Sofa Table – The Finishing Touch of Elegance

Creating a beautiful home environment takes hard work, creativity and just the right furniture pieces. If you want to design a welcoming atmosphere where you can feel confident hosting family, friends and even business associates; you will need more than simply the essentials.

A nice dining room table, sofa and entertainment are essential starting points, but no home is complete without the right accents and accessories.

A sofa table (sofa console table) can add an elegant touch to an already beautifully designed room.

More than simply a surface to place a clock or family photos, a sofa table is a tasteful complement to finish off your formal living room or more casual family room.

many different Names

Accent tables for your living room come with many names: cocktail table, coffee table, console table, and sofa table to name a few. What role do each of these play and which table best meets your needs?

  • Sofa Accent table: a table used as an accent piece in any room for decoration purpose
  • Sofa Cocktail table: low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served.
  • Sofa Coffee table: a low table, usually placed in front of a sofa, for holding ashtrays, snack bowls, glasses, magazines, etc.
  • Sofa Console table: a table, often with bracketlike legs, designed to fit against a wall.
  • Sofa End table: a small table placed beside a chair or at the end of a sofa.
  • Sofa table: a table with drawers, having drop leaves at both ends, often placed in front of or behind a sofa.

Once you have decided which type of sofa table can meet your needs, you will need to decide on a few more details including the style, color, material and shape of the sofa table.Sofa table styles range greatly.

There is a sofa table designed simply for decorative purpose or it may be designed for storage. A sofa table may include drawers or shelves. A sofa table may have a glass, wood or metal top.

A sofa table may be antique or contemporary. A sofa table may be curved or nesting with increasingly smaller sofa tables beneath it. Once you determine what type of sofa table you need, consider what style best suits your home.

Color of the table

When choosing the right sofa table it is important to consider color. What are the primary colors in your home?

Would you like your sofa table to blend into your decor or stand out as a bold accent piece?

Do you need your sofa table to match the rich wood coloring of your entertainment center? Or would you like just the right antique look to match your heirloom style couch?

Perhaps you are going for a more modern look, and a black or a white sofa table fits better with the bright coloring of your sofa or curtains. Maybe a rich espresso would best bring out the neutral shades you love.

Pairing your furniture with the right color sofa table is liking matching a specialty cheese with the right wine. A perfect combination is simply delightful!

The material

Material is also an important consideration when choosing the right sofa table. Material selection is everything in the design world.

Are you looking for a glimmering centerpiece for your room? Perhaps a glass sofa table would be just the right fit.

Do you want some sleek with clean lines? Metal might be your material of choice.

Perhaps you prefer the natural beauty of wood. Look to your sofa table material to offer you the affect you desire to achieve in the room overall.


Finally, no sofa table selection is complete without the consideration of shape. Geometric space involves both practical and the aesthetic consideration.

Does that limited walkway demand a narrow sofa table? Does the sheer number of your chosen accessories require a long sofa table?

Does that tiny space between your sofa and wall mean you need a small sofa table to match? Or is a round sofa table simply your way of drawing attention to an exquisite centerpiece you wish to show off?

The variety of sofa table shapes offer you the opportunity to find a piece that will exactly suit the purpose you are trying to fulfill.

A sofa table can serve as a finishing piece to any room in your home.

If you are looking for the final touches for your living room, bedroom, hallway or office, a sofa table may be exactly what you need.

Enjoy browsing our wonderful selection of sofa tables today. We are sure to have one that meets your purposes and tastes.