Outdoor storage bench, Best outdoor storage bench

When it comes to outdoor storage bench, I’m sure you’ve seen and heard enough of these everywhere.

If you’re looking for some practical strategies that you can use on your patio or garden today, then you’ll love this guide.

An outdoor storage bench is a combined sitting space and a storage box.

They are often used for keeping gardening supplies, grill equipment, and tools.

On this bench, a few individuals may sit for relaxation and it also comes with storage space.

A storage bench is ordinarily made of wood.

However, it might likewise be made of metal, stone, or engineered materials.

Numerous benches have arm and back rests; some have no backrest and might be sat on from either side.

Best Outdoor Storage Benches 2019

1. Keter Eden 70 Gal All Weather Outdoor Patio Storage Bench Deck Box



2. Keter XXL 230 Gallon Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture 870 Liters



3. Suncast SS1000 Storage Seat



4. Williston Resin Storage Bench


5. Suncast PB2600 Patio Storage Seat



6. Orange Casual Patio Aluminum Frame Resin Wicker Storage Bin Deck Box 140-Gal (Black)


7. Suncast DB9500 99 gallon Capacity Light Taupe, X-Large



8. 127 Gallon Resin Deck Box



9. Quinto Wing Wicker Storage Bench


10. Brisbane Acacia Garden Storage Bench


How are Outdoor Storage Benches Made?

They are manufactured in the same way normal garden benches are made.

They look exactly the same, except that space under the seating area is taken up by a storage trunk.

The seating section of the outdoor storage bench is hinged at the back. this allows the seat section to be lifted to allow access to the trunk.

It can fit exactly where any other garden bench would fit. In essence, the same shape and design.

It will look and feel the same as a traditional garden bench, except for the additional functionality of the storage space.

They are manufactured from preserved wood or hardwoods. The wood can be enhanced and preserved by the addition of linseed oil being rubbed in gently on an annual basis.

Wooden storage benches have the added benefit of having the flexibility of a carpenter. It creates a storage solution inside the trunk to meet the owners’ requirements.

Wood is also easy to paint to fit in with the current color schemes of the house and garden furniture.

Metal Storage Benches

Metal storage benches have the benefit of being stronger and extra secure. Though the seats may need cushions removed to use the storage box which may cause more inconvenience.

Metal benches can also be painted to fit in with color schemes and can feel nice and solid to sit on.

Molded Plastic Storage Seats

Molded plastic storage seats are weaker in structure, and are far easier to damage accidentally. They are cheaper though if that is a consideration.

They are lighter to move around too and can be more easily relocated in a quiet spot in the garden.

So there are plenty of different outdoor garden benches out there.

Take a look at your local outdoor center to find the right one for you!

Why do I need an outdoor storage bench?

So you may be sitting here asking why precisely you ought to have an outdoor storage bench when you have those two things independently (storage and a bench – not two different storage benches).

The way things are, paying little respect to how sloppy it may look, everything has a legitimate place and goes there once you are finished with it.

What’s more, your yard is no special case at all.

While you may not comprehend what an outdoor storage bench can accomplish for you, or how it can turn into a standout amongst the most helpful spots to store your patio accessories, there are still a lot of reasons to check it out.

These are only five of the most widely recognized reasons individuals choose to have an outdoor storage bench:

Benefits Of An Outdoor Storage Bench

No Limitations:

Outdoor storage bench doesn’t need to be constrained to simple things that straightforwardly profit your yard furniture – it can likewise be utilized to store your most loved outdoor things.

Possibly your children have a most loved table game, or you could be a huge fanatic of croquet. Customarily, these things go somewhere else.

They might be securely put away in the solace of your storage bench, urging your family to revel in the outdoors while the climate is decent, and authorizing your home to store much a greater amount of your most loved things.


A storage bench is a standout amongst the most secure approaches to store all the incidentals that you could have for your porch. For example, in the event that you have pads or different adornments for your outdoor furniture, why keep them in your carport, when they could be effectively put away in your bench?

To make your bench more secure, you can just append a lock to your case, and utilize a typical latch to further keep your things safe. By utilizing a case, you can have an advantageous and safe spot to store the greater part of your most loved embellishments.

Stores Varieties:

One of my most loved things to keep in my storage bench is all that I could ever use for my grill. Since it keeps the majority of my things in a climate influenced surroundings, I can store everything from the charcoal to the lighter liquid without needing to stress where it is going.

Also in light of the fact that I am the only one that has access to it, I never need to stress myself over my younger ones getting into it – an outdoor storage bench serves as a sheltered and helpful spot to store everything.


Numerous individuals choose to keep their cultivating devices and supplies in their carports, making for a badly arranged, jumbled spot to have the majority of their things that is hard to recover when the time comes.

If you are like me, then your arrangements are close enough to your deck that it would make a lot of sense to make everything closer, and not need to make various outings to deal with your enclosure.

A storage bench will keep the requirement for numerous treks, and provide for you the comfort of having the capacity to work without having the bother of completing everything and back.

Used as Coolers:

Numerous storage benches might be transformed into coolers too. You can buy your storage box with discretionary snaps around the edge, that could be utilized to append a vinyl pocket that will make your storage bench turn into a fridge.

Also in light of the fact that the inner part liner is removable, cleanup is a breeze: simply take the liner out, and pour the water into your grass.

Why let your yard get jumbled when you can unite everything in this bench?

What You Need To Consider Before Buying An Outdoor Storage Bench

Pay heed to the outline and colors of your current outdoor furniture. Thus you can search for an outdoor storage bench plan that fits in with own.

In the event that you presently do not have any outdoor furniture then you are allowed to pick whatever configuration or shade you like, along these lines you can display your future outdoor furniture buys around your new bench.

Before obtaining your new outdoor storage bench there are a couple of things that you may wish to think seriously about.

An essential variable that must not be disregarded is the measure of the room that you have in your porch. You would prefer not to have your new bench conveyed just to figure out that it is excessively expansive for your region.


An alternate key component to look out for is the kind of protection your assigned zone has from harsh climatic conditions. This will help you pick an outdoor storage bench that has the right protection attached to it. These benches are produced using a few diverse materials and picking the right one is pivotal. This is such a great deal more critical in the event that you have picked a bench that will be utilized as a seat, as the pad materials will endure the most when presented to climate.

Something else to ponder would be, what you are aiming at putting into the storage compartment of the bench as some will be developed diversely to cater for distinctive things. For example, size and waste for wet things become an integral factor when picking a model you like.

A decent place to begin when pondering purchasing one of these benches would be the web. By doing a search on the web you will soon come across the fact that there is an outdoor storage bench to fit everyone’s financial plan and taste in configuration and shade.

Wooden and Plastic Outdoor Storage Bench

An outdoor storage bench will help keep your yard structured. Along with the use of these benches, you are able to possess a location to store objects you need to have effortless use of while not having to clutter your garage, porch, or patio.

A few of the storage models can continue to keep your products away from site totally.

Varieties of Outdoor Storage Bench

An outdoor storage bench is available in a variety of designs. You can uncover ones that have a bench and total trunk place beneath. Others are just like backyard benches which have racks beneath the seat. On the whole, an outdoor storage bench is effective at seating two grownups.

Features of Wooden and Plastic Outdoor Storage Bench

The features of outdoor storage bench seats may be dependent on where you are planning to place the home furnishings. Different regions of your property can get fantastic gains from these benches.

Plastic Outdoor Storage Bench For Poolside – A plastic trunk design and style outdoor storage bench is a wonderful poolside companion. This will be the spot where pool toys and extra towels are kept. Furthermore, it serves to be a seat for individuals to dry off after they come out of the pool.

Yard – They will give you a serene destination to sit while you see the natural beauty of one’s effort. The storage functions of a wood bench allow for a location to preserve back garden essentials. Wooden storage bench would even be superior for sitting potted plants or decorating having a scarecrow while in the garden.

Patio Storage Bench – A patio storage bench delivers a location to keep small garden machines or other objects that you want quick usage of. A patio storage bench also presents seating for you personally and also your family to take pleasure in the outside.

Screened in Porch – Wooden outdoor storage bench for storage to the porch provide a spot to hold exterior toys, such as sporting activities devices, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, drinking water guns, together with other goods being used outside. A teak bench provides a good contact of decor into the porch area together with provides dual capabilities.

Gardening – A wooden outdoor storage bench is usually positioned to store back garden applications and products close to where you desire to use them. And of course, the bench presents a good spot to sit in the backyard.

Beautifying Your Garden With Outdoor Storage Bench

Utilizing them will help to improve the outlook of your lawn could be quickly achieved. A teak bench which is a wood storage bench could be dressed up with a covered cushion and matching pillows. A further excellent use for wood benches is usually to sit potted flowers and spices on them.

You may also enhance the positioning of seasonal things on top or all-around them. These could be pumpkins for the drop, sunflowers for your summer, birds feeders for spring, in addition to a basket of pine cones with the winter season.

Plastic outdoor storage bench and wooden outdoor storage bench may be used around your property to obtain your storage and decoration objectives.

Outdoor Storage Bench Plans

An outdoor storage bench can include additional seating while having loved ones over to hang out and have a grill; it is constantly great to have some additional seating. An outdoor storage bench seat is supposed to provide for you some additional seating and storage space.

These sorts of seats are made of a wide mixture of shades styles and outlines, which ought to provide enough to choose from, will be sure to match any outside furnishing and decoration that you may as of now have.

Be that as it may, if this is your first bit of outside yard furniture then you can browse one of numerous wonderful shade and plans in which to start brightening around.

Different Styles Of Outdoor Storage Bench

Varieties of the styles you can choose from will vary from one model to the other. Some have armrests while some are without armrests.

Some are with backrests while some are without it. Whatever you eventually choose or pick will have the capacity to meet your need in terms of ornamentation and style.

Also, they likewise vary in comfort levels of seating on account of the diverse manifestations of development and materials used to make this kind of seat.

Some may look cozy initially, but in the wake of sitting on it for a long period time of time, it may not be as comfortable as it looks so you ought to test your seat before purchasing it.

Wooden Outdoor Storage Bench

Wood is a fashionable and popular choice of material utilized for an outdoor storage bench on account of its regular magnificence and numerous diverse shades that will fit any ornamentation. Some other forms of outdoor storage bench are made of wicker, plastic and even metal.

All will have their regular look and will suit your style and compliment any ornamentation, but you ought to consider your climate conditions to choose which material your seat is made of so that you can settle for the best decision to withstand your climate conditions.

These sorts of seats are made in a wide mixture of diverse sizes to seat one, two or three people Consideration has to be given to the construction of the bench you are interested in especially if it is to seat three to four people. You can take a few friend or families with you to check and verify it is solid enough especially when two or more individuals are going to seat on it and to also check if it is very comfortable.

Take your time

A weak outdoor storage bench normally cost less. However, in addition to this, the bench would not last long. So it is advisable to search for a strong seat on the grounds that it will last longer.

When you are not able to get a particular design or that special picture for your outdoor storage bench seat already made for the purchase, then you should consider having one made to suit your needs or customized for you.

There are several ways to get this done and that is to discover outdoor storage bench plans that you prefer. Take them to a woodworker and having them make it for you, or you can do it yourself (DIY) if you can.

These sorts of seats would not only take care of your outside storage issues however it will additionally provide for you that extra storage room the vast majority of us need.

I, at last, discovered a spot for all my planting supplies and even some of my children outside toys while adding additional seating to my yard territory in my open air stockpiling seat.

Outside storage bench will look fashionable and incredible in any outdoor area of your choice

Tips on Using Outdoor Storage Bench Plans

When looking to get an outdoor storage bench seat, you simply would not be able to get what you are looking for. This is where great outdoor storage bench plans can help you find solutions to this problem.

Nothing is more than the great feeling that you get after completing a task, especially when you were not sure it would be possible from the onset. This on its own is a good reason to go ahead and build your own bench and the extra benefit is that you will get exactly what you are looking for.

There are a few imperative elements that you will need to address before going out and looking for your outdoor storage bench plans. You will need to evaluate what size of seat you will require that it will fit in your backyard.

Outdoor storage bench designs

Next, you can do is to search on the web to get some design plans for your seat alongside what kind of materials you will be utilizing. You will need to contemplate whether you will be utilizing the seat as a seat and storage area or almost as an outdoor storage box.

Contemplate where your outdoor seat will be arranged as this will provide for you a great thought as to which materials you will need to use to withstand the introduction to the diverse climate conditions.

When you have all these variables represented you can now feel free to scan on the web for some outdoor storage bench plans. You will find that there are various spots where you can get free plans.

Everything you need to do is get a great plan of seat arrangements for an essential configuration on the grounds that you will have the capacity to change these arrangements to suit your outline. As long as the seat arrangements have some great definite pictures of the general development, you can move forward from there.

You might likewise have the capacity to discover some seat plans at your neighborhood handyman shop or you could additionally take a trek to the closest library and look through some open-air furniture carpentry books or magazines.

At this point, you ought to be well mindful that you won’t have an excess of inconvenience in ending up some great outdoor storage bench plans that you can work with.

DIY Patio Storage Bench