7 Simple Cleaning Tips To Make Your Home Germ Free

We all love our home and try hard to make it beautiful and peaceful. We strongly struggle to make our home beautiful.

But what if your home is full of germs and makes you sick? Home is the most powerful place which can make you badly sick and ill than any other place. Hence, making our home germ free also stands first in our priority.

Germs can easily enter into our home through many ways. This can be prevented if we concentrate upon some of the areas in our home.

We Are Going To Explain Simple Strategies To Get Rid Of Germs From Your Home

1. Kitchen

Kitchen is the most important place for us as we store all our eatable things. So, kitchen stands first in our priority in making our home germ free. Germs can enter to our kitchen through various ways. Drain in the skin consists of more germs than any other thing in your kitchen. Towels, scrubbers, sponges and rags which are used for cleaning are the places for germs. Countertop has also no exception in this regard. The simple way to make your kitchen germ free is to clean all these places after you cook. Clean your kitchen with an antibacterial cleanser which is very effective in killing the bacteria. Wash the towels, sponges or brush and dishrags in washing machine. Sink must be cleaned for two times a week with some bleach and water. Pour bleach and water in your drain as well.


2. Cutting Boards

Most of the people just wash the vegetables and fruits before cutting them. But using the cutting boards which are contaminated can also result in many health diseases. Germs can easily hide in your cutting boards. So, it is always better to make sure that these boards are completely germ free before you begin chopping. Wash your cutting board in hot and soapy water before you start working with it. This process kills bacteria. It is best to wash your cutting board after working with it. Add some bleach to some water and wash your cutting board.

Cutting Boards

3. Wet Laundry

Towels and Inner garments consist of lot of germs. When you wash these garments along with other load, you are likely to spread the bacteria to other clothes as well. Hence, prefer to wash these garments separately. These germs cannot be destroyed by just washing. This statement appears to be more effective and truth when it comes to underwear. Although this clothing piece is washed, bacteria such as E. coli cannot be destroyed completely. You can easily kill this bacterium through running your washer, dryer in 150 degrees temperature. Transfer this clothing piece from your laundry to dryer quickly. This keeps the regeneration of the bacteria at bay. Wash yourself after laundry.

Wet Laundry

4. Toothbrush

Human mouth consists of 100 million microorganisms per mL of saliva. When you start brushing, they can easily transfer from your mouth to toothbrush. Along with the bacteria, the food particles also can stick on your toothbrush. As a result, overgrowth of microorganisms can take place on your toothbrush. This problem can be eliminated with a simple trick. Once done with your brushing, wash your toothbrush using hot water. After rinsing, make it stand up in water glass and let it air dry. Don’t lay your toothbrush on the bathroom counter since it is the place of other germs. Wash your toothbrush at regular intervals.


5. Shower/Bathtub

We take bath to destroy viruses and germs from our body. But what if that bathtub contains germs? Some of the germs cannot be destroyed. So, bathtub is a place of lot of germs. Wash your bathtub and its sides, bathroom, shower with an antiseptic cleanser for every week. Surfaces must be dried with towel. Make use of squeegee to clean your shower. And that squeegee also must be disinfected.


6. Tech Devices

It is very important to clean our cell phones, keyboard and computer mouse as we touch them for zillion times in a day. Germs can easily enter into these tech devices. Therefore, these tech devices must be disinfected frequently. Just pour some disinfectant in a piece of cloth and wipe these devices. Don’t make these tech devices wet.

Tech Devices

7. Shoes

People wear shoes and walk through different things like dog waste, germs on the floors of public restrooms, bird droppings etc. Therefore, absolutely shoes contain lot of germs. Therefore shoes must be removed and placed outside the door or you can be caught with several viruses and diseases. After leaving the shoes, wipe the feet on an abrasive and high-quality doormat. Clean your shoes using a soft bristled brush. Add small quantity of laundry detergent to lukewarm water.