A platform bed with storage has become more and more popular because it combines the convenience and affordability of a futon with a standard mattress and bed frame. A platform bed is a study in minimalism, sometimes without a headboard or footboard.

In addition to their sleek looks, another big advantage is the extra storage space you get when you don’t have to use a box spring for support. Everybody needs more storage space. Doesn’t seem to matter whether you live in a 400 square foot studio or a 4000 square foot house, there is always more stuff than space to put it in.


When you are shopping for a platform bed, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the mattress you are going to put on it. This will determine size of your bed. Once you have that down, the next step is to decide on the type of platform bed you want. This is where it gets interesting. There are many, many styles and shapes of platform beds.

Traditionally, most platform beds are low and sleek with either an open storage area or storage drawers beneath the bed. They can be made of either wood or meta, or sometimes both. Some less expensive platform beds are made of a composite material which will not last nearly as long as metal or wood construction. Many beds have additional storage along the headboard. Of course, some beds don’t come with headboard.

Your bed can be a queen platform bed with storage, king platform bed with storage, twin platform bed with storage, full platform bed with storage and can be really any size you like and any color from white, to brown to black and it can be the centerpiece of your bedroom. Models with sleek hard wood finishes in exotic colors make the bed into a piece of highly attractive furniture.

For a child’s room, a popular choice is the captain’s roommate bed. It’s basically a platform bed on top of a set of drawers, or drawers and open storage spaces. Some come with a headboard that has even more storage. They come in colorful colors with designs that your children will like. They’re perfect for small spaces or rooms with little closet storage.

Platform beds are distinguished by their clean lines and utilitarian purpose. They go well with a casual lifestyle. They make for a very efficient use of the available space. As mentioned, some beds come with a headboard that doubles as a small bookcase. Some beds even have a set of drawers at the base of the bed that doubles as a seating area.



In addition to all of the storage options already discussed, some beds come with built-in nightstands that that offer yet more storage. Usually these are available as add-ons, although they can be part of the bed. With the headboard, the foot locker, and the nightstands, your platform bed with storage becomes the centerpiece of the bedroom. Add a matching chest of drawers or two and a mirror and you’re bedroom is done.

No other sleeping solution comes anywhere near offering this much utility. A platform bed with storage allows you the most efficient use of the space you have in your home or apartment. Add your own taste and style, and you can have a bedroom that is uniquely yours while still having space for all your stuff.