So, you have several kids at home, and the numbers of rooms are a bit limited. And you come up with the idea of having several kids in one room so they can share.

The problem is, you don’t know how to choose the right bed. Should you choose the bunk beds or the twin trundle bed? What about the room layout?

Where should you put the beds? Is it possible to have more than two kids in one room without creating chaos and a mess? Before you jump to the matter deeper, get a straight fact about the whole matter.

A Trundle Bed vs. the Bunk Bed

They are entirely different in design and function. A bunk bed is a bed with two mattresses located on top of each other. The single-frame consists of two mattresses and two-bed frames; one on the top and one on the bottom. That’s why most bunk beds are quite big, high, and thick.

A trundle bed is a twin bed that has a smaller size bed that is placed on rollers or casters. Thanks to the built-in roller, the smaller one can be easily slid under the bigger main bed.

The most common design is a pull-out trundle bed where the smaller bed is pulled out from, the larger frame.

That’s why the trundle bed is also said as the bed inside the bed because the overall design looks like a big single drawer that has a sliding smaller bed underneath. Historically, the trundle bed was used many centuries ago. This type of bed was designed so servants or slaves could sleep closer to their masters.

Naturally, each design has its benefits and flaws. Both of them can seriously save space, especially if you have a lot of kids and a limited number of rooms. However, there are also other things to consider. From a safety point of view, a trundle bed is safer because of the distance from the bed to the floor. If you have small toddlers or kids, putting them on the top side can be risky and dangerous. But if you aren’t using the top space, then what’s good does it make to have the bunk bed from the first place?

From a maintenance and care point of view, having a bunk bed is also complicated and overwhelming.

Cleaning and making the bed are probably easy but things can be complicated when you have to change the sheets; unless you are pretty tall, and you have a wide reach of arms.

For some people, the bunk beds seem bigger and more solid. In a small and low room, it can create a crowded and ‘too full’ effect. You won’t have to worry about a thing when the room is pretty high and spacious, but things will be different in a small room. Unlike the bunk bed, the trundle bed seems more open and spacious (mostly because of the absence of the tall and upper part construction). For a small room, having the trundle bed is more ideal.

Using the Twin Trundle Beds

Although trundle beds are mostly popular for kids, it is commonly used for the guest room. The flexibility and the space-saving feature are the most favorable factors that most homeowners like. When they have such bed in the guest room, they don’t need to bother about how many people will stay or spend the night. If it is only one person, the bed is ideal. If the guests are two people, the trundle beds can provide the extra and convenient sleeping area.

Again, the trundle beds are ideal for small bedrooms, especially for kids. When there is more than one kid around, the trundle bed can provide a comfortable sleeping platform without compromising space.

Let’s say you have four kids; you can have two trundle beds in one room (provided that the room is spacious enough), and your room arrangement problem is solved.

Different Types of Trundle Beds

Some beds have metal frame construction while the most common design is made from wood. If you want to maximize storage and space efficiency, you can also choose a trundle bed with extra storage compartments and drawers on each side. Naturally, this type of bed is bigger and wider than the regular trundle bed, but then again, you can provide a convenient sleeping area and maximizing space usage.

You can also combine the trundle bed with a day bed, which will increase comfort. To provide different characteristics of the users, you don’t always have to make the bed in a similar way. Using different colors, patterns, or characters for the different beds (with different arrangements for the pillows and blanket) will give a unique styling.

The Advantages

Also known as the captain bed, this trundle bed is a space-saving item. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from having one:

* You can save a lot of money as well as space. In this modern-day where the property’s size and dimension are getting smaller and smaller, space can be a problem. Moreover, when you have a trundle bed, you can buy only a single bed instead of buying two.

* Despite the size and the type (the twin or the full size), such a trundle bed has its appeal and attractiveness, especially because of the neat and compact sizing.

* The trundle beds are less risky and dangerous because it is not far from the ground. If your kids have the tendency of falling, this bed can prevent serious injuries (which are mostly related to bunk beds or any other tall beds).

* The trundle beds can be matched or paired with different height of mattresses. In some designs, the trundle beds can be folded or popped up.

* In most cases, the mattresses aren’t heavy so carrying them around should be easy and simple.

Choosing the Right Mattress

Choosing the right mattress for the trundle beds isn’t difficult, but there are some things to remember:

* Pay attention to the dimension. The mattress for the trundle bed depends on the bed’s size. Before purchasing anything, it is best that you measure and note it down so you won’t end up buying the wrong size.

* You can choose whatever thickness you see fit but it shouldn’t be less than 8-inch thick

* In case you have the pop-up trundle bed, you need to choose mattresses with the same dimension. It is important to make the bed stay level.

* The mattress is designed to improve sleeping quality and comfort. That’s why you should choose the one that can support the spine comfortably. If you want the mattresses for the kids, this feature is crucial. The problem with too firm or too soft (fluffy) mattress is that it can cause back issue and health problems. You may want to stick with the medium-firm type of mattress that can provide solid back support.

* Choosing the right mattress depends on the type of sleepers too. If you tend to sleep on your back, the medium-firm or the firm one is your best option. But if you tend to sleep on the side, the soft mattress is better.

Choosing the Right Trundle Beds

Choosing the right trundle bed is almost similar to the regular bed, with some important points.

* Consider the space layout and management. If you choose the pull-out bed, make sure that there will be enough space for the smaller bed and the bed won’t get in the way.

* Consider your storage option. If you have smaller rooms, and there isn’t much storage area inside the room, choosing the trundle bed with storage containers or slots will be a wise option.

* Consider your budgets. Such a bed is more expensive than the regular single bed, but it is more economical than buying two single beds. If you have a limited budget, you can always consider buying an old bed or go to a garage sale or thrift store.

Best twin trundle bed with storage drawers

One of the most popular beds for kids today is the twin trundle bed with storage drawers. The drawers underneath are used for keeping personal items such as blankets, books, toys and other stuff. You definitely get the best of both worlds with this kind of bed. Just imagine that with this bed, not only do you get a bed but a storage space as well that allows you to keep your personal things with ease. It lets you maximize your room space.

Most bedrooms are not very large, especially in apartments, condominium units or small city houses. It is pretty obvious that space is very essential in any home. That is the main reason why manufacturers of furniture create and produce space-saving pieces of furniture. They are very compact and it has many purposes. Let’s have the twin trundle bed with storage drawer as an example. It can free up much-needed floor space in your home. If your child’s friends come over for a sleepover, the storage area can be pulled over to accommodate a bed mattress for your guest. And it is very easy to bring the drawers back in after the sleepover.

There are different designs and styles of trundle beds. First, we have the classic trundle bed with two-layers of drawers underneath. Another one is the trundle bed with a pull-out bed in the middle and several built-in drawers in the lower layer. Also, there’s the four-layer trundle bed with three layers of beds and an extra layer of drawers.

Twin trundle bed with storage drawers can also be used as an extra bed for your guests. They won’t have to sleep on your living room sofa anymore. What’s more useful is that they can put their clothes in the drawers. This is the common dilemma that guests encounter whenever they decide to stay for a couple of days; they worry about where they will place their clothes and other belongings. If your house is not that big, you worry about it also.

The usefulness of these beds can’t be compared to any other kind of beds. It is definitely a win-win with a solution when buying this type of furniture. It is a very simple yet smart way to save money since you can’t go wrong with beds that have a storage drawer at the same time.

Purchasing a twin trundle bed with storage on the internet has many benefits. There are many choices to choose from different online shops. In online shopping, you will save a lot; the time, power, and gas in driving from one store to another. You can actually find great deals in mane selections. You will also find trundle beds with storage at cheaper prices compared to buying it in a typical outlet store. Product reviews and critic are also very helpful in evaluating different trundle beds. They will help you in deciding which one to buy according to your personal needs. Aside from online shopping, it also easy to find the trundle bed with storage in furniture bazaars of mall stores.