Debunking the Myths and True Meanings of the Flower World

From centuries ago flowers are the expressions of our feelings, emotions, and said the unsaid. Lovers declare their love, children their affection and care, Husbands their understanding, and a silent thank you. It is like the more the popular flower is, the more myths and meanings related to them.

Secrets were exchanged, starting from the 18th century, with the flowers. Whole conversations were conducted with a bouquet. Every flower has a meaning and depicts a story for itself. Let’s experience the world of flowers with Flowers in Toronto.

Flower World’s relation to Mythology

When we give someone a bouquet, we add those flowers, which depicts reason. We try to show care and love with flowers which mean the same. Here is a discussion about such myths related to Toronto flowers and their meanings, related to the mythology as well.

  • ASTER: It is said that the greek goddess of the starry sky, Asterea, started to cry when she saw no star when looking down upon the earth. The flowers started to bloom from the tears of Astrea, which is named as Aster flower.

Meaning: The aster flower represents faith, love and wisdom. In Victorian culture, it means daintiness, patience and charm.

  • HYACINTH: Hyacinth is named after a Greek Spartan youth, Hyacinthus, loved by god Apollo. Hyacinthus was killed accidentally when casting discuss together. Apollo grieved his friend and created a flower out of the blood of the friend.

Meaning: It is a symbol of peace, commitment and beauty. It also represents power and pride. In the Christian churches, hyacinth is found as love and happiness.

  • IRIS: Iris was the Greek goddess of love. Her flower is considered the flower of communication and message. The Greeks believed that Goddess Iris carries the souls of the women to the Elysian Fields and men often plant iris flowers on the graves of the beloved wives.

Meaning: Purple Iris represents wisdom and royalty. White iris symbolizes purity. Yellow shows passion and Blue iris represents faith and hope.

  • SUNFLOWER: In mythology, Helius (the god of the sun) was loved by a nymph, Clytie. Helius was in love with the daughter of King Orchamus of Persia, Leucothoe. Clytie told the king about the affair, in a fit of jealousy and Leucothoe was buried alive by her father as a punishment. Helius hated and rejected Clytie even more and she wasted away as a sunflower. It is said that her head always follows the course of the sun across the sky, every day.

Meaning: Sunflower represents longevity. They are the flowers of the sun itself. They also represent loyalty and adoration for the receiver from the giver.

  • YARROW: Yarrow is the flower known as Achillea, named after the hero Achilles. The Achilles gave the yarrow flower to his soldiers during the trojan war, to help stanch the flow of blood from their wounds. The scientist conducted tests on the flower, proving that it contains chemicals that help the blood to clot.

Meaning: Yarrow flowers are the symbols of healing and inspiration. They are given as gifts to those who are ill and wish to get well soon.

Most Common Myths about Flowers

Flowers add essence to our surroundings. There are facts about flowers, which are the myths and not true. Toronto Flowers is here to separate the floral facts from fiction.

  • Pets and Plants can never be friends: The myths state that blooms are not pet friendly, ever. They are bad for your pets. But this is not true. There are some of the flowers which are not safe for the little friends but not all. You can read about the Toronto flowers that are pet-friendly and which ones can make them go haywire.

You can easily add flowers to your home and make them approachable to your pets. Place them out of the range. Look for the pet-friendly flowers and create your safe collection.

  • The seasons do not affect flower choice: Flowers are available at one click online, with the florists today. When it comes to selecting a flower for a wedding, most say seasons do not matter. This is a myth. Seasons does matter. Like, spring flowers will not be available in bulk for a mid-January wedding. Always try to select the seasonal flower, which can be budget-friendly and help with the theme as well.


  • Allergic people’s worst enemy is Flowers: every time if your eyes are feeling itchy and you are having a sneezing fit, flowers are not responsible. It can be from the pollen from the trees and not from the fresh flowers. There is a huge selection of most amazing and colourful flowers with Toronto Flowers, which are allergy-friendly and easily available too. Flowers like geraniums, lilies and hydrangeas are the most allergy-friendly flowers.


  • Never sleep with flowers in your room: It is scientifically proven that plants release oxygen during the day and it takes carbon dioxide during the day and vice versa at night. With the myth of flowers stealing your oxygen when you are sleeping at night, many people tend to avoid placing them in the bedrooms. The truth is, flowers give a large amount of oxygen during the day, that the reabsorbing process during the night does not affect at all.


  • Sugar keeps flowers fresh and alive: It is said that sugar gives nutrients to your flowers and keeps them fresh and alive long. This is true but not completely. The sugar increases the bacterial growth of the flower arrangement. They won’t last as long as they would have without the extra sugar added to the vase.


These were the basic common myths related to the flowers. They are not true and can affect our views as well. The flowers in Toronto by Flower Company has a large collection of flowers and bouquets available, go ahead and get yourselves a few. Myths and flower facts are different and yet the same. Flowers are in the world from the beginning and are going to be with us forever.