Whether you are a first time homeowner or you are just looking for a new way to dress up your bedroom, a platform bed frame can quickly give any bedroom a fresh new look. Platform beds are unique from other designs because they do not require purchasing several pieces. Instead of buying a box spring, mattress and frame, the platform is designed to fit the mattress right inside. This is ideal for those who want to get the task of purchasing a new bed done right away. Once the frame is purchased, it can be immediately placed in a bedroom with the mattress inserted and it will be ready to sleep on that very night. With all of its simplicity, it can come as a surprise to some people how inexpensive and what a large variety of styles they have.

Since most people purchasing a bed will choose the most traditional one, a platform bed may not be able to sell as easily. This gives you the advantage because you can get great deals on a brand new one. Learning about the different styles of beds will give you an idea of what is best for you and your bedroom.

Platform Bed Frames

Wood platform beds have long been a staple in many homes due to their versatility and durability. This material gives the illusion of expensive products, even when they are cheap. It can also be decorated to fit a boys or a girl’s room quite easily. Wood never goes out of style due to its classic look and how versatile it can be. A wooden bed frame looks great in a child’s room and continues to fit right in as the child grows and becomes an adult. Purchasing a wood frame can be the perfect choice for those who want a reliable, durable piece, which will stay looking great for many years to come.

Quickly rising in popularity is the modern style. Sleek designs and plenty of angles look great in the young adult’s bedroom and can give off a variety of moods. Modern platform bed frames are different from using wood because it focuses on metal rods and other hard materials. If wood is used, it is always painted a solid black, white or other neutral color. This is because modern is all about minimalism and an overall clean look. If you are looking for a modern style, most of the time you will be limited to a queen platform bed frame or a king platform bed frame.

If you looking for your child’s bedroom, you will be happy to know that there are many twin platform bed frame designs with kids in mind. Since the frame is attached to the bed, there is often not a lot of room underneath the bed to hide away toys and clothing. Some parents may prefer this because their kids will not be able to get away with hiding away their things instead of picking them up. However, other parents may not feel satisfied because they will not be able to store things underneath the bed. This can be a real space saver for some and an essential thing in every room. Luckily, furniture designers had this mind and have a great solution for keeping a room organized. Many platform beds have pull out drawers underneath where clothes or toys can be stored easily. This is a huge plus because the parent does not need to purchase cabinets or dressers to match the bed, they can simply put their child’s belongings in the attached storage space below the bed.

Another popular style is ones that have a pull out bed underneath. A sliding platform is located underneath, which can be pulled out easily and has a mattress attached. This can be extremely helpful for those who often have people sleeping over and want to be able to accommodate for them. Instead of rolling out a sleeping bag, a guest can simply pull out the underneath sliding platform and out comes an extra bed. This saves plenty of space and is a very comfy alternative to sleeping on the couch or the floor.

Many homeowners are finding out the benefits of purchasing a platform bed frame over a more traditional style. The convenience of having a bed ready to go from purchase is appealing enough, but with all of the varieties in styles and helpful storage, it is no wonder that these types of beds are quickly becoming one of the new hot items in the furniture world. Whether you are looking for a clean modern look, a contemporary wood bed, a space-saving bed for your child or even for yourself, this could be the furniture for you. They also look great, giving your bedroom an updated look with just one easy purchase.


A platform bed frame comes in various forms today which one can also call different types of platform bed frames. These are basically traditional, contemporary and Storage platform beds. Anyone would want to come back home to a cozy and comfortable bed. To relax in one’s own bed is the perfect stress buster after a hard day at work. This is the reason that the demand for comfortable and even luxury beds has gone up in the market. With the demand going up, the furniture business is also touching new heights. Whether it is a four poster bed or a cabin bed, bunk bed or a queen size bed that one wants to buy, there is ample choice in the market to overwhelm any customer. Platform beds or cabin beds are more common in places like Europe, Australia and some eastern countries whereas a box spring bed is more common in America.

What is a platform bed frame?

A platform bed frame is basically a support structure made of lattices of wood or metal to give support to a mattress which is placed on it. This horizontal support structure gives sufficient ventilation to the mattresses placed above it. It is different from the usual box spring beds which already have a mattress and springs to support another mattress that comes on top of it. One can say that a platform bed is a more modern bed style and many people are going for it as it is minimalistic in design and reduces the bulkiness and weight of the bed too. There are a lot of furniture stores that have some great designs for platform beds which one can see on their respective websites or could simply visit such stores if one wants to make a purchase.

Types available in platform bed frames

The simplicity of the design of a platform bed frame is its selling point. One can find platform beds in different materials like solid wood, wood ply boards, metal and even bamboo these days and may or may not be equipped with a head board or a foot board. Although a platform bed frame almost means that one doesn’t require a box spring to support the mattress, most designs of platform beds do provide with space to fix in a box spring if the need arises. This style of bed can be further divided into 3 types-

  1. Contemporary or modern style- These kinds of platform bed frames have a European character with sleek designs and minimal features to give a neat solid look to the bed. Straight or simple headboard and footboard may be made out of the same material as the bed or might be of microfiber or even leather.
  2. Traditional platform beds are influenced by the olden times when although platform bed frames were used in beds but the designing was on traditional lines.
  3. Sometimes storage boxes are provided underneath the platform bed frames which can be used to utilize the space to store stuff.