plastic drawer, Best plastic drawersI have found the best place to buy plastic storage drawers is online and the best drawers to buy have a future!  The future of the plastic storage drawers is this: how will you re-purpose them and how will you resale them.

However, do not be taken by the next shiny item – think about the future of that item before you buy it.  This is so important for portable storage items.  I call plastic storage drawers portable because you can take them with you when you move, you can give them to others to use, and you can move them around your home and garden to re-use.

There is an infinite supply of tiny drawers for screws, nuts and bolts. There are medium size drawers that are perfect for gardening supplies and small tools. There are large plastic drawers for bulky items.  Consider how you plan to use them now and in the future.  This will make your purchase a more satisfactory one for years to come.

My Top 5 Tips for Best Purchase of plastic storage drawers:

1. Buy Plastic Storage Drawers That You Think Have a Future in Your Home or Garden.

The future of plastic storage cabinets depends on the space for which they were bought.  For example, if you bought the cabinet for the garage and you are using it in the garage, there probably are a limited number of places it can be re-used. These garage cabinets can be used in attics, basements, outdoor sheds, and in rental storage buildings for added security.

As a comparison, the future of plastic storage drawers is a little different because they usually are smaller, not lockable, and are bought for a specific purpose. For example, if you bought deeper drawers for storing bulky items, you probably will continue to use it for bulky items.  I use the deep drawers in closets for extra blankets, for seasonal clothing, and for small hand tools in the garage.  When I have a repair job around the house, I pull out the drawer of hand tools (screw drivers, pliers, clamps, tape, etc.) and take it with me to the repair location.

As another comparison, the future of plastic storage sheds is even more limiting.  Once you buy a shed for your property, it probably will stay on your property.  So buy a shed that is modular, easy to move, easy to clean, looks good from a number of angles/sides, and is neutral in color.  When you move, you may want to take the shed with you or resale the shed to new owners.  Buy a shed that you think is an asset to your property; buy a shed that you will be proud to own 5 or 10 years from now.

2. Buy Plastic Storage Drawers That You Think You Will Re-Purpose.

One of the lessons I have learned is this: buy storage drawers that can be repurposed. As I have changed my interests, as the children have grown, and as our family has inherited things, I have found that I am constantly moving times in and out of storage places. I am moving cabinets from one closet to the basement, moving some drawers to the attic, etc. Having a variety of plastic storage units with drawers works well for us. The investment seems to be worth it and the lessons for the children seem to have worked.

In fact, when the children go off to college, they already know that they will be taking the plastic storage drawers with them for added space and organization.  We are not horribly rigid about keeping rooms neat, but we are careful to store items that need to stay clean, that need to stay with related parts, and that are shared items so the next person can find what is needed.

The idea of keep certain items when you can easily get your hands on them is paramount to saving money.  Being on a limited budget, we do not want anything wasted.  We keep reusable grocery bags in plastic storage drawers in the trunk of the car.  The set of two drawers in the truck also has emergency items in the second drawer.

3. Buy Plastic Storage Drawers That You Think Others Will Buy from You.

One of my favorite finds was for the children’s LEGO (TM) pieces. The stackable units are attractive and teach children to organize their playtime for the next time. However, what do you do with them when the children are no longer interested in LEGOs?  I found out by accident if I had the children’s’ toys in plastic storage containers, they sold better at our yard sales!

Yes, if you want to sell something, put it in a plastic container and away it will go.

Actually I was able to charge more for the combination of containers and articles, then I had planned.   It may also be my interpretation of buyers at yard sales, but I do think they gravitate to the items in containers – they sort through the units and always find something they like.  I sell these as one-price for the whole container.

There are also some points I need to make about colors when you buy plastic storage drawers – try to keep it neutral if you plan to resale the item later.  Clear plastic storage drawers and resale better than black in most cases.  this is because you cannot hide dirt.  If they are clean and smell nice, then you have made a great choice for resale.

4. Buy Plastic Storage Drawers That You Will Use.

I have purchase storage containers and set then aside because they were either too big, too difficult to handle, or too unorganized (just a deep box).  Before you buy think about the exact location where it will be kept.  Take the measurements of where you will put the storage item, then go online and look for items for the space.  You may be surprised that you have lots of styles, options, and prices for the dimensions of the space. You should take the extra time to narrow the choices down to how exactly you will use the drawers.

I have a stack of 6 or 7 green tubs with lids in my attic.  I bought them to store toys and things.  These are so impractical because all the small items end up at the bottom.  The tubs were used for unrelated items just to fill them up, then we would forget what was in each tub.  I added labels but not for every item in the tub.  Take it from me – dark units iwht a snap on lid are a waste of money.  I dread looking in them so I moved every thing to clear plastic storage drawers and now I have a stack of unused plastic boxes.

5. Buy Plastic Storage Drawers That Are Fun.

Rubbermaid 5 Drawer Mobile CabinetThis gets back to the idea of: will-you-use-it?  I have the most unusual plastic storage container.  It has a blue bottom, a pink lid, and green handles. I keep picnic items in it and have never failed to spy it among other coolers, and boxes at group gatherings.  When we go to family reunions, we take out the pink and blue box, check it for paper products, openers, lighters, plastic ware, and add fresh items plus condiments.

This big handled box is sturdy enough for kids to sit on.  It has been emptied and used as a ice chest to chill drinks and used to pack up left overs.  I am certain it is because it is easy pack and is festive.  It fits perfectly in the trunk of our car. The handles make it easy for one or two people to carry.  it is actually medium in size and cannot be packed to the point of being too heavy. The box has two white plastic snaps that click in place to secure the lid.

There should be more of these types of units when you want to buy plastic storage drawers. People tend to gravitate to items with bold colors. This is why I have spray painted some of the frames of the children’s plastic storage units.  I try to get one of their favorite colors and only paint the frame.  I leave the drawers clear or opaque to make them easy to use.

Plastic Storage Drawers on Wheels – Ideas for Organizing

Use plastic storage drawers on wheels for under the bed storage. Check out these Tips and Ideas for Bedroom or Dorm Room organization. You can roll 6 units under a full-size bed!

Of course, they are perfect for children’s toys and books to keep them clean and organized for play. We have one that is just for crafts with all the supplies – felt, glue, markers, glitter, beads, pipe cleaners, and construction paper. On a rainy day, we just say – “make us a farm scene or a beach scene”. The children have made wonderful panoramas that we have framed and hung up in their rooms.

Using plastic storage drawers on wheels is almost addicting because you see instantaneous results when you hide, I mean, organize your seldom used items under the bed.

Top 25 Items To Organize Your Life Using Plastic Storage Drawers on Wheels

Rubbermaid Locking CabinetI took an inventory of what I have today under beds and I was surprised that I do have more than these in the list below:

1. Extra blankets.
2. Project supplies – such as knitting, sewing, acrylic painting and woodworking. The sewing supplies take a lot of space and the drawer has several smaller organizers for thread, needles, and buttons.
3. Seasonal clothing: long johns, heavy socks, and heavy outerwear.
4. Winter hats, gloves, and scarfs.
5. Travel magazines / trip brochures for vacation planning.
6. Paper and school supplies.
7. Bed and table linens to free up space in linen closet for towels.
8. Room specific holiday decorations: just pull them out and decorate the room from the drawer.
9. Electrical cords, spare controllers.
10. Camping gear.
11. Swimming gear.
12. Sports gear (football, lacrosse, etc. take a lot of space).
13. Specialty bakeware (holiday pans, cookie cutters, and decorating kits).
14. Electronic games and extra controllers.
15. Gift wraps, gift bags, and ribbons.
16. Annual receipts and tax reports.
17. User or maintenance manuals for household appliances, garden tractor, and cars.
18. Halloween costumes, trick or treat gear, and decorations.
19. Thanksgiving decorations and specialty plates, napkins, and platters.
20. Family reunion supplies: paper products, plastic ware, party trays, ID badges, register / journal with names and addresses, zipper bags, Styrofoam containers, and table cloths.
21. Gardening reference books, seeds, and other supplies: as I see bargains I add them to the gardening drawer for next season.
22. Completed school projects for reference for future projects: science, term papers, etc.
23. Household painting supplies: brushes, rollers, tape, drop cloths, and paper paint samples for reference by room. Home floor plan with notes on paint brand, color for walls and trim.
24. Color printer supplies for printing photos, business documents, color paper for special occasions, and manuals.
25. Secured items that are in their own locked case: deed box, gun case, and jewelry case. I have several metal lockable cases and place them in plastic storage drawers on wheels under our bed. This is probably putting all of our eggs in one basket, but it is also keeping them in one place away from the children.

You do not need to buy 25 or more plastic drawers on wheels to get started with organizing today. I have arranged and re-arranged many times to have this list and to have my things organized like I do. When shopping, I have selected the wrong size, such as small plastic storage drawers, and eventually I had to replace them with larger drawers.  It will take time to analyze your things, your storage space, and room arrangements to optimize organization spaces and to feel naturally comfortable with the arrangement.

Get Organized and It will Save You Time and Money Later

When you know what you have and where you have placed it, then you are less likely to waste time or money buying replacements.  These are the 5 basic steps  for organizing your home and using plastic storage drawers:

  • Collect related items from all over your home that make sense to be together in one container. I used a clothes’ basket to collect costumes and related Halloween items, then we washed and put everything together in one container.It is important that you do this first because the items that are remaining, probably belong in that room.
  • Only work on one room at a time. If you tackle too much, you will become discouraged. Take one bedroom at a time and sort items into keep, donate, and trash. This is a standard practice from many of the TV shows for home improvements.  However, we like to actually start with the laundry. Look into every dresser drawer, every desk drawer, and closet containers. We strip beds, drawers, and closets of all washables. After the laundry is completed for a particular room, we decide what items can return from the clothing, linens, etc. Seasonal items are stored in clear plastic storage drawers; extra blankets and linens are stored plastic storage drawers on wheels. Sometimes we create just a drawer for accessories, such as belts, scarfs, and bags.
  • Thoroughly clean the room: carpet, walls, windows, and doors before you return the laundry. Be sure to vacuum and dust furniture and wallhangings. Clean light fixtures, window sills, and molding.Before you start moving items back into the room, make a decision on the furniture placement in the room. Are you tired of where the furniture is now? If yes, this is a perfect time to rearrange furniture for the feeling of a fresh start and a commitment to the new organization of your things.
  • Label all of your containers and organize all of the other storage areas of the room, such as dresser drawers, closets, and under-the-bed containers. Use desk organizers for work surfaces – we have found that the lazy-susan desk organizer made of plastic for pencils, pens, and clips is ideal for bathroom countertop organization. They can hold toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, hairbrushes, and makeup.
  • Make the bed with fresh linens, adding a bed skirt to hide the under the bed storage. This is the time to replace bed pillows that may be old or misshaped. Adding fresh pillows to the bed will give you more of a commitment to the new storage solution and make the experience more uplifting. I recommend to some of my friends to go shopping before tackling a bedroom and buy the storage containers, new bed skirt and topper, and new pillows before you start.

Rubbermaid 5 Drawer Mobile CabinetPlastic Storage drawers on wheels are sold in most home improvement stores. I recommend that you shop during seasonal sales, such as before school starts. I have found that these stores target the off-to-college crowd with discounts on storage or travel items. One of the most famous of the off-to-college items is the trunk. It is actually a great storage box for carrying a lot of items, but most trucks have very little organizing capabilities.

Also most trunks cannot be stored under the bed or in a dormitory closet. Whereas, clear plastic storage drawers that can be placed under the bed and are much easier to carry and take up less space.

Off-to-school preparation usually includes a must-have checklist. There are several websites with printable checklists. I have included the most common items in the list below which fit into a plastic drawer.  You will arrive with 4 plastic drawers on wheels which will fit under your raised bed.

The plastic storage drawers will be for:

1. Bathing items: 3 each of bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths. 1 beach towel, flipflops for the shower, soap container, shower caddy, loofa or sponge, gel or soap, face soap, shaving cream, shampoo and other hair products, lotions, deodorant, mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, brush and comb, hair dryer, other personal bathroom items.

The plastic storage drawers for these items can be organized with the bathing caddy conveniently holding the loose items, the towels, and flipflops. Can you imagine rolling the drawer out from the bed each day and grabbing a clean towel and you caddy to take a shower?

2. Study Items: desk lamp, desk organizer, desk trays, pencils, pens, scissors, stapler, calculator, highlighters, envelopes, paper, notepads, flash drive, extension cord, surge protector, flash drive, internet connection cord or device. Use another drawer on wheels for these items and include any special supplies you like, such as gel pens, etc.

3. Organization: Bed lifts, cork or message board, push pins, magnets, hooks, wall hanging book and folder holder, back pack, and small travel bag. Use a drawer on wheels for these and it will be empty after you unpack and available for storing seasonal clothing.

4. Survival: batteries, flashlight, duct tape, sewing kit, small tool set, bottle /can opener, plastic cups, bowls, utensils, napkins, salt/pepper, water bottle, clock, crank radio, hand sanitizer, trash bags.

One of the most amazing things that we have discovered using plastic storage drawers is that they are very versatile and easy to transport when moving, They stack in the truck of cars and in the back of SUVs with little waste of space. You can pack your linens (pillows, sheets, and blankets) and heavy coats around them for efficient use of car trunk space.

If you need to organize a bedroom or dorm room, the easiest and best solution is to use plastic storage drawers on wheels for under the bed storage. The drawers provide a clean and easy-to-access solution while forcing you to use wisely your limited storage space.

Plastic Storage Drawers – Tips on Use of Stackable and Clear Drawers

We use several types of plastic storage drawers in our closets, on shelves in our basement, and in our plastic resin storage sheds. The closed drawers provide a barrier to dust, the occasional field mouse, and to moths – with the help of cedar blocks.

We prefer stackable plastic storage drawers in our closet because we use them for seasonal items and for special occasion shoes and handbags. I have two stacked behind the door of the walk-in closet for winter sweaters and insulated underwear. I find that these garments are too heavy and bulky for our dresser and bureau, so we use the clear plastic drawer style in the closet to be able to clearly see the contents.
clear plastic storage drawers

When I first discovered the extra large clear stackable drawers in a local department store, I thought they were too big – would take up too much space. I first filled them and placed them on the overhead shelf, but they were impossible to use. I have learned that the extra large stackable drawers should be kept on the floor level and stacked under where we hang suits and dresses. This use the floor space more optimally and also makes the drawers easy to access.

Unless you have a fully organized closet with racks, shelves, and built-ins, there is a lot of wasted space at the floor level. I have on one wall where the longer garments hang a row of three extra-large drawers with extra blankets, and with the winter insulated underwear I mentioned. We found that having the extra blankets for each bedroom stored in the bedroom closet was much more convenient than keeping them all in the downstairs linen closet. The arrangement is like a hotel closet where extra pillows and blankets are available if needed.

One of our favorite new plastic storage cabinets are actually plastic storage units with drawers. The frame is white heavy plastic and the drawers are medium size. We bought three of them because they seemed so perfect for desk supplies, for non-wet cleaning supplies, and for gardening items. Starting with the gardening items, we placed one unit in the storage shed and organized out small items such as trimmers, trowels, and hand racks. We have one drawer for garden or work gloves, and another for twine, straps, pins, etc. for climbing vegetables. One drawer has watering items: hose nozzles, repair fittings, and small sprinkler heads.

The benefit of plastic storage drawers is much more that having related items together; the drawers are a resting place when you are changing or assembling your things. For example, one drawer has our garden shoes and we change shoes in the shed before watering or feeding our plants. There is some peace-of-mind when I go out to work in the garden and know that I will be able to get the shoes, gloves and tools I want. The trick is to remember to work in reverse and place the tools back where they belong.

Small Plastic Storage Drawers Can Be Mounted on Any Wall

Peace of mind is exactly what we have found when we bought a set of small plastic drawers to keep in the shed for first aid items. We keep insect repellant, insect bite cream, and bandages. The first aid items stay clean and are easy to reach because we mounted the box on the wall above the workbench. Under the first aid drawers we mounted a paper towel holder. On top of the drawers we keep antiseptic hand wash, rubbing alcohol, and some insect spray. It is amazing to us how practical we have become.

The little set of drawers serve as storage and as a shelf for related items. They cannot be opened by field mice, and stay clean. The set is only about 8 inches square with three drawers, but it is perfect for keeping first aid items clean and accessible with a simple pull on the drawer handle. The drawer handle is actually an indentation in the plastic form – it is fully integrated and no chance of breaking off.

We keep the contents of the plastic storage drawers clean by storing the items in zippered plastic bags. For example, we keep band aides in a zippered bag to be sure they do not get moist or dusty. We also keep the antiseptic ointments in bags to keep them dry. During winter months we remove the drawers from the wall and bring them inside to protect the contents from freezing.

I have also invested in plastic storage drawers on wheels and have them under all our beds, and under on of the shelf units in the storage shed. The one in the shed has a homemade unique feature! I drilled two small holes in one end and pulled a vinyl rope through the holes. It is now a little plastic wagon that I pull around the yard with some of my yard care items: weed killer, mole repellant, and various clippers, plastic garbage bags, and gloves. I found that I can also use my plastic wagon when I pick up twigs and sticks or want to trim bushes. I place the trimmings in the garbage bag and pull it around the yard.

Plastic storage drawers can be clear or opaque. I prefer the clear, but some items must be stored in the dark to prevent decomposition. I have only found stackable plastic storage drawers in opaque, but it has not been a problem because I label the drawers to minimize frustration when looking for something. I like to keep my drill and attachments in one of these units to keep the drill clean from dust and to keep the bits handy. I have an extra battery for my rechargeable drill and I store it with the drill and bits.

From time-to-time it is necessary to clean out the drawer so I place it on my workbench and place each item on newspaper that I have spread out for the job. Newspaper is great for a clean-up. I make a wad of crushed paper and dust each item in the drawer with it. I spray each with WD-40 to protect the bits and drill from rust. I line the drawer with fresh newspaper to absorb any grease after I spray the items with WD-40.

I also use small plastic storage drawers in our bathroom to hold razors, clippers, and extra dental floss. I am certain that these little drawers are perfect for organizing women’s make-up and nail care items. The idea is to have the items readily accessible and have an idea of how close you are to running out of supplies. There are two real inconveniences that I try to avoid: running out of new razors and deodorant. I keep spare deodorant in one of the drawers – when I use it, I know I need to buy another spare for my bathroom supplies.

I also keep two clear plastic storage drawers in the cabinet under the sink. I keep extra toilet tissue in this drawer – it keeps it dry and easily accessible in my small bathroom. The drawer has the added benefit of having a top on which I can sit bathroom cleaning supplies. I have found that keeping the tissue in a separate container under the sink keeps it away from harsh cleaners and minimizes spilling liquids on it.

I spray painted two small plastic cubes a bright red and then mounted them over the toilet side-by-side. The cubes contain more decorative items than functional. We have a picture in a frame and a small spider plant. The cubes do not have drawers or doors, but I find them to be a perfect place to store my wallet and cell phone when showering. The cubes match our color scheme and provide a touch of convenience in a small space.

Lastly for the bathroom we have a three-drawer plastic container that is used for the following: a magazine stand, a towel and washcloth holder, and storage place for hairdryers and brushes. We use two of the drawers for towels; we roll the towels to fit snuggly. Having used stackable plastic storage drawers in our closets, and in the garage, it seemed strange to see the same set in our bathroom. We wanted the unit to fit with the décor so we bought spray paint that is made for plastic. When we painted it, we remover=d the drawers and painted the frame bright red. The we covered the sides of the drawers and painted the face of each drawer a bright blue.

The plastic storage drawers are opaque white, so we did not paint the sides. The unit is now red, white, and blue. The towels in the drawers are red. It is quite a gem. It is waterproof and matches the red-white-blue theme of the bathroom. We have little space for a trash basket in our bathroom, so we placed a red plastic coffee can in the bottom drawer to use for trash.