How to Choose the Right One for Your Home

The square glass coffee table has developed into a modern home furnishing piece that provides sharp style and maximum function. Although the glass tables often become easy to scratch and smudge, some designs incorporate stronger finishes that are resistant to permanent damage. Along with these advances, glass coffee tables also incorporate the use of several other materials and detachable bases for easy transportation and relocating. Many glass coffee table models have a large enough service to provide more than just a place to set drinks or magazines. Some provide enough room for small shelves, other decorating pieces, lamps and laptops.

Other than having the ability to completely crack or shatter, glass does serve as a more durable and efficient surface material when compared to wood and plastics. A square glass coffee table can easily be cleaned with glass cleaners or just water. Surface materials like wood become damaged and often get permanently damaged or stained when liquid sits on them for too long. Glass can resist liquid staining or surface damage unlike the other material choices available.

Another key feature offered through glass top coffee tables to match the living space in which they are placed. The often translucent material shows color and light through its surface and rather than matching a color or stain of wood or plastic to a room, glass can simply take in the surrounding elements to provide an exact match. However, the material does fit distinctly well in certain conditions, such as sectional sofas.   The square glass coffee table often fits best in modern and contemporary style homes with solid colors and simple characteristics.

Since glass has the ability to bend or be cut into virtually any shape imaginable, from basic to exquisite, they blend into all modern style homes. Ultimately, the choice of glass as a table or appliance provides you with multiple purposes and design styles, along with an ease of cleaning and a lack of concern for major damages caused by simple occurrences.

A square glass coffee table can be found at home improvement retailers, furniture and home appliance stores, plus the several Internet based companies that specialize in the distribution of furniture and home decorations. Price ranges vary in large amounts due to the combination of materials used, the size of the table, and the brand that manufactures the product. Tables can be found for a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars.