Toddler Beds

Cheap Toddler Beds – How To Find Quality Without Breaking The Bank

Your baby is not a baby anymore but, fortunately, not a teenager either.  He is now a toddler who happens to be a bigger version of himself and, hence, must transfer to a bigger bed.  Well, it is time to look at cheap toddler beds for him!

You might ask why; settle for cheap beds for your toddler when you can go for more expensive varieties.  Let’s put it this way: Your child will only use the toddler bed for a few years before it is stored in the attic.  Often, there is no sense in buying expensive things when their more affordable counterparts will suffice for the purpose.

Of course, cheap does not necessarily mean low quality.  The trick is in choosing the right toddler bed that represents the balance between acceptable quality and affordable price.  Besides, you can always purchase high-quality toddler beds being offered with substantial discounts in furniture stores and online sites.

Your next question will be why to go for toddler beds when a full-sized bed will do the job just as well, not to mention that you will only be buying one bed until your child moves out for college.  Well, there are many valid reasons for such a choice.

First, full-sized beds do not have the guard rails that provide for a measure of safety for your child.  You will be able to sleep at night in your own bed knowing that your restless sleeper for a child will not fall to the floor, thanks to the guard rails.

Second, full-sized beds are significantly more expensive than cheap toddler beds.  You might want to save your money for something else, say, for a new dishwasher.  Or simply, you just want to save the money, period.

Third, toddler beds come in many designs that are as kid-friendly as can be.  Think cartoon characters like Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman for the boys as well as Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, and Dora the Explorer for the girls.

Fourth, the size is just right for their little bodies to get on and off.  Their little legs may not be able to easily get off the bed in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

For these reasons, it is no wonder that parents and children alike love their toddler beds.  Your role as a parent, however, should extend beyond loving how your child loves his new toddler bed.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your child will be safe using the bed in the same way that you ensured safety with his crib.  Certain guidelines are applicable, which include but are not limited to the following:

* Guard rails should extend to at least 2 inches above the surface of the mattress
* Bedposts must not extend more than .06 inches higher than the bed’s end panel
* Maximum bed weight should be stated so as to avoid overloading although most toddler beds can only carry a maximum of 50 pounds

Cheap toddler beds are great investments in your child’s future.  Keep in mind that a good night’s sleep is very important in your child’s physical and mental health, which the right toddler bed can significantly contribute to.