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Best Marble Dining Tables – (Reviews & Guide 2020)


Marble has been a favorite material for buildings and floors for a long time but in recent years, it has also been favored for tabletops.

A marble dining table is a perfect buy that everybody would like to have in their homes.

If you are considering buying a marble top dining table set, here are some of its striking features you would be getting for your home that you might want to know.

Different Styles and Types Of Dining Tables

Many styles of dining tables are available in furniture shops. There are expandable tables, and tables with a definite size.

The tabletop may also vary in design. Consumers can choose from a marble top dining table, or a table with a glass top.

With the large variety of designs found in stores, consumers will have a challenging time when they shop for the perfect table.

However, they can avoid confusion in picking the right table when they have a particular style in mind. They should also consider the size of the room including the number of people that would use the table. These important factors can help consumers choose the best style of dining table for their home.

So, to give you an overview of the emerging trends in dining tables, here is a list of some of the most used styles or types of dining tables.

Expandable And Drop-Leaf Dining Table

These types of tables are ideal for apartments or condominium units with small floor space. The tables have alterable lengths, and this adds to the space-saving feature of the furniture.

  • Expandable dining tables: These tables have a removable, extra piece in the middle portion. When there are few guests in the house, the extra piece can be detached from the table. The furniture has an expandable feature because users can shorten or lengthen the table by adjusting it.
  • Drop-leaf dining tables: They have a function just like expandable tables. Users can adjust the length by lifting or dropping a particular end of this furniture. There are hinges that provide ease for users to alter the size of the drop-leaf table.

Oval And Rectangular Dining Table

Big families or people that expect several guests at home opt for this type of dining table.

  • Typically, these tables can accommodate 12 to 16 people.
  • The long and spacious tables may have a glass or marble top for an elegant appeal.
  • Because of the length of the table, homeowners can add several decorative items during special occasions. They can place centerpieces and a table runner that will give the table a fascinating appearance.

Round Dining Table

A round table is a popular choice among homeowners with small houses because of the smart features of the furniture.

  • Since the table has no corners, it can accommodate several people.
  • Moreover, the table has a built-in rotating tray at the center, and this feature serves as an extra space for the dishes.

Square Dining Table

For those with a big family, they usually prefer a large, square table because it fits their needs just right.

  • Square dining tables may vary in size, and it may seat four up to eight people.
  • The furniture can accommodate a definite number of guests because of the table’s corners.
  • However, this type of table may not be ideal for houses with small floor space because of the bulky size of the furniture.

Homeowners can choose from a multitude of styles and designs of dining table. Before they purchase a table, they should think about the size or number of people that will use the furniture.

They should also measure the area of the room where they plan to place the table. With careful planning and searching, consumers can find the perfect dining table for their homes

Why you Should Use a Marble Dining Table

Marble has become a very popular material for tables. With their contemporary and elegant look, it is no surprise that marble dining tables are becoming big. If you have not made the jump to using a marble dining table, then here are some reasons why you might want to.

The main reason many consumers use a marble dining table as their table to feast on is because of its natural, elegant, and contemporary look. All visitors will be impressed and amazed by your marble dining table in your dining room.

In addition to their contemporary look, you can usually find one that will match any room style as they come in various styles and can either be a light-colored marble or a dark-colored marble. You will not have a hard time finding the right marble dining table for your dining room.

Another advantage of using a marble dining table is its durability. Marble is a durable material if it is taken care of properly. As long as one maintains and cares for their marble dining table, then they can expect a long life and will rarely if ever have to replace it.

If maintaining your marble dining table is something you might have trouble with, then you do not need to worry as a professional can restore it with good results.

Other Great Features

What else is great about these types of tables are all the different uses you can have for them. You can get a big marble dining table for the living room which is perfect for special occasions.

You can get one for the kitchen for typical family dinners or casual meals, a smaller coffee table to place in front of the television to hold items like books, drinks, and television remotes.

And you can get a small one to use as a nightstand to place beside your bed. The use of a marble dining table is endless.

The two main reasons you should consider purchasing a marble dining table set is because it will never go out of style because of its contemporary look, and it will outlive any other piece of furniture as long as it is maintained properly.

In addition, you will find that you can get this type of table for any room, whether it is a coffee table for the family room, a dining table for the kitchen or living room or a nightstand for your bedroom. The advantage of using this type of table is incredible.

Outstanding Features Of A Marble Top Dining Table

  • Natural Beauty – a marble top dining table is endowed with natural beauty, which makes it a great addition in your dining area. A white marble top dining table will not fail to astonish any visitor that comes into your home.
  • Extreme Durability – if given proper care, this contemporary furniture will last for a long time. In fact, it can outlast all other furniture in your home and be passed on from generation to generation as heirloom
  • Always in Style – because of its contemporary look, a marble top dining table does not need to be replaced or changed because it will always look in style. However, it is highly unlikely that you will think about replacing it
  • Wide Variety of Options – marble table tops can be found in a wide variety of natural colors that are all very appealing. Thus, if you are looking for a marble top round dining table for example, there will always be a color that will fit a modern, ornate, antique or traditional décor
  • Easy Restoration – if a marble top dining table is not properly taken care of, it will tarnish and loss its beauty. However, it can easily be restored with excellent results by a professional

Marble dining tables and dining room sets are not without cons though. When considering of buying a set, it is essential that you consider how you are going to use it inside your home. A marble top coffee table for example would look great as a show piece in a formal setting. You can use it to rest your drinks on but wipe off any spills immediately. Here are some tips and tricks in taking care and maintaining a marble top dining table.

Marble Top Dining Table Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

  • Dining room furniture like marble top tables need to be cleaned and maintained carefully. It might be durable but any impact to great can crack the whole thing.
  • Marble resists etches and scratches easily. However, any scratch or damage done will be irreparable.
  • When used, a marble top dining table needs regular sealing. The standard recommendation to protect the marble and maintain its new look is to have it sealed once a year.
  • Compared to other stones like granite, marble is quite sensitive to common household substances. Coffee, cola drinks, wine and majority of household cleansers can dull or stain the finish when allowed to soak for a long time.
  • You have to use coasters regularly on a marble top dining table. Even a glass of water can leave a ring on your table top.
  • Anything sticky, icy cold or hot should not be placed directly on the marble table top.
  • Although a scratched or stained marble top dining table can be restored by a professional, the cost of the service is rather high so you will not want to have it done once a year.

Maintenance and cleaning also vary through marble colors. Darker marbles tend to look more classy as well as resistant to obvious damages. Overall, getting marble top dining table depends more on your preference and budget. Also, it is a good idea to do research first before buying one so that you can get a good idea on the tasks you need in installing and maintaining a marble top dining table.

Best Materials Used In Making Dining Tables

For those who plan to make their own dining table, they should consider the material that they would use for the furniture. The type of material affects the sturdiness and durability of the dining table. People can save time and money when they decide to make a table by using top quality materials. They do not have to experience any hassle in repairing the table when they are certain of the stability of the furniture. Moreover, people can start a business by making superb dining tables that many consumers will appreciate.

The materials used in making dining tables affect the overall appearance of the furniture. A table may exude an ethnic or Asian appeal when the material used is bamboo. A marble top dining table that uses oak wood may appear like a piece of furniture during the Elizabethan era. When a person has a particular style in mind, it will be easy to choose the best material to use in making the table.


Wrought Iron

This highly durable material can last for many years, and people might want to use wrought iron in making the table.

  • A great feature of wrought iron tables is the versatile design. People can create intricate or simple designs on the edges and legs of the table.
  • As for the tabletop, they can use glass, aluminum, and marble.
  • For those who look for a table material that is durable and low maintenance, wrought iron is the best choice.
  • However, the construction procedure for this type of dining table is intricate. Homeowners should consult professional table makers that can help in making the excellent wrought iron table.


Hardwoods such as oak wood, mahogany, walnut, and rosewood are outstanding materials that can be used in making dining tables.

  • These rare trees are popular for their superior strength and stability. In fact, several pieces of antique furniture use hardwood and the items remain functional and elegant after decades.
  • Tables made from hardwood produce a natural look in homes.
  • Table makers can give the furniture a shiny or dull appearance depending on the chemical added to the wood. Varnish can make the wood shiny, and some people prefer a dining table with a hint of shinein it.


Some people are fond of having an ethnic look in their home, and they might opt for a dining table made from bamboo.

  • This type of material is durable and sturdy, and homeowners can expect the table to last for several years.
  • Another positive feature of the material is that people will find the ease in cutting the bamboo. They do not need to use elaborate tools for the construction process.
  • They can also choose another material for the tabletop, so that the table will have a flat surface.

These materials are excellent choices for people who plan to make or customize their dining tables. No matter what the material is, homeowners should make sure that the overall look of the dining tablewould fit their home’s design. Lastly, the table should be durable and made from high quality materials that would last for a lifetime.

Dining Room Furniture Sets

Dining room furniture varies on its size, shape and color. In choosing the best dining room furniture, consider selecting something that goes with the interiors of the dining room.

The interiors include the color of the wall panels or wallpapers, the size of the dining room itself, and the availability of monetary resources.

Contemporary Furniture for the Dining Room

If it is a contemporary dining room furniture you are looking for, ponder on the latest trends. As of the moment, contemporary creations incorporates glass, marble, and geometric or space-themed designs. It boasts of a conventional design on a basic furniture, which basically falls on a modern dining room furniture concept. This can be very interesting as there are many choices for contemporary designs and you can be as imaginative as you can if you want a unique ambience in the dining room.

Formal Furniture for the Dining Room

For a more elegant and sophisticated dining room furniture look, opt for the formal dining room furniture. It creates a vintage glamor to your dining room. It includes a wide array of perfectly polished mahogany wood or cherry finish with exquisite wood carvings.

Parts of a Dining Room Set

Here is an overview of what basic dining room furniture consists of:

  • Dining Tables

Dining tables are an essential piece of furniture in every dining room. This should be big enough to accommodate the members of the household yet proportional to the room size. A marble top dining table is becoming increasingly popular nowadays because of its chic look.

  • Dining Chairs

These should be comfortable and relaxing to sit on and usually go with what the dining table design is. These may be made with an upholstered leather to create that classy look or with a cushion for a more pleasant experience. If there is a toddler in the household, then a high chair is appropriate to add.

  • Display Cabinet

A display cabinet can be practical to add in a dining room. This is helpful in organizing and storing expensive china wares or wine glasses. It also creates an attractive view in the dining room.

Dining room furniture costs a large amount of money to say the least. However, remember that expensive pieces are built to last. It is practical to invest on pricey dining room furniture because it is an important part of a house. Majority of the time, family bonding takes place in the dining room and comfort must be considered. Now, it is up to you to choose between contemporary or formal designs.