What Exactly is a Leather Settee?

Leather Settee, Best Leather SetteeA leather settee is a kind of a cross between a leather tub chair and a sofa. This piece is typically meant for only one person, but variations exist allowing two or three people to be seated comfortably. There are some distinctive features that separate this style of furniture from a sofa.

The back of most leather settees will be higher than that of a chair or couch. It also has armrests. It differs from a sofa in that it is meant for sitting rather than for reclining. In essence, the settee is a more formal piece of furniture. It can also be referred to as a Chesterfield sofa. They work wonderfully in front of a home or in a living room. Settees that are not made with leather may also be found on the porch or in the yard. Some people even use it for extra seating at the dining room table.

Settees can be made of several materials including wood or metal. However, upholstered furniture has a more sophisticated look, and choosing a leather one will provide elegance to any home. These sofas were first manufactured in the last decade of the 19th century and were very popular through the early 20th century as well. The settee is now making a comeback. Some people like them for their older look. Others like them for their elegance and functionality. Whatever the reason, they are a popular addition to any leather lounge set.

Not all types of leather settee have an older look. There are more contemporary looks available and the collection is growing. Though typically straight backed and uncomfortable, people are now putting down cushions on older settees. They are also raising the backs of settees.

A leather settee is a way to give one’s living room a classic look with a modern feel. A person might enjoy having a settee meant just for one or might find a more modern version that seats two or three people. All of those options provide a cozy seating area with a clean look.

Some popular colors for settees are brown, black, and white, Perhaps the most popular of these is the brown leather settee, as it lends a classic sort of elegance to the room. On the other hand, a white leather settee will give a room a very modern and chic look. It’s amazing what the difference in color can do.

Though they have gone in and out of style since their inception during the 1890s, the settee is regaining popularity. This style is also often chosen for its flexibility since it can be used in several locations. A leather settee can add to the decor in a living room or serve as extra seating at the table.


Settee sofa ideas

Decorative furniture is wonderful for its beauty and function. You get to raise your home’s level of style and class, while simultaneously bringing in pieces of furniture that can actually be sat in, lounged on, or the like. The upholstered settee is one such an elegant example.

Settee furniture is actually a fancy phrase for sofa, and can be used in such general terms, but most people refer to specific style of sofa dating back to the seventeenth century in Europe. They are designed to accommodate two or more people, often in a reclining position. Over the centuries interior designers came to include matching chairs, as well. The seats of settees are always upholstered, while the back and arms may or may not be. Different versions of settee sofas have come into popularity, like the chaise lounge and chesterfield. Each have a particular character. Some look particularly old century, others are more contemporary.

The original French settee is of delicate and intricate design. A wooden frame and fully upholstered, the style is lightly stuffed. The upholstery fabric often has delicate patterns, sometimes is textured, as well. The frame often has arches and special carvings. The arms are short, not quite reaching the front edge of the seat. A Victorian settee is similar in basic design, but even more dramatic. For example, the arches are steeper, or even progress into more intricate shapes. Even more dramatic fabrics are used for the upholstery. If you are searching out for a true antique settee, these are the designs you will be looking at.

In deep contrast, a modern leather settee will have sleek lines. Usually, it is upholstered in overstuffed leather and the metal frame is barely noticeable. Any style of throw pillow or shag pillow can be tossed onto modern leather settees to create a real contemporary “lounge” look. They are forgetting comfortable.

Both antique and contemporary styles can be built for different spaces. Some are more appropriate in halls or entryways. Others offer so much reclining space that they look best in the bedroom. A small corner settee is a prime example of living room decorative furniture. Constructed to fit neatly into the corner (true to its name), these settees provide extra decorative seating. Usually, you’ll want other chairs and even sofas in addition to the corner piece.

Take advantage of settee cushions, as well. Especially if your settee is only lightly stuffed, a few elegant or designer throw pillows will go far to create a more comfortable and welcoming environment. Only in hall settee, perhaps, would you shy away from extra cushioning; those pieces are truly decorative, and not often for actual lounging. Of course, that’s all up to your discretion.