Teak Coffee Table: A Good Choice

Having a great deck or patio starts with the furniture used while enjoying the space. The benefits of choosing teak furniture are that teak is one of the hardest woods known and is stronger than pine or oak. Teak retains its natural oils even after it is cut, making it waterproof and it does not rot.  The furniture comes in many styles making it easy to find the style that suits the deck or patio. The wood itself adds a unique look to the furniture with natural wood grains and colors. Choosing the appropriate shape and placement of your teak furniture helps add enjoyment to your favorite area.

A square teak coffee table can be placed at different angles in a furniture arrangement to change the look of the area from time to time. Placing the table parallel to other pieces such as chaise lounges or chairs gives a symmetrical look for long narrow decks or patios. Using a round teak coffee table adds a more intimate feeling to the furniture arrangement, allowing other pieces of the furniture grouping to surround it. If a more exotic look is desired, a Danish teak coffee adds more choices in choosing a style. Some are available with different inlays in the centers or added slide-out surfaces to add additional space needed to hold drinks or food platters. For savings in purchasing teak furniture, the shopper many want to consider a reclaimed teak coffee table. This is a coffee table that is made of teak that was part of another item that was dismantled. The wood is reused to build the table. Because of the strength of the wood, it may be reclaimed several times.

Finding the perfect Danish teak coffee table is as simple as doing an online search. Many different businesses have them in stock to order online and delivered to your home.  However, the purchaser should ask what the amount of shipping will be since a teak coffee table is a heavy piece of furniture due to the density of the wood. The online search also helps to find local businesses that carry the item desired. Most furniture stores will deliver the item to you for a minimal fee or sometimes free as part of the purchase. In shopping for a teak coffee table expect to pay anywhere from $200 up to over $1,000 depending on the size of the table and the grade of the teak (A, B, or C – A being the heaviest). The rule of thumb with teak furniture is the heavier the better.