Made of an extremely durable hardwood, teak dining tables have been popular furnishing items for both indoors and outdoors.

Appreciated for being one of the most resistant types of solid wood, teak is frequently used for making large and small dining tables and complete dining room sets alike.

Texture and design solutions for teak dining tables

Teak tables are extraordinary constructions, built to last. The shape variations available with teak dining tables range between square, oval, rectangular and round-shaped while the style can also vary between the carved and fully ornate to the completely simple design highlighting the amazing texture of the wood.

This wood is very strong, so a teak dining room table is resistant even when carved very thin, allowing for versatile design solutions.

Very thin legs supporting more massive tabletops, small-sized pedestal dining tables, shiny or matt surfaces and table-tops, classic or minimalist designs – they can all be made from teak.

How to take care of a teak dining room table

Teak furniture does not require special maintenance, but there are a few things you should do to preserve your table in good condition. Regular cleaning is an absolute must.

For surface dirt, you can use water, soap and a sponge, but for more stubborn dirt, it is best to use a special cleaning solution for teak.

Teak oil is also frequently used for maintenance. Applied once every three months, the oil will help maintain the original color and shine of the table.

The Price-Value Ratio

Due to their elegance and durability, teak tables are somewhat higher-priced than other products made of other types of wood. With teak, you can be pretty sure your dining table will maintain the original color and texture, the eventual signs of wear only adding to its value.

However, if you need to stay on a budget, cheap dining tables for sale are available on online auctions or in second-hand furniture shops – check out the offers for cheap teak tables, the hunt may be rewarded with the beautiful vintage table you have always dreamt of.

Elegant and strong, teak dining tables confer class and style to your room; check the furniture stores next to you or visit some online shops to find the one that will complement your dining room the most.

Great Ways to Selecting the Best Dining Room Sets for the Modern Home

In-home decorating, no other room in the house is given the same focused attention to detail as the dining room. As part of the room where the whole family gets to stay together and bond over meals, it is essential to have furniture that entices the whole family to enjoy a meal and actually get to make them stay longer – for dessert or not.

Dining room sets provide the easiest and fastest way to make a room look clean and well-organized. Here are a few great ideas to help in selecting the best furniture to complement and highlight the overall design of the dining room.

Use An Elegant Dining Table As The Centerpiece

There are several great dining table designs out there, but among the classic favorites in room design is the use of a large square coffee table. The classic look of the coffee table helps create a balanced and homey feel to any room.

It is a perfect dining table because it is both elegant and accommodating. Best of all, the dining room table sets provide house decorators with more design options to choose from.  These come in various materials such as:

  • Glass-covered coffee tables
  • Metal-embellished coffee tables
  • Polished hardwood coffee tables

Quality Need Not Burn The Wallet

Several home decorators make the assumption that good, quality decorating materials are limited to expensive products manufactured by popular home decorating companies. However, it is important to note that quality doesn’t always have to come at a very expensive price.

The trick is to select cheap dining room sets that are both stylish and made of high-quality materials. The focus should be on furniture that could ultimately make the room look better without having to spend too much.

Play With Color And Style

A great way to design the dining room is to play around and mix furniture styles to achieve a unique and more personalized dining atmosphere. Consider selecting dining furniture whose styles coordinate with the room’s design yet with colors that contrast from the room’s palette.

Select chairs with elegantly delicate lines. Modern dining room sets come complete with chairs that are both comfortable to sit in yet elegant enough to expand the room’s decorating options.

These chairs are also easier to move and carry around. Some chair designs also make the room look less cluttered and easier to move in.

Consider The Palette Color Of The Room

It is best to select furniture options from dining room sets with colors that contrast the color of the dining room. This helps accent the furniture and bring into focus specific design elements, such as using the dining table as the centerpiece.

Whatever the occasion, from casual family bonding to elegantly formal events, finding the right dining room sets help create the perfect dining atmosphere for the family and for the guests.

Indeed, in decorating the rooms, a good set of durable, well-designed dining furniture may just be enough to complete the overall look and feel of a comfortably stylish family home.