Twin Bed With Pop Up Trundle: Another Development In Trundle Beds

Whenever we talk about bedrooms, as expected we usually think of the bed per se. In order to make use of your room at its finest; you need to consider the type of bed you want.  If you are looking for a bigger place for your children’s bedroom, worry no more because you can maximize your limited bedroom space with the use of a twin bed with a pop up trundle.

A twin bed with pop up trundle is a more or less a daybed that has a trundle bed under it. The pop up trundle bed folds down and slides underneath the daybed. Pop up trundle beds are very good alternatives to usual beds because it features a comfy sleeping facility while saving room space. It is also used by many individuals to provide a sleeping room for friends or guests.

Another development of the trundle bed was the pop up mechanism. With the ordinary trundle bed, the trundle is singled out and the bed occupant sleeps in a drawer on the floor; but only by difference in degrees. However, with the twin bed with pop up trundle, the bed occupant feels that they are really sleeping on a suitable bed. With it, you can raise the additional mattress to the same height as the usual bed. You can also putting them together to create a double bed.

Here are five reasons why pop up trundle bed is a must-have for your children’s bed room or your guest room:

  • Twin bed with pop up trundle is a very good space saving home furnishing. If your bed room isn’t wide enough, this bed will be of great advantage if you want to maintain a cozy sleeping and flooring area.
  • The pop up trundle bed sinks and suits under the main bed and it can be hived out of the way. It is both very easy to set up for guests and put away when not in use.
  • Pop up trundle bed is designed in such manner that a typical size twin mattress will effortlessly match it. It can even accommodate a person that weighs 250 pounds at most.
  • The day bed with pop up trundle can be simply pulled to and fro. Typically, it has casters or rollers. Before setting it up, it can be moved with ease to another portion of the room or another room inside the house.
  • Most of the time, twin beds with pop up trundle are used in a kids’ bedroom. It is much safer than a bunk bed and it preserve room space so your children will have enough space to play around. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the possibility your kid’s friends might fall out of a bunk bed top during sleeping.

Watch this video for some reviews about pop up trundle beds.