small outdoor table, best small outdoor tableIf you’re looking for a small outdoor table, then you’ve landed in the right place.

An outdoor side table is generally a small-sized furniture piece placed in the garden or patio area to make it look appealing and attractive.

They form an important part of the garden or outdoor furniture and serve both functional as well as aesthetic purposes.

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Best Small Outdoor Table Reviews

1. Adams Manufacturing 8510-94-3902 Quik Fold Side Table, Teal

Adams Manufacturing 8510-94-3902 Quik Fold Side Table, Teal

This is a very user-friendly and flexible outdoor table. Designed to bring a splash of color to your outdoor space while offering you its handy surface on which you can place your sunglasses, laptop, snacks, or other items. You can even use it to elevate potted plants.

The table’s coating is infused with a UV inhibitor so that its color won’t fade after prolonged exposure to the sun.

The table’s durable resin core makes it resistant to peeling, rusting, and rotting. As a result, it is ideal for outdoor use. You can use it by your pool, in your garden, on your porch, or in any other outdoor living space.  But you can also decide to use it indoors as well.

If you need to economize on space, this is the table for you. It fits perfectly in small areas like dorm rooms and apartment patios where there is limited space.

It is also foldable, so you can store it easily when needed. Because it collapses into a flat shape, you’ll find it ideal for use when you take on outdoor activities such as camping.

Pros Cons
  • It can handle up to 25 pounds.
  • It is pretty light as it weighs 3.4 pounds, so moving it should be easy.

2. Keter Resin Luzon Outdoor Table with Extra Hidden Storage for Cushions and Patio Decor, Wood Look Brown

Keter Resin Luzon Outdoor Table with Extra Hidden Storage for Cushions and Patio Decor, Wood Look Brown

Take your outdoor décor to the next level with this multi-purpose table. The table can function as a footrest, seating option, or storage unit. It is also a gorgeous stand for a small potted plant.

It has a neat elongated cuboid shape characterized by gentle corners. The panels that form the sides have wood grain patterns giving the table a very natural look. The table doubles as a storage unit to keep the elements away from your items like kids’ toys, throw, or smaller garden supplies.

Its sturdy polypropylene resin plastic frame will resist cracking and peeling and the UV-resistant coating will remain bright for many years. And since there is no wood or metal to deal with, you won’t need to worry about rot or rust either.

Pros Cons
  • The table is designed to resist the elements.


  • It weighs 7.7 pounds and so it is easy to move, especially when it isn’t loaded.
  • Cleaning this unit is pretty easy with a simple wipe down sufficing most times.
  • Assembly required

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3. Camco 51891 Aluminum Fold-Away Side Table – Large

Camco 51891 Aluminum Fold-Away Side Table - Large

Enjoy the convenience and simple beauty of this amazing table. It is a great stand for holding things like your brunch plates, drink pitchers, or computers.

It flattens when collapsed, allowing for easy storage and transportation. For this reason, the table is great for outdoor adventures such as camping trips. It is also suitable for impromptu situations as it can be expanded for use as needed.

Neatly assembled lengths of slender panels converge to create a tabletop with a wood-like appeal. The four legs are put together strategically to facilitate the expansion and contraction of the table. Each pair of legs is connected by two horizontal panels and hinged to the other pair in an X-like formation.

This is a pretty strong table, thanks to its durable aluminum core which, coupled with its design equips it with the capacity to handle up to 110 pounds. When expanded the table has opened up to reveal ample surface space and height making it so convenient to use.

Pros Cons
  • It weighs just 3.94 pounds making it lightweight enough to facilitate easy mobility.
  • It is easy to clean
  • The stool is designed to bear the brunt of the elements so it won’t crack or rot.
  • It comes with end caps that cover sharp, raw edges and minimize the hazard.

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4. WELLAND Tree Stump Stool Live Edge, Natural Edge Side Table, Plant Stand, Nightstand, Mushroom Stool 14″ Tall

WELLAND Tree Stump Stool Live Edge, Natural Edge Side Table, Plant Stand, Nightstand, Mushroom Stool 14" Tall

This earthy wooden stool is eclectic and stunningly beautiful. The result of careful craftsmanship applied to an original cedar root, the stool has a unique shape, determined, of course, by nature, this stool is sure to inject a healthy dose of warmth and charm wherever it is placed.

The natural lacquer finish protects the natural wood beneath while enhancing its raw majestic beauty. The irregular lines and shapes on the stool reveal that it has undergone limited manipulation and is therefore as close to nature as you can get with commercial furniture. The unconventional look and feel of this stool make it excellent for an eclectic, modern, or rustic décor theme.

This stool is great for resting your feet, mounting a potted plant, or resting your coffee or dessert plate.  It can also serve as a seat, especially for small children. It will look gorgeous in your farmhouse, cabin, or patio.

Pros Cons
  • It is treated and coated so it can withstand the outdoor environment.
  • Since reclaimed cedar roots are used, each stool has a unique shape.
  • Assembly required.

5. PHI VILLA Indoor Outdoor Small Metal Square Side/End Table, Patio Coffee Bistro Table, Black

PHI VILLA Indoor Outdoor Small Metal Square Side/End Table, Patio Coffee Bistro Table, Black

This multi-purpose table is built to deliver in terms of performance and aesthetics.  Designed to fulfill your needs both indoors and outdoors, this table boasts a sturdy frame as well as a design that can easily integrate into most interior and outdoor décor themes.

Its thick wood-like surface is ideal for your coffee mug, snacks, dessert plate or drink dispenser as you sit enjoying the beauty of your outdoor or indoor living space. You can also use it as a stand for your potted plants or accent pieces.

Despite the wood resemblance, the table is actually mostly metal. This means it will remain intact for many years even when exposed to the elements.

The table is coated in high-performance paint that keeps rust at bay. The black coating has a powdery element that creates a matte finish which gives the table a sophisticated allure.

If the surface you’re working with is uneven, this table can adjust to eliminate any tilting that would occur. You can adjust the plastic pieces on the feet to compensate for any inconsistencies in the floor or ground. They also help to eliminate scratches when you place the table indoors.

Pros Cons
  • It can be cleaned easily by wiping with a damp cloth.
  • It is fitted with rubber on the legs for stability.

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6. POLYWOOD ECT18WH Long Island 18″ Side Table, White

POLYWOOD ECT18WH Long Island 18" Side Table, White

This is a cute little table with immense potential for improving the way you enjoy your indoor or outdoor spaces.

Here are some of the scenarios in which the table can be used:

  • As a stand for potted plants
  • A coffee table or snack counter
  • As a stand for accent pieces such as a sculpture or a vase.

The table has a simple design but its neat clean lines and angles speak volumes of its sophisticated beauty and its ability to blend in anywhere.

The white coating gives the table a neutral look allowing it to integrate well into most décor themes. It also offers a striking and aesthetically pleasing contrast in some settings.  Designed to resemble painted wood, this table is coated with a UV resistant substance that will help the color to remain vibrant after continuous exposure to the sun.

The table is also available in eleven other colors including lime, teak, mahogany, sunset red, and pacific blue.

Pros Cons
  • The coating makes the table stain-resistant and easy to clean.
  • It is designed to stand up to the elements.
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7. Grand Patio Steel Patio Side Table, Weather Resistant Outdoor Round End Table, Black

Grand Patio Steel Patio Side Table, Weather Resistant Outdoor Round End Table, Black

This table is packing a great volume of potential in its lightweight frame. It will go great with your other indoor and outdoor furniture such as your sofa and patio chairs.

The round table-top offers a surface space that is 17.7 inches wide. The entire table is covered with a cool black coat of paint that has UV protection. As a result, the table will maintain its strong color as time passes.

Metal strips cross to create right angles before rising on both sides to connect with the tabletop. This network serves as the feet for the table while also adding a design element as the feet slope gently outward as they extend down to the floor.

Instead of conventional table feet, this table has a plus-shaped network of rounded strips that help to avoid scratches on the floor.

Thanks to its impressively sturdy metal frame, the table has a weight capacity of 50 pounds.

Pros Cons
  • The table is eco-friendly.
  • Maintenance is easy with this table as a simple wipe down of the surfaces will do the trick.
  • The coating makes the table stain resistant.

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8. Lifetime 60246 Adirondack Table

Lifetime 60246 Adirondack Table

Here is a table that offers you impressive value in both aesthetics and function.  It is built for outdoor use however you can use it inside if you wish. It doesn’t matter if your design concept is earthy, rustic, simple, or classic; this table will fit in superbly.

Its polystyrene structure makes both durable and beautiful as water cannot penetrate it and it will stand up to rigorous use without developing dents and scratches. Stainless steel screws hold the table together.

The table has a wood-like look due to its rich brown coating as well as the use of strips that resemble slabs or planks of wood.  It has a simple design characterized by right angles. The four feet are reinforced by planks that stretch horizontally between them.

If you are looking for a table to complete your outdoor living space without dominating it, you’ve found perfection in this unit. It will serve you well as a stand for your potted plant, accent piece or meal utensils like your coffee mug.

Pros Cons
  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • Easy cleaning strategies like wiping with a damp cloth are all that is required to keep this table spotless.

9. Crosley Furniture Gracie Retro 20-inch Metal Outdoor Side Table - Caribbean Blue

Crosley Furniture Gracie Retro 20-inch Metal Outdoor Side Table - Caribbean Blue

Invite class, style and function into your outdoor and indoor spaces with this awesome table that is not only sturdy but also attractive.

Its smooth Caribbean blue coating gives it a cool and classy appearance. Other colors available include oasis green, alabaster white, and coral red. Its circular top has a width of 20 inches so you’ll have more than enough space to rest your drink, display a potted plant, or lay your board game.

A slightly raised band frames the table to result in a subtle design feature that gives the table a throwback vibe.

Below the tabletop you’ll find four round legs merged together to create a pedestal until they get to the bottom where they diverge by angling outwards, creating a curve in the process.

Because of its sturdy steel body, it is quite durable and will stay with you for many years. Exposure to the elements will not affect the table negatively as it is coated with a protective paint designed to ward of Mother Nature’s assaults while also maintaining its bright color.

Pros Cons
  • caps cover the edges of the feet as an added safety feature.
  • Minimal effort is needed to clean this table. Usually, a wipe down with a clean damp cloth will do.

10. Evergreen Garden Outdoor-Safe Round Peacock Glass Metal Side Table Indoor-Outdoor Side Tables for Your Patio, Lawn, Garden or Home Décor

Evergreen Garden Outdoor-Safe Round Peacock Glass Metal Side Table - 12" L x 12" W x 22" H Indoor Outdoor Side Tables for Your Patio, Lawn, Garden or Home Décor

An air of vibrant beauty accompanies this table making it a great addition to your indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Peacock themed decorative artwork featuring a kaleidoscope of colors (green, orange and blue among others) adorns the circular tabletop.

Four moderately bowed, brown metal legs provide support for the top while endowing the table with an elegant air. The feet are reinforced by crisscrossed lateral beams close to the bottom that join them to each other.

Its strong metal core gives it extra points for durability and strength. This coupled with its weather-resistant coating ensures that the colors will remain bold and powerful and the table will remain rust and rot free for years to come.

With this table in the mix, your deck, garden sitting area, patio, or living room will experience an explosion of exciting exquisiteness that will usher in a festive atmosphere. And because it features a variety of colors you can make it work with most décor themes.

Pros Cons
  • At 4.5 pounds it is pretty light and therefore easy to move
  • It is pretty easy to keep this table clean as a simple wipe with a clean damp cloth is often all that is needed.

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Best small outdoor table and chairs

11. Grand patio Premium Steel Patio Bistro Set

Grand patio Premium Steel Patio Bistro Set, Folding Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets, 3 Piece Patio Set of Foldable Patio Table and Chairs, Red

12. InnFinest 3-Piece Patio Bistro Dining Set 

InnFinest 3-Piece Patio Bistro Dining Set - Cast Aluminum Table and Chairs - Outdoor Furniture Tulip Design - with Umbrella Hole - Ergonomic Rust-Resistant - for Porch Backyard Garden Balcony (Black)

13. Keter Rio 3 Piece Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Set with Side Table and Outdoor Chairs, Whiskey Brown

Keter Rio 3 Piece Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Set with Side Table and Outdoor Chairs, Whiskey Brown

14. SUNCROWN Outdoor 3-Piece Rocking Bistro Set

SUNCROWN Outdoor 3-Piece Rocking Bistro Set: Black Wicker Furniture-Two Chairs with Glass Coffee Table (Beige Cushion)

15. Best Choice Products 4-Piece Wicker Patio Furniture Set w/T

Best Choice Products 4-Piece Wicker Patio Furniture Set w/T

Best patio table with umbrella hole

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Best small outdoor table with storage

16. Keter Pacific Cool Bar Outdoor Patio Furniture 

Keter Pacific Cool Bar Outdoor Patio Furniture and Hot Tub Side Table with 7.5 Gallon Beer and Wine Cooler, Espresso Brown

17. Keter Resin Luzon Outdoor Table with Extra Hidden Storage

Keter Resin Luzon Outdoor Table with Extra Hidden Storage for Cushions and Patio Decor, Matte Brown

18. Keter Corfu Coffee Table Modern All Weather Outdoor Patio Garden Backyard Furniture, Brown

Keter Corfu Coffee Table Modern All Weather Outdoor Patio Garden Backyard Furniture, Brown

19. Keter Urban Knit Pouf Ottoman Set of 2 with Storage Table 

Keter Urban Knit Pouf Ottoman Set of 2 with Storage Table for Patio and Room Décor-Perfect for Balcony, Deck, and Outdoor Seating, Dune/Misty Blue

20. Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Deck Box, Patio Table for Outdoor Cushion Storage, Brown

Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Deck Box, Patio Table for Outdoor Cushion Storage, Brown


Why use a small Outdoor Table?

Being small in size, these tables are quite easy to maneuver and move around depending on your preferences.

They are great accompaniments to lounge chairs or other types of garden furniture as they can be used effectively to complete the look of this area while also allowing you to place items like beverages, foodstuffs, etc. on it.

Patio side tables can be made out of any kind of wood. There are lots of different options in materials to choose from.

If you do not wish to have outdoor wooden side tables placed in the exterior area of your house, you can choose other equally good alternatives like wicker or bamboo tables that serve your requirements.

Ideally, the side table should be matched with the other garden furniture that you have so that all the furniture items complement each other and do not look out of place.

It is best to purchase all the items in a set from a furniture store specializing in outdoor items.

What to consider when buying small Patio Tables

While purchasing an outdoor side table, it is essential to take into consideration whether the outdoor area in your house is covered by a shed or not and the kind of climate that it experiences.

You will need to look for suitable materials for the tables as per this information so as to ensure that they are not damaged by weather-based elements over time.

It is best to go in for items that are easy to maintain and can last you for a long time period than those that require careful and expensive maintenance.

Outdoor bar tables

Outdoor bar tables are another form of outdoor tables that are specially made to cater to the needs of guests or your family whenever there is a social gathering and drinks are involved.

They can be appropriately placed at different locations throughout the outdoor area so that people can keep their drinks safely on these tables instead of holding them in their hands the whole time.

There are lots of attractive designs available in these kinds of outside tables and you can even get ones that match your outdoor bar area.

It is, however, important to ensure that these tables are easy to clean with a single swipe of a wet cloth as it is likely that there may be spills of different beverages on it.

It is best to stick to metallic or plastic-based outdoor tables in this case so as to avoid any kind of wear and tear.

Other Considerations

Sure thing, outdoor side tables can beautify your lawn and patio, but there are several things that need to be considered before buying the right furniture for your house.

Basically, you need to analyze the free space available in your lawn/patio and decide upon the ideal spot for the outdoor side table you’re planning to buy.

Next, you should decide upon the main purpose of usage of your outdoor side table; for instance, lavish parties, morning tea/coffee, newspaper reading, or something else.

In case all that you need is an outdoor side table to complement your tea/coffee table and a set of comfy chairs, it may be worthwhile to try and match the looks.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to buy your outdoor side table to solely serve the purpose of a tea/coffee table, you have the option of picking anything that you like.

But, it will be recommendable to buy matching chairs along with it, so as to give the possible look to your lawn/patio.

Whenever you plan to pick something for a patio or deck, it is recommendable to measure the total dimensions after keeping the space required for chairs, and leaving out at least 24 inches of additional space.

Above all, the material is one of the crucial considerations while purchasing an outdoor side table or every other furniture item for that matter. Basically, you should not just look at the price tag (of course you may have to limit yourself to a certain budget), but also at its durability.

Remember, the weather can have a deep impact on the outdoor furniture items, and hence your outdoor side table should be able to withstand adverse elements like rain, extreme sun-light, and cool breeze.

How to Clean and Oil Any Teak Furniture in 3 Steps

Outdoor Material Choice

The choice of materials is usually a personal choice; here’s a brief insight into the pros and cons of some of the common materials.

Wrought iron is one of the most robust materials, which is literally indestructible, making an ideal choice; but one must wash wrought iron furniture items with soap water before and after every summer.

It can last for decades, but if its paint chips off, you may have to spend a little on giving it a touch-up. And, it is heavier than most of the other options.

Aluminum, on the other hand, is fairly light and is rust-free. However, as far as durability is concerned, it can never match the capabilities of wrought iron.

Wicker is yet another choice, but it is quite fragile; you may consider buying an outside side table made of resin quicker wrapped in an aluminum or steel frame.

Outdoor side tables made out of wood can be quite charming, but they suffer very badly if they’re hit by heavy showers or extreme sun-light.

So, the bottom line is that your outdoor side table should not only look nice, fit into your space and budget requirements, but also be maintenance-free too!

The Different Styles to Consider When Purchasing Your Outdoor Side Table

Now you may just be thinking of a table that you can eat at. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Outside tables have no fewer options than the tables you may choose for your dining room.

They can come with extensions, to make them longer for extra people. Or they may have the fold-down leaves, so you can make it smaller when not in use.

But don’t forget end tables or coffee tables. Not everyone designs their outdoor space the same way. Eating may not be your intention.

There are wind and bugs to contend with and sometimes a meal outside can be a challenge. Some of us just like a nice place to sit and relax, maybe read a book. But you need that outdoor furniture table there for your drink at least.

Speaking of drinks they make a lovely drink cart thing. I know that is a real technical term. This has a handle and wheels on one end.

Generally, they come designed to carry a small cooler, glasses, and various beverages. Maybe a plate of snacks on top.

Yes, this can be moved and act like a cart, but stationary, it makes a perfectly useful table. In this sense, you are getting two things for the price of one. In this way, you are saving money.

You have worked hard, spent money and time, on the spaces outside your home you deserve to take the time to research and really look into all the options available to you.

Read up on what is popular, various ways to maintain your outdoor furniture table so that it lasts a long time, bringing beauty to your home.

Talk to experts who know from experience the things that will work and the things that won’t.

Take this time now, and you can be worry-free when you are relaxing in your outdoor spaces.

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Consider A Plastic Outdoor Side Table

Plastics have come a long way. They aren’t just used for soda bottles. There is little you can not make out of plastic.

Even ovenware is being made of plastics, ones that won’t melt at such high temperatures.

This means you can get easy to assemble, durable, low maintenance furniture that comes in a variety of styles and colors.

Plastics can now be made both sturdy and lightweight. So picking up the chair to slide it out to sit down is a piece of cake.

Now, if you are worried that the furniture might blow away, some plastics can be quite heavy or can be filled with something to help weight them down.

You aren’t going to get a nest of wood bees living in your furniture with plastic. About the only thing might be the occasional spider web.

(We just haven’t yet invented spider proof furniture.) If the furniture gets dirty all you need is a damp cloth to wipe it down.

Unlike wood-plastic means not having to worry about getting splinters in your backside. And plastic isn’t going to warp, causing your outdoor furniture table to rock and wobble when you sit down to use it.

Plastics come in a wide range of colors, so you don’t have to worry about repainting them.

It is possible, that left in the sun long enough, they could fade. But like the careful owner you are, I am sure you will have patio furniture covers to prevent that from happening.

DIY Simple Outdoor Side Table