Trundle Mattress – Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

There was a time when most of us had not heard of a trundle mattress and bed frame, now they are everywhere.  With the huge cost of real estate and the unpredictability of interest rates, many of us are choosing not to move home, but to redecorate and renovate.

Often with cleverly designed items of furniture you can quite easily create more space and more versatility.  This is why the trundle bed frames and trundle mattress have become such popular additions to guest rooms and children’s rooms.

When these first appeared they were an expensive option and sold through the high end of the bed market.  Now you can get both trundle mattress and frame for very reasonable prices on line.  The huge influx of designs has meant that the market has become very competitive and this has caused the prices to drop dramatically.

Why Is The Trundle Mattress So Important

On a camp bed the mattress is placed on a taut mesh or fabric held in place with springs, this provides some ‘give’ to make the bed comfortable.  With a trundle mattress it is placed directly on slats of wood or sometimes even a solid piece of wood.  So a thin mattress would be like sleeping on the floor.

What To Look For In A Trundle Mattress

Comfort, comfort and more comfort.  Most manufacturers will offer a variety of different mattress to fit their bed and trundles.  Unfortunately for the buyer, there is a huge difference between the cheap mattresses and the expensive trundle mattresses.  There are three basic mattresses available; foam, memory foam and sprung mattresses.  Don’t bother with the foam mattress, you will not have a comfortable nights sleep on this.  The memory foam is great, but comes at a huge cost.  The most popular choice is the sprung mattress.  This will come with different levels of quality depending on whether each spring is separately pocketed or not.

Check The Size Of Your Trundle Mattress

With any mattress it is important that it fits the bed.  However, with a trundle mattress it also has to fit under the bed.  So don’t get carried away and choose a really high mattress which will not slide underneath.  Some trundle mattresses are slightly smaller than standard mattresses (because they have to fit underneath).  Is it preferable to have the trundle mattress and the bed mattress the same size, so think about this before you choose your bed frame.  If have chosen a frame design which has a smaller sized trundle then you will probably only be able to get the correct size trundle mattress from the manufacturer of the bed frame.

Covers For Your Trundle Mattress

It is always worth having a mattress cover.  But if you have chosen a bed frame design where you can see the trundle mattress then you will also have to be external trundle mattress covers.  These are made of a thicker fabric and sit over the trundle mattress and trundle frame, usually coming to the ground.  They serve two purposes, firstly to hide the trundle and make it look more attractive, but they also act as a dust cover.  These are definitely worth buying as there may be times when you trundle mattress and bed doesn’t get used for a while, and this will keep them fresh.

Care Of Your Trundle Mattress

A trundle mattress needs care just like any other.  It should be regularly vacuum cleaned to removed dust and dust mites, as well as regularly aired.

Useful Trundle Mattress Tips

•    If you are buying a pop up trundle, then you may well be using it with the bed to create a king sized bed.  If you are doing this then it is essential that you get the same type and quality of trundle mattress as you have on the standard bed.  If these mattresses are different they will not make a comfortable bed when placed together.

•    If your trundle mattress and your standard mattress are the same size then it is a good idea to occasionally swap them around.

•    If you are going to regularly be creating a king sized bed then you may want to consider investing in a memory foam mattress topper.  These have recently come down in price and they are a good way to hide the join between the standard and trundle mattress.