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Best Papasan Chair for 2019


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Ready to grab a Papasan chair and boost your comfort level?


This buying guide contains 15 of the best Papasan’s available online.

The chairs come in a large bowled shape frame having fluffy cushions on it.

These chairs are fast becoming a popular trend in house-owners.

The reason behind the popularity of Papasan chairs is these chairs are very comfortable and are a great place to sit while watching TV.

Best Papasan Chairs 2019

1. Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair with Metal Frame, One Size, Black

Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair with Metal Frame, One Size, Black

2. Cotton Craft Papasan Chair Charcoal 

Cotton Craft Papasan Charcoal - Overstuffed Chair Cushion, Sink into Our Thick Comfortable and Oversized Papasan, Pure 100% Cotton Duck Fabric, Fits Standard 45 inch Round Chair - Chair not Included


3. Blazing Needles Solid Microsuede Papasan Chair Cushion

Blazing Needles Solid Microsuede Papasan Chair Cushion, 48" x 6" x 48", Indigo

4. OSP Designs Papasan Chair, Black

OSP Designs Papasan Chair, Black


5. International Caravan 3312-MS-AB-IC Furniture Piece Rattan 

International Caravan 3312-MS-AB-IC Furniture Piece Rattan 42-Inch Papasan Chair with Micro Suede Cushion


6. 42-Inch Bali Rattan Papasan Chair with Cushion 

42-Inch Bali Rattan Papasan Chair with Cushion - Solid Twill Fabric, Eggshell - DCG Stores Exclusive


7. Blazing Needles Solid Microsuede Double Papasan Chair Cushion

Blazing Needles Solid Microsuede Double Papasan Chair Cushion, 48" x 6" x 65", Chocolate


8. Rattan Wicker Swivel Rocking Round Papasan Chair with Cushion Colonial 

Rattan Wicker Swivel Rocking Round Papasan Chair with Cushion Colonial (Light Brown)

9. Urban Shop C Oversized Folding Moon Chair, Multiple Colors, Large, Round (Khaki)

Urban Shop C Oversized Folding Moon Chair, Multiple Colors, Large, Round (Khaki),


10. Cotton Craft Papasan Peacock Blue Overstuffed Chair Cushion

Cotton Craft Papasan Peacock Blue Overstuffed Chair Cushion, Sink into our comfortable Papasan, Thick and Oversized, Pure 100% Cotton duck fabric, Fits Standard 45 inch Round Chair, Chair not included

First, we need to discuss what a Papasan chair is. The Papasan chair goes by many different names: disc, mamasan, and bowl chair are just a few of them.

Papasan chairs are stylish, comfortable, and flexible – they are easier to move and position for your comfort. Some Papasan chairs (the “foldable” type) can be put in a carrying case if you want to use it for outdoor activities like camping or concerts.

The traditional Papasan chair is bowl-shaped with a cushion on top, and it sits on top of an upright frame that allows the bowl to be adjusted to different angles.

This can allow the person seated to adjust to the chair to specific comfort needs, but it can also be dangerous as the bowl can slip out of the frame.

papasan chair frame, papasan chair base

Be careful, something like this might happen:

bowl chair

What cushions are used on a Papasan chair frame

The cushion most often used in these chairs is similar to that of a futon – a thick cloth material stuffed with cotton.  The frame of the chair is most often made of rattan, but more expensive versions use wicker or wood.

Non-traditional types of Papasan chairs are called “moon chairs” and have a single frame made from plastic or metal. The frames of these chairs are collapsible and usually come with a carrying case.

Because these chairs are often used for outdoor activities, the cushion is made from tougher material and is sometimes water-resistant. Also, the cushion is usually thinner and lighter to allow for easier transport.

papasan chair cushion

Small Complaints to the Chair

One of the common complaints about moon chairs is that there’s no place to rest your feet, but fortunately, some moon chairs come with matching ottomans.

These are collapsible just like the main chair and will fit in the same carrying case.  Other optional features include a built-in headrest or throw pillows.

Moon chairs covers can also be purchased if you want to be able to change the style or make the chair water-resistant.

Kinds of Papasan Chairs

The traditional Papasan chair is made to hold one adult sitter. The wide cushion provides comfortable sitting and gives a luxuriant appearance to your chair.

Due to the frame that holds the cushion is separated from the base of the chair, you can tilt it at different angles for watching TV, reading or any other activities. The variety of uses is what makes these chairs so popular and demanded pieces of furniture.

Today you can buy so-called mamasan chairs and even Babysan chairs. A Mamasan chair is larger than the Papasan chair and can hold two people.

You can snuggle with your boyfriend or girlfriend or with a child in this chair. Babysit chairs are made just for infants, in which they can swing. Junior size of the Papasan chair is made for children and can be a perfect addition to the child’s bedroom.

The usual Papasan chair is made out of rattan or wicker. You can find a variety of colors or designer paints of these frames. In addition, the cushions are also sold in various forms, colors, and patterns.

If you want something more modern, pay attention to the frames made from plastic and metal. These materials are very convenient. The metal frame is foldable so you can move the chair without any trouble.

With such a variety of styles, the Papasan chair can be a wonderful and comfortable piece of furniture in your house.

What about Quality?

The Papasan Chair delivers the best quality to each and every customer who wishes to purchase a Papasan chair.

The shop delivers not only Papasan but all kinds of chairs as per customer’s needs. Some of the chairs, in which this shop has mastery, are as follows: Kneeling chair, sleeper chair, Wassily chair, womb chair, Aeron chair and so on.

The Papasan Chair crafted chairs are specially handcrafted as per needs and requirements.

Master craftsmen and skilled labor with some decent experience craft all types of chairs with natural material. All the joints in every type of chairs are specially re-enforced to ensure durability.

If you are not a great fan of Papasan chairs, we have many other types of chairs that are sure to lure you to sit on them. As already stated, you can try out many different types of chairs online.

We have all the above-stated types plus we also have other types of chairs like wingback chair, stressless chair, Adirondack chair, Bergere chair, Sayl chair, and cheap bean bag chairs.

The foldable moon chair is rapidly rising in popularity because of its high versatility. Owing to its quirky design, a lot of homeowners are now getting it to add a modern touch to their dwellings.

It is highly comfortable, with the curved structure specially designed to give its user maximum satisfaction when they sit on it.

The wider the chair is, the more comfortable they are. Most of these chairs also have detachable cushions, making it easier to be cleaned compared to those that are already fixed to the frame.

The foldable moon chair is available for both kids and adults, which gives a clue on how popular it is.

The main difference is the design of the cushions.

The children’s version is usually printed with popular cartoon characters, while the adult’s versions are more toned down and generally have solid colors, although some made of different fabrics such as corduroy and leather have also surfaced.

There are also those that come bundled with ottomans, adding to the level of comfort that the chairs bring.

Having a moon chair around the house can be an advantage especially when you want to have comfort that doesn’t come at a high price. Its design is

not that striking but the comfort it brings far surpasses other types of chairs available today. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are turning to moon chairs. Since there are lots of moon chair covers being sold nowadays, you can easily change the design of your chairs anytime you want to.

Moon chair covers for a kid-sized moon chair usually sport a cartoon character, so whenever your daughter is feeling like a princess or your son is feeling like a race car driver, you are sure to find one that will suit their likes perfectly.

As for adults, moon chair covers come in bold colors such as black, red, and brown but there are other colors being sold as well so you should look into them.

Different kinds of materials are used in manufacturing moon chair covers so whether you are looking for covers made from microfiber, leather or others, you are guaranteed to find one.

Before buying a moon chair for your home, see to it that the cover can be removed so you can wash it or replace it anytime you want to.

Since dirt and dust can accumulate on the cushion, you should choose one that has the option to replace it. This will make it easier for you to install the moon chair covers you have bought.

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