Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed with Trundle Bed and Drawers

To have a minimalist bed with the smart storage is such as perfect furniture to have for. When you have two children with the minimalist bedroom for them, you need a trundle bed to help you solve the problem. The twin size bed is solving your problem because this is designed to make it suitable for a minimalist bedroom. With the trundle design, you can use this space for other functions.

The trundle bed is also the smart choice you should have because the straightforward and robust design that they offer for you. The point is that the size of the trundle bed with the single bed size is becoming the perfect size for your children. So what kind of product we should have for the trundle bed? Let’s find out more here.

The perfect trundle bed in Amazon you should have
Amazon is one of the online places you can pick to buy such a good thing such as trundle bed. One of their perfect products is from Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed with Trundle Bed and Drawers. Some of you maybe already know that trundle bed is such a smart idea to have for especially in the minimalist bedroom.

The Broyhill twin captains bed with trundle type is having some features that you should get. The first feature you can take is the high-quality solid woods and composites. You know choosing the best bed this is becoming the main element you should think about. The solid wood material from this trundle bed will make you feel comfortable and safe.
Another perfect feature in this trundle bed is the three storages on the wheels which make the design are so complete. You know when you have a minimalist bedroom for your children using the all-in-one furniture like the bed is going to help you to manage the minimalist space that you have. By having the three storages, you will get the best place to keep your children’s needs.
Then the last but not least is the price which is so affordable. For only a low price you can bring this trundle bed home. Besides, looking back at the Amazon, sure this price is becoming the best price you can get.
What customers say about this trundle bed?
First thing what you will get from Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed with the trundle bed is that the quality of the bed which is so good. With the strong quality of the bed material, you can get the most robust and durable trundle bed. Putting them together into a complete bed after shipping is also such an easy thing to do. Plus, the lower drawers as the storages are so easy to slide.
Talking about the price, customers say that the price is so affordable even we can get the best quality with the low price. Compare to the others this brand is the best one with a perfect price.

Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed with Trundle Bed and Drawers

Easy to assemble





  • Lots of storage
  • Nice looking bed
  • Nice price