Twin Platform Bed

A twin platform bed can be a useful addition to a bedroom. Particularly popular for children and teenager’s rooms, it is ideal for a smaller room while still offering plenty of space for one person. A twin bed is around half the size of a queen size bed; a standard twin accommodates a mattress that is 37″ wide by 74″ long; a larger twin fits a mattress 37″ wide by 80″ long.

Twin platform beds can be more functional than a regular twin. Manufactured with the modern home in mind, they can provide great extra storage options for bedrooms. Children’s books, toys, art supplies and clothes can be packed away in the under-bed drawers; depending on the model of twin bed, there may be up to six under-bed drawers fitted. Moms will love saying goodbye to all the debris and mess that end up under their kids’ beds! Because there is no space between the drawers and the floor, there is no room for bits and pieces to be hidden or kicked underneath, and nowhere for dust to gather. Platform beds can come with all the extra features of non-platform beds; guardrails for younger kids are good if they have only recently started sleeping in a full-size bed.

Because a twin platform bed frame is frequently designed without a box spring, (the mattress lying directly on the slatted frame of the bed) transitioning a younger child from a crib to a full size bed can be easier. In addition, because there is no need for a pricey box spring, it could work out a less expensive sleeping solution.

A twin size platform bed is not just for kids – they are perfect for smaller rooms in apartments, retirement homes and college dormitories. There are a huge range of styles and finishes available to help you find the platform twin bed of your dreams!

First, you need to look at different styles and work out what you like and what will fit in well with your home. If you just want the most basic model of twin platform bed, go for an unfinished poplar hardwood with no box spring; it will be extremely easy to assemble and provide you will a solid bed frame. It can be left unfinished or you can choose a stain and either paint it yourself or hire a decorator. This type of twin bed can be purchased for as little as $100.

Twin Platform Storage Bed

Additional features that can be found on these types of beds are drawers and headboards. For a unique storage solution, consider a bookcase headboard. Platform beds can also come as day beds; fantastic for a studio apartment where space really is precious. You can scatter cushions on the bed to use it as a sofa during the day, and then store the cushions in the under-bed drawers at nighttime and add your bedding for a sleeping space.

A foot-board bench can be another great addition to a platform bed. It is a separate item that can be placed anywhere in the bedroom or elsewhere in the home, but stands neatly against the foot of the bed and is handy for storing books, blankets and pillows. Most platform bed manufacturers make other products of matching items such as bedside tables, headboards and foot-board benches so that you can pick what you want from the set and all your furniture will be matching.

Some offer a trundle set for your platform bed, (an underneath bed which can be slid out from beneath the platform) which is great for guests and is easy and instant to set up and put away. Kids love these too as they can have a friend to sleep over and go to bed side by side. The trundle bed either has a flat surface to be pulled out, or rollers for greater ease of movement.

As with all beds and bedroom furniture, the options in color and material are enormous, from an ivory laminate finish to sophisticated black leather to highly polished cherry veneer. When it comes to the style of bed, whether you favor clean, smooth modern lines for a minimalist look, or prefer something a bit more ornate and decorative such as engraved mahogany with curved finishes, you will be spoiled for choice. For individual touches, you could buy an unfinished hardwood bed and paint it in a color of your choice, or replace standard under-bed drawer handles with something more quirky or unique.

A twin platform bed is a cost-effective, space saving sleeping solution. For inspiration go online and browse through the hundreds on offer from many different retailers. If you want some particular guidance, a visit to your local bed store will enable you to ask advice and of course try out some of the beds they have on display!