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Today I’m going to reveal the best small coffee table for 2019.

And this is important:

I didn’t just rate the coffee tables based on my personal opinion.

I put each table to the test.

That way, I found the best types of coffee tables on the market right now… based on actual data.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best small coffee tables 2019

Tips on finding the perfect Small Coffee Tables

Choosing the right furniture for a small space can be a very difficult task.

Many of the large pieces of furniture in a room can be hard to arrange and fit into a small space.

Things such as entertainment units, storage shelves, and Coffee tables can really shrink a small space.

Part of making a small space work for you may include finding the perfect small table.

Tips on finding the perfect small coffee tables

One of the first steps in choosing a small coffee table is to determine what kind of style of décor you wish he table to match with.

A modern coffee table may have a metallic finish or be finished with a glass top.

Wood and traditional style coffee tables can fit in with a rustic style of décor and match with more classical and wood grains which may already exist in the space.

Ensuring the coffee table will match the existing décor will ensure that it is a good fit with the rest of the furnishings and with the rest of the room.

A rule of thumb for measurements on a coffee table is that there should be at least 12 inches of space between the table and the closest chair.

The height of the table should be roughly the height of the closest chair to the table.

It may be difficult to have the right amount of space between the closest furniture item and the coffee table so it is important to scale back the size of a coffee table in order to achieve proper distance between the furniture.

Having a large coffee table can close a room and make the rest of the room seem much smaller.

With a smaller table design, it ensures that people will be able to move about the room without bumping into the table or being impeded by it.

A perfect sized small coffee table will remain functional but also not stick out terribly in a room or close it off.

Open concepts in the living room are very important. A coffee table should never be placed against a wall or close off a pathway in the space.


A good way to accent a small coffee table is to add decorations and things to draw the eye to the table. Books are a popular option which can accent a table.

Flowers or a candle holder can also act to draw the eye into the table.

The trick is to frame the table for the eye so that people notice the furniture but not to the point where it closes the room in or distracts the eye from the décor as a whole.

Choosing the perfect small coffee table can be somewhat of a difficult task, but by identifying exactly what you desire, matching it with your décor and planning carefully.

You can pick out a small coffee table that perfectly accents a small space and can in fact even make it look larger than it is.

Why small coffee tables will work for all homes?

The answer is simple, small coffee tables will work for all homes simply because they can fit in many different places.

Most people on place small coffee tables in the front of couches, chairs and other large pieces of furniture when in reality they can be placed in front, in back, on both sides and even in corners to act as extra tabletop space.

If you have ever seen a well-designed room then you will notice that there are normally more than just one table in the room. Most designers will place a tall coffee table Why Small Coffee Tables Will Work For All Homes in the back of a couch and a short longer length coffee table in the front.

The reason for doing this is it provides room for placing items on both the tables. This way, you can save the table for books, magazines, and drinks.

The one thing I want you to understand is that no matter how your house looks like, the furniture you have can make space for a small coffee table.

 Why Small Coffee Tables Will Work For All HomesSee My Steps To Making a Small Coffee Tables Look New Again

If you want to make any small coffee table look new then this small process is what you need to do.

It takes anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete and it will save you a bundle on buying a new one.

Think about this, if you save the money you would have spent then you will have more money to do something else.

Here is my process:

1. The first thing you need to do is sand the table to remove all the blemishes. I recommend sanding with 60 grit sandpaper first and then use 100 grit sandpaper to make sure the wood is smooth and blemish-free. I don’t suggest using a sander because of the power it has, it is a lot better to just do it with your hand for the first couple times.

2. Just like you did in the previous step you need to utilize softer grit sandpaper in order to smooth the wood out evermore. I recommend using 200 and then a final time with 600 grit. The best place to find 600 grit sandpaper is at a hardware store because almost all other stores will not carry something that high.

3. After you have done the last sanding you’ll need to use something in order to fill any mistakes or holes that you might have made, I would recommend a good wood putty that can be stained. You’ll need to ask the store employees what they recommend because every store carries different products.

4. After you have filled the holes or blemishes you will need to After you’ve filled any holes or mistakes you may have made it’s time to stain the coffee table.

…..And the list goes on

5. To stain the coffee table you’ll have to apply the stain making sure you apply it in the same direction as the grain and once dry you must easily scratch the surface with 600 grit sandpaper and reapply the stain. You need to do this 2 times.

6. After you’ve done step 5 you then need to apply stain one more time and let it sit. You will not scuff the wood of your once used coffee table after this final treatment.

7. Now that you have done this it’s time for you to put on a sealer and finish the renewal process of your once used table.

If you have anything to say about how you have rejuvenated small coffee tables then let me know, I would love to hear other peoples process.