The kitchen is the core of every home! Every day it keeps the food supply on and fulfills our demand. Not only cooking is done but also, where the family member sometimes enjoys the meals together, and kids are playing and doing their homework.

Further here comes, daily many ingredients from the outside that make it dirty and unhygienic. After finishing the cook, most of us only wipe the counter and skip the floor cleaning, which is not enough. Especially in this corona situation, should conscious about cleanliness.

Hence, kitchen floors are the first choice of stains, crumbs, and dust for agglomeration. If you are not cleaning the floor, it becomes a storehouse of germs and bacteria. It should be clean regularly, but so is an occasional deep clean.

That’s why we decide to explore what is best for cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen floor, which is easy to follow. 

Now, let’s get started together.

Best ways to clean & sanitize your kitchen floor

Using steam cleaner

Whenever you think of deep clean, then it is one of the excellent solutions. You may wonder why! Let me remind you of this pandemic situation (coronavirus); experts recommend that everything should be germ-free to stay safe. With the help of a tile steam cleaner, you can remove hidden bacteria, grout, dirt, and mildew from the floor.

Moreover, if you are a busy person but want a disinfectant kitchen for all time, this would be the smart pick. It takes less time and handy that make your time worth as well as remove the tiles effectively.

The best part of it you don’t need to do anything manually. For example, don’t need to rub to clean any grout or squeeze any mop. The steam cleaner is the type of mop that automatically fills with your chosen detergent and water.

Before steaming, it’s better to vacuum first or sweep the floor. After thoroughly clean, your tiles are ready to steam. Now turn on the steamer and gently scrub the bristle on the grout line between the tiles. One more thing, don’t use excess pressure as it can breakdown the tile.

Clean with vinegar

Well, this is a common and effective way to clean the kitchen floor. This ingredient is the best choice for those who want to avoid a chemical-based cleaning solution. Also, it’s an inexpensive cleaner, disinfectant, non-toxic, and deodorizer. 

It can easily remove the stain, dirt, and germ from the tiles. Its acidic nature is good enough to dissolve the dirt and grime. Even you can apply almost all your hard surface floors like ceramic, vinyl, porcelain tiles, and so many.

So, here are the tips on how to apply the vinegar- 

  1. Make sure that you vacuum the tiles before mopping. 
  2. Take a bucket and add 4 liters of water along with half a cup of vinegar.
  3. Deep a mop into the solution and twist out the mop.
  4. Now, wipe the mop on the floor surface and repeat it until you clean the full kitchen.
  5. Try to mop with this solution regularly so that your kitchen won’t be a storehouse of dirt.

Remember one thing; don’t apply the vinegar on the unpolished wooden floor and natural stone because it can leave a mark.

Using of castile soap

If you want a commercial but eco-friendly product, then this would be on your list. This liquid soap is olive oil-based that makes it a green cleaner and safe to use. Most importantly, it’s gentle on your skin, so that don’t worry about harming your health.

Once again, this soap can remove stains, grease, and crumbs, which are stubborn. Now the question is, what’s the effective way to use castle soap to clean the kitchen floor?  

Take castile soap about ¼ cup or one teaspoon and mix it with a bucket of hot water. Then just deep a microfiber mop into the mixture and mop up thoroughly. Please do not use this soap on the waxed wood floor because it’ll spoil the wax layer.

Wrap up

At the End of the article, we would say many cleaning ways are challenging and time-consuming. We try to find out some easy way that no matter you’re a novice, do the cleaning task.

Happy cleaning, and stay healthy.