorite TV show, you can gather all your papers and place them on top of the best lift top coffee table to continue working while watching. You can also do this when you want to be able to check your children who are playing in the living area of the house.

There are other designs of the best lift top coffee table, which are durable. Your children can use the table as a “play board” so they don’t have to go outside the house when playing.

• Stylish – Even if the best lift top coffee table can be used just about anywhere in your house, still it doesn’t lack style. If you want the vintage design, you can choose from the ones made of oak woods and cherry wood finishing.

There’s also the cocktail type wherein the top can be lifted up to reach the perfect height of eating table. Another one is the best lift top coffee table that has a slim compartment to place magazines and newspapers.

• Adjustable – One single purchase of the best lift top coffee table is enough to be used for all the available functions it offers. If you want to keep it as the center table in the living room, you can just leave it as it is. If you want to make the best lift top coffee table a book shelf, you may lift the adjustable top slightly so there’s enough space to squeeze in the books while the top of the table can still be used for eating and drinking coffee. Without spending too much time and effort, the best lift top coffee table can be converted into something you want it to be used.

• Room Décor – Since the best lift top coffee table comes in wide variety of style and designs, you can also use it as an additional decoration in your house.

The best lift top coffee table is just something you would really love to own since it can do a lot of nifty tricks inside your home.

Lift Top Coffee Table considerations

But before purchasing one, you must take time thinking about some considerations so as to make sure you end up with the right choice.

• Size – Take time measuring the space where you’re going to put the table. The size of the best lift top coffee table has a very large factor on how it would look like inside the room. If you’re going to place it inside the living room, it won’t be pleasing if it’s larger or of the same size of the sofa.

• Storage Space – If you’re buying the best lift top coffee table to be used for additional storage space, decide what you’re going to put in it. If you want it to serve as a mini book shelf, look over the ones with larger space. If the best lift top coffee table will be used as storage for magazines, you’ll simply need the smaller one. This is to make sure you’ll get the most of your best lift top coffee table and it won’t just end up as an “empty space” inside your home.

• Where to put it – The design of the best lift top coffee table would also depend upon where you’re planning to put it. Are you going to put it in the kitchen? In the living room? On the veranda?

Wherever you want it to be placed, you have to make sure the style and design matches and blends with the color coding and overall design of the room. Because no matter how beautiful the best lift top coffee table is, if it doesn’t blend well with the room’s atmosphere, it would still look so out of place.

• Material Used – The best lift top coffee table can be made out of different kinds of materials. The most popular designs are those that are made of wood material such as mahogany, oak, cedar and pine. Others are made of plastic while some are available in glass, marble and other materials.

• Stick to your Budget – Shopping for the best lift top coffee table can be pretty tempting. Due to the many designs and styles the manufacturers offer, there’s a danger that you end up buying something expensive. While the most expensive coffee tables may look fancier, always remember that there are also best designs coming from the cheaper section. You’ve got to be extra careful to avoid spending more than you can afford.

There are many coffee tables available today. While you’re on the path of looking for the best lift top coffee table, consider browsing over the Internet first. Search for different designs from different manufacturers. You may also find special discounts there. One good thing about shopping online for the best lift top coffee table is that you get to categorize your search easily.

Once you found the one that suits your preferences, consider visiting the store to see the best lift top coffee table physically as some pictures may look more pleasing than their actual appearance. It would be better if the place is near you.

Doing this may also give you more idea about the furniture you’re trying to buy and you’ll be able to look closer if there is anything wrong with the design or material used.

What Can Small Top-Lift Coffee Tables Do for You?

Small space lift-top coffee tables can save you from purchasing a dining table, snack table, desk, and game table.

In short, you can have a kitchen, home office, gaming station in your living room without costing yourself more space.

Let’s take a closer look at how these multi-purpose tables can save you a world of space…

Lift-Top Coffee Tables as Dining Tables

To benefit most from using your lift-top coffee table as a dining table, pair it with a set of folding chairs or ottomans.

Folding parsons chairs work well with small lift-top coffee tables at dining table height and folding ottomans suit it best when it’s a coffee table height or slightly higher.

When in coffee table form, you can also think of it as an Asian-inspired low-height dining table.

Also remember, if your home requires versatility, you don’t have to choose between folding chairs and folding ottomans. Purchase both and stow the chairs away in a closet and the ottomans under a bed or sofa.

Many folding ottomans also provide additional storage space–whether temporary or permanent–by allowing you to store items inside of them.

Coffee Tables With Lift Top as Desks

An equally ideal alternative is to use your small lift-top coffee table as a desk. Your sofa acts as an office chair and you’ve got an instantaneous home office in your living room.

In case you need to shift a little closer when sitting, having a few extra pillows on hand to support your back may do you a world of good.

If circumstances require your coffee table to be positioned too far away from the sofa in order to use it as a chair, then you can use a folding chair instead or grab a spare chair around your home and park it in front of the table.

Since a lift-top coffee table usually comes with at least a small amount of hidden storage space, you may also have room to store your laptop inside of it when you’re not working.

Remember, it can also be used as a writing desk to complete business and personal tasks for adults and homework assignments for tweens, teens and college students.

Coffee Tables Lift Top as Game Tables

If your home is a place where board games like chess or checkers are often played, then having a game table is important for your day-to-day happiness.

Parties of two will get the best use out of the table since a lift-top table will be too small for larger get-togethers. For small homes in need of something larger, try a folding card table as an alternative.

If you put a lot of puzzles together and need a tabletop for that, then these tables can also work well for you.

However, it’s important to note the size of the completed puzzle and compare it against the size of the table since larger puzzles may be too big for the table. If the size is a hindrance, then folding card tables are best tailored to your needs as well.

How to Buy A Right Coffee Table Lift Top (Buyers Guide)

To buy the right fit coffee table or cocktail table, the first thing you should do is decide on a budget. There’s no reason to look at tables you can’t afford; this will only tempt you to spend extra money.

When you know how much you’re willing to spend, you can avoid falling in love with items that are too costly.

You’ll also want to think about how much space you really have. One of the biggest reasons people are drawn to these tables is because they allow people to make the most out of a smaller amount of space. Because of this, you should take some measurements and figure out exactly how big you want your coffee table to be.

For small space or apartment, you can see Small Lift-Top Coffee Tablesyou may also try Coffee Table With Stools Sets, have a Lift Top Coffee Table Set for your living room, even buy convertible coffee dining table can save a lot of space for your room.

Once you’ve figured out the basics, you can start thinking about the specifics. Start looking at the tables on the market so that you can see what’s out there. What features are you particularly drawn towards? Which ones would you like to avoid?

Think About Your Living Room Space

Above all else, you should think about how you use your living room, and how your new coffee table will fit into that.

Do you normally eat in your living room? Do you like to play cards or board games there? Try to find a table that will enhance that and make your living room a more comfortable place to be. And you can not miss the most comfortable ottoman

Usually, the lift top coffee table is rectangle shape, it’s easy to fit your sofa, and there are still have round, square and pie shape table for a different purpose.

The round lift coffee table takes smaller space and gives much-using function, without a sharp corner is safe to kids play around.

The pie-shape table is great to use as a corner table, and fit for corner space or the end of your sofa.

  • Round Top-lifted-Coffee Tables
  • Pie Shaped Lift Top Tables
  • Corner Coffee Tables
  • Rustic lift top coffee table

Another important thing you’ll have to consider is where you’re going to buy your table. Many people opt to buy their furniture online, as the selection tends to be much wider and the prices tend to be a lot lower, even when the cost of shipping is included.

With that said, it’s a smart idea to examine some of these tables in a brick and mortar store as well. That way, you can get an idea for what these tables look like in person, and get a better feel for what you want to buy.

At the end of the day, it’s important to make sure that you find a table that will enhance your home. The best lift top coffee tables make the living room a better place to be. If you’re going to purchase one, you should make sure you’ll love it. Check below to choose your favorite lift top table:

By Functions:

  • Adjustable Height Lift Top Coffee Table
  • Mission Style Lift Top Coffee Table
  • Trunk Coffee Tables With Lift Top & Fish Tank
  • Lift Top Ottoman Coffee Table Chairs
  • Double Functions Laptop Coffee Table With Lift and Slide Top
  • Multi-use Convertible Coffee Table To Dining Table

By Colors & Finish:

What are the disadvantages of a lift top coffee table design?

These types of coffee tables, although I love them and they provide great options for storage, are going to be one of your more expensive options.

They are simply more complicated and require more intricate parts and designs to function properly. Lift-top tables coffee with drawers all you multiple options for keeping your valuables out of sight.

You also want to make sure you carefully check out the locking mechanism that holds the tabletop in place, it needs to be sturdy and well made – you don’t want this top crashing down on someone’s fingers.

A lift top or console table with storage must be well engineered and manufactured. Lift top coffee table hinges are key to this design for you to feel comfortable and safe.

One other minor drawback you should consider – you will have to remove all the contents of the tabletop before you can access the items stored inside. Yes, it’s obvious, but you won’t think about it until the table-top is full.

DIY Lift Top Coffee Table

Lift top coffee table plans are essential before diving into the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

When picking out a new living room set, some people are at a complete loss. When confronted with all the different couches on the market and the myriad of coffee tables, they shut down.

If you are one of these people, then you’ve found the perfect place to learn more about coffee tables.

You’ll need to find out how they fit into your living room before you move on to selecting the rest of your furniture.

Below is a list of frequently asked coffee table questions. The answers should give you a good idea of what you should be looking for in a coffee table.

If you need more details on how to buy your coffee table, check out our coffee table buying guide.

Common Questions Concerning Coffee Tables

Do I Even Need a Coffee Table?

Coffee tables are great catchalls for any and everything that ends up in your living room.

You’ll probably find just about anything you can imagine on your coffee table at one point or another.

The question is, do you want these items on your couch or, alternatively, on your floor? Without a lift-top coffee table, there are few other alternatives on which to put items.

In addition, these tables also are usually the main focal point of any living room, with the TV as the exception.

These tables will help you define your style and bring focus to your living room.

What Type of Coffee Table Should I Get?

That depends on a few things: how big your space is, what style you want your living room to reflect, and who makes up your household. Check out the best coffee table with storage

People without children who live in a large space and like shabby chic furnishings will probably enjoy a large wooden table.

Someone who lives in a small space with children and enjoys a more modern look might want to look at petite leather tables.

My Living Room is Small. Can I Fit a Coffee Lift top Table?

These tables come in many different shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find a good table for your room no matter how big or small it might be.

Measure the space you have available and then look for tables that allow at minimum 15 inches between their edge and the sofa.

Consider looking at glass tables, as well. They will let light pass through them, giving the room the illusion of more space.

Coffee Tables Vary in Height. How Tall Should Mine Be?

Consider how you will be using your table before you pick one out.

If you like eating in front of the television in the living room, take a look at tables that are “tea-height” or around 25 inches. Standard 16-inch tables are good for all other purposes.

How Do I Keep My Table from Being Damaged?

If your family will use your table as a footrest, fort, weight bench or any other non-traditional function, you might want to consider an upholstered table or one made out of sturdy wood.

Glass tables have a tendency to break when they are under unusual stress and are a poor choice for a rambunctious family.

In the end, as long as you are happy with your coffee table, then you’ve made the right decision.


Lift top coffee table mechanism has helped many people live more comfortably in their rooms.

Remember, in case if you are not sure about any product you can always contact the Amazon customer care for clarity about Warranty claims and replacement warranty claim.