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10 Best Votive Candles


Best Votive Candles, Votive CandlesA good candle can last a few hours but with a good candle holder, they will last until they completely burn out. This is particularly true with votive candles. Votive candles are the type of cylindrical candles used in churches and for other religious events such as prayer meetings and even for meditating sessions.

The main problem though is that a votive candle is often susceptible to the wind. The wax of the candle itself is designed so it can burn off for hours but with a knock of the wind, it won’t even last more than five minutes.

The Design of the Votive Holder

A votive holder is much different from the usual candle holders you’ll find in the market. The usual type is wide to let the candlelight spread out. Others can be a plain flat metal pad for the candle to sit on. A votive candle holder is cylindrical in shape, much like a regular drinking glass. They often are designed to be just a bit taller than the votive candle that will be placed inside of them.

Votive holders are not designed to disperse the light of the candle – they are designed to protect the wick of the candle so it won’t get blown off by the wind. Some of the bigger, rounder votive holders are often referred to as hurricane candle holders. When you buy a votive candle or a set of them you’ll often see the corresponding candle holders that are designed for those candles’ height and width. This is especially important nowadays since some votive candles are not just cylindrical in shape. Some are square or rectangular.

Looking for a Little Variety

If you want a little various than the usual glass-type votive holder then you might want to consider the wall-mounted holders. They are very much like other, traditional wall-mounted candle holders but for one exception: instead of just the metal pad they have long, cylindrical glass tubes where you can place the votive candle in.

It will be long enough to protect the candle from the wind and with this type of display, it might also help disperse the light of the flames, creating an ambient and solemn mood. This is ideal for churches and for solemn events like evening weddings.

Making the Most Out of Your Holder

To make the most out of your holder you’ll want to make sure it is adequate to the shape, height, and width of the votive candle. This will ensure that you won’t have a difficult time sitting it in properly. When the candle is upright, it will be able to burn down until it is nothing but a beautiful puddle of melted wax.

One of the best uses of the holder is to collect the melted wax. Many often view the melted wax as a natural type of art form. Whether you want to protect your candles, mount them properly, or use them to collect wax art, it is very important to start investing in a good candleholder specifically for your votive candle.