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The day bed with pop up trundle has become a popular piece of furniture, and the market is full of different designs – but how do you find one which is actually any good?

When an item of furniture suddenly becomes popular every Tom, Dick and Harry start selling them.

This can be fine – or it can mean that you are buying from some company who have absolutely no idea about furniture and are simply buying stock from the low end of the market and selling huge volumes of it until the stock runs out and then they will look for the next thing to flog.

So if you want to avoid getting a wobbly bed, which has bits missing and seems to gain a chip every time you look at it – you need to do your research. Or you could follow my advice!

I have two small kids and as much as I would like to say I have control, there are times when the beds are jumped on and stickers are stuck onto the head boards. I used to buy cute looking kids beds – but I have learnt my lesson. Nothing but solid wood now passes through this front door.

So if you want a piece of furniture will look good for a long time and will survive well then you need to spend the little extra and buy something good.

Pop Up Trundle Bed

If you need the extra space for adults a pop-up trundle is a much better choice. A pop-up trundle will raise up to the height of the bed or Daybed.

It can be used as a separate twin bed or pushed against the daybed to form a Kingsize bed.

Pop-up Trundle Video Demonstration

With so many options in the market, you will need to choose the style of bed that will work for your home. For example, a wooden Daybed will provide a bold centerpiece to any room. Daybeds can be found in many finishes and styles.

A slay bed will draw the eye in and is perfect if you have an open space. if you have limited space avoid making a room appear cramped by selecting a daybed with simple lines.

Why Should I Get a Pop-up Trundle?

  1. They are a great space saving option especially if the room is not large enough to comfortably fit another normal twin size bed.  If there is enough room to set the beds up side by side, having a daybed pop up trundle can increase the size of a standard twin daybed to that of a king size one instead.
  2. Because it drops down and slides under the main bed, the trundle conveniently stores out of sight and only takes a few moments for someone to set it up or put it away.
  3. Most daybed pop up trundles are designed for a standard size twin mattress and can handle a person weighing up to 250 pounds.
  4. As they come on casters or rollers, the daybed pop up trundle is a cinch to maneuver and can be easily moved to another part of the room or another room in the house before being set up.
  5. Although trundles can accommodate most adults, you are most likely to find a pop-up trundle being used in a child’s bedroom.  Not only does it save space but they are safe as well.  Unlike with bunk beds, parents will no longer have to worry when their child has friends come over for a sleep-over that one of them is going to fall out of bed during the night and get hurt.

Pop up trundle bed

A daybed with a pop up trundle bed takes up the space of an ordinary bed but it holds essentially another bed underneath it. The trundle bed can be pulled out as an extra bed for another person.

The difference from the ordinary drawer bed is that the height of the trundle bed can be adjusted to the same height as the main bed and so the name pop up trundle bed.

It could be used as two separate beds or be side by side with the main bed to form a bigger bed.

A pop up trundle bed is an ideal fixture in a guest room. If there is only one guest then the main bed can be used and allow the guest to enjoy the spacious room.

A Daybeds with pop up trundle For your Guest

In the event of two guests who would prefer to have separate beds, the main bed and the pop up bed can be placed on the opposite sides of the guest room. And lastly, if the guests happen to be a couple then the beds can be arranged to form a bigger bed.

For those who do not have guest rooms, pop up trundle beds are more functional than having extra mattresses. Mattresses will require a large storage space that most houses do not have.

Light mattresses can be easily transported to another room but they are not very comfortable to sleep in.

On the other hand, the mattresses that are more comfortable to sleep in are bulky and are quite impossible to move to another room.

If there is a need to move the pop-up trundle bed to another room, it would be as easy as pushing as they are equipped with wheels. Daybed pop up trundle options is particularly popular.

Pop Up Trundle Bed Frames

A pop up trundle bed frame is oftentimes made from a combination of metal and wood. This combination makes it possible to support the weight of people. There are some versions of pop-up trundle beds that are manufactured for children, are smaller, and have fun designs.

These types of pop up trundle beds are perfect for young children especially in the event of sleepovers for your boys or girls. Whether the sleepover is for your kids’ and their friends’ enjoyment or for a school requirement that they have to finish, pop up trundle bed is quite useful.

The types of trundle beds that are manufactured for adults are big and sturdy, as compared to the ones designed specifically for kids. The designs are also more sophisticated, that will not leave the bedroom looking substandard.

Trundle Bed Covers

Matching a perfect bed skirt would conceal the trundle bed completely whilst making it more aesthetically pleasing to the room.

The varied designs of the headboard and the frame of the pop-up trundle bed are not limiting. There are themes to choose from that make it easy for people to match the beds with the chosen décor of the bedroom.

People who are aiming to save a lot of space to make way for other fixtures can make use of these daybeds with pop up trundle beds.

These are also preferred beds for log cabins and vacation houses where guests are expected with regularity.

Perfect for the Economy

With houses becoming more and more smaller, people are trying to look for things which can save up maximum space, so that their house doesn’t look cramped up even a little bit.

The market today has heard these prayers and brought in a lot of inventions that has made people stunned with amazement.

The craze for such products is increasing in number, as people are always looking for dual purpose things. And if that is the question here, then adding to your shopping cart is this pop up trundle.

Pop up trundle is a double size bet which breaks into two when not in use, and then the first half can be lowered and slipped underneath the second bed. This way, the bed just takes the space of a single bed, but if you have a guest then this also becomes a double bed by bringing the second bed upwards.

Thus you have a really good looking single bed, but if you want, it can also be your double size bed.

This can be compared to bunk beds, but pop up trundle looks neater and is not heavy at all. Moreover, bunk beds look more for kids and pop up trundle for adults. You can also use them as your kids’ bed, but by folding it to half.

You can give the kids more space to play around. What’s more? If you think that you don’t need to break the bed and want to keep it as a double size, then the kids can keep their toys under the bed, in the allocated area of the second bed.

Weight Consideration

These beds are relatively lighter, thus you can move it to any part of your house and set up there. These beds can handle weight up to 250 pounds and also can take in a twin size mattress on its top. Hence this king size bed can be your space saver and the best-looking one you have.

The market has unveiled a lot of these daybed pop up trundle, in different designs and patterns, hence you won’t find it difficult at all to find the perfect one for your house. When you buy your pop up trundle make sure, you have the size of your room in mind.

Most of the time, people just calculate the size when they are folded into a single bed. But when they are opened to double size, they might not fit in your room.

You can find a lot of options online, and with better deals than your local store. This will be good if you compare the prices of these online beds with your local store and then decide on the best deal.

How does the pop up trundle work?

The pop up trundle bed is a second, usually twin size bed which is stored under the main twin bed. The bed is pulled out and then the internal mechanism allows it to be raised to the height of the main bed. This can create either two separate beds or can be pushed together to make one king size bed.

What are pop up trundle beds made from?

Underneath the mattress there is a mechanism which raises and lowers the bed; this is metal. However, many people do not want their trundle beds visible when not in use.

To achieve this some designers have effectively put the pop up trundle bed inside a wooden drawer underneath the bed. This means that when the trundle is not being used it simply looks like a stylish bed with storage.

There has been much debate over the comfort of the pop up trundle beds. A lot of this is bad press from the early designs; which did have their problems. Below are how most the common complaints have been resolved.

Pop up trundle beds separating from the main beds

Since pop up trundle beds are on wheels, this used to be an issue that if someone lay on the join between the two beds the trundle would trundle away! The trundle bed wheels have small brakes to stop his. Additionally, there are catches which should be fitted when the two beds are being used as one king size bed.

Mattress comfort on the pop up trundle beds

First, it is important to get the same mattress for both the bed and the trundle if you want to use them as one bed.

Secondly, you must choose from the mattresses supplied by the manufacturer. If you select different mattresses then there is the risk that the mattress will not fit correctly under the main bed and will get damaged when the trundle is being pulled out and put away.

The next decision is in which room to put your pop up trundle. The pop up trundle can also go under a day bed. This means that it is great for a living area, or as extra sleeping space in the playroom.

However, there is a slight difference to the set up with a day bed. A day bed is more like a sofa with arms and a back. So when the pop up trundle is added it means that the original bed has a surround and the trundle doesn’t. As a result of this many people choose to sleep across the mattresses, perpendicular to the join. This means that the surround of the day bed becomes a headboard, and creates a prettier looking king sized bed.

The only issue with sleeping across the mattresses is that the join may be felt more. A simple solution to this is a mattress topper. These are easy to buy and when not in use can be rolled up and kept in the back of a wardrobe.


The final word of warning is trying before you buy. As with many products, you can get a better price online, and it is definitely worth doing your research online. However, it is also essential to actually see a trundle bed before you buy one.

Just head to a shop with a couple in the showroom and try pulling them out and pushing them in. If possible try and check out the daybed with pop up trundle at both the top and bottom end of the price range.

After this you will be familiar with the mechanisms, you will understand the comment written on product reviews and you will also have seen for your self the different qualities and how they are reflected in the price of the pop up trundle beds.

The pop up trundle is a good investment and the best bargains will be found online.