Popular Tile Saws and Their Types

Do you want to know about different types of tile saws? Yes, there are basically 3 types of tile saws and you may choose as per your requirement.

1) Wet tile saws: If you think about the best cutting saw for your tiles, you may consider the wet tile saw reviews as most of the people refer the handy product. These tile saws are like table saws, but keep it cool, it has a water reservoir. You will typically find two types of wet tile saws; one is a pump-less and another one is re-circulating pumps.  The Re-circulating pumps can reuse the water as they can filter, so there is no need to connect it with a faucet. It’s natural that you will need a source of water for a pump-less models as they require clean water constantly. You will find lots of varieties in wet tile saws from very basic to laser types with stand. You will also find portable wet tile models for performing smaller or simple tasks.

2) Hand held tile saws: These types of tile saws are basically three types and sometimes it is called masonry saws as well.

  • Dry hand held saws: The name implies that the tile saws don’t require water and great for a dry cut and other smaller jobs.
  • Wet hand held saws: Water is needed for these types of saws and it must be attached to a water source.
  • Dry/Wet hand held saws: The users can make the cuts without or with water with the tile saws. Actually, it’s up to you.

These types of tile saws are cheaper and smaller than the bigger wet tile saws. The tile saws are easy to carry and the smaller sizes make them more portable. You just have to plugging them in and no set up is required, unless you are planning for a wet cut. If you think about a wet cut, you will have to hook it up with a water source. For the odd shaped or curved cuts, these types of tile saws work excellent.

3) Tile grinders: These types of tile saws are truly handy and the smallest of all the three types. These are comparatively inexpensive and you will get them at a reasonably low price. Just plug it in and you are ready to start working. Some are cordless as well and you can work with them more conveniently. For some odd cuts, there is no alternative to the tile grinders.

Wet Tile Saws come in many shapes and sizes. So, the individual has a wide variety of wet tile saws to choose from and can expect to pay anywhere from about a 100 dollar to 900 hundred dollars. They will notice there are several distinctive types of saws available. Some of them are made of plastic or metal, and can have different safety features. The MK diamond, craftsman, Neiko, Felker, DeWalt is just a few of the most popular brand that is ready for use. There is a wide selection of wet table saw that is available on the market today, and come in a variety of sizes. It is perfect for the individual, which likes to do home remodeling, and many professionals use a wet tile saw every day.

With a large variety of wet tile saws to choose from, an individual will have the ability to select what type of saw blade they prefer. Some of these blades vary in size from 4 inches to an 8 inch blade, which has the ability of cutting porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, slate, terra-cotta and much more. What the adjustable blade an individual can make the most difficult cuts professionally. It has no problem giving you a clean, accurate cut every time. It will also give superb cuts for diagonal lines, miter cuts, corners, and even the narrowest slivers. All of these cuts can be done quickly and efficiently, because of the adjustable blade and safety guards better on most of the tile saws.

Some of the wet tile saws have excellent safety features. They have the ability of a locking wheel system. So that the machine will remain stationary, while in individual is using the laser cutting guide to have accurate cuts. The water pump system will keep the machine cool as the water spills over the tile preventing any damage to the delicate tile that is being cut to precision. Most of them will also have a side extension table so that an individual can cut a large 12 inch piece of tile accurately, without any hesitation.

Most of the wet tile saws come in a variety of sizes. Some of them are small, but can still have a huge impact on-the-job in which a person is doing. The majority of the wet table saws are made of metal. However, some individuals prefer the plastic tile saws, because they are small and an individual can set up their workstation directly in the area in, which they are working. Many of the weekend warriors, who would like to do home repairs prefer the smaller models. They are fairly inexpensive, and can do the same job as some of the heavy duty professional grade. On the other hand, a professional, who installs tile for a living will prefers the larger models favoured by the professional, steel table wet tile saws, because they use it more frequently, and are designed for a bigger job.

Choosing the Best Tile Saw

Each degree of craftsmen requires a different tool the best meets the need of the work. During the process of choosing a tile saw, it is vital to ensure that you choose the right one. For most diligent users, the most rugged tile saws are the best option.

Diamond build tile saws are one of the most superior tile saws in the business. The couple experience and innovation to bring craftsmen a tile saw, different than any other craftsmen. The wet cut time saw is created in the United States of America with all the power and bonus professional craftsmen require from their equipment. Incorporated with a sufficient horse power motor that is cooled internally, the tool is protected during extended use permitting one to achieve the optimum results under any circumstances.

Before you begin looking, you should consider how you would use the tile saw. The quantity of work is an important factor in determining the instrument. For heavy-duty work, such type of an instrument would be required that has more, sharper and blades and equipped with a direct-drive motor.

Tiles are available in a diver se variety. Different tiles have varied degrees of hardness. For tougher materials such as a porcelain tile, a high-speed and increased horse powered blades are required. Purchasing a wet saw for heavy-duty is preferred. Such an instrument will work for a longer period of time without any over-heating, will perform straighter and smoother cuts and generally execute at a higher level than a dry one.

Many tile saws are huge and can weigh up to 130 kilograms. The user must be comfortable in working with the saw. He should also ensure that he has enough work space to operate and store the apparatus. For many wet saws, a relatively large work space is required because of the wet spray attachment. To eradicate the requirement to lay down a plastic and to tidy up after a long day of work, use the wet drill to enclose the mess a tile cutting device makes.