A place where the family comes together to talk about life, love, and everything in between—that is perhaps the simplest description we can give about the dining room. Having a simple yet very important function, the dining room must have an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. To produce that desired ambience, you have to remember the tips shared here when buying your dining room furniture.

How to Create a Better Dining Atmosphere

Dining Table

Your dining table must be a perfect fit to your dining room. It must be big enough to accommodate the members of your family and enough serving platters. It must also allow for space between it and the nearest wall or furniture. Generally, a round or oval dining table is best if you have limited space. If you need a table for ten or more people, a rectangular table is best.

Dining Chair

As mentioned earlier, the dining room is where people often share stories. These conversations can last up to hours. If your dining room furniture is not comfortable enough, the conversation may be cut prematurely. That said, your dining room chair must be able to support weight well while offering utmost comfort. The chair must be proportionate to the height of the table, and the cushion must be sturdy and relatively soft. If you are getting upholstered chair, opt for a material that is easy to clean such as leather and microsuede.


Sideboards are generally used as a serving table and storage for platters, silverware, and the like. Since they need to hold a specific amount of weight for a long time, they need to be both stylish and highly durable. Generally, teak and oak are best for long-term use. However, if you are on a tight budget, carefully chosen wood veneers will be a good alternative.

Curio Cabinet

As its name implies, curio cabinets are meant to make people curious. Basically, they are cabinets where you display your unique and valuable pieces for your guests’ dining pleasure. There are several types of curio cabinets to choose from, and each offers specific uses and advantages, based on your need and the allotted space:

  • Standard—this offers a traditional or contemporary look, has a rectangular surface, and must be placed against a wall.
  • Mounted—the best dining room furniture if you have limited space, this curio cabinet offers enough space and allows for another cabinet or a sideboard to be placed under it.
  • Corner—this cabinet is created in such a way that it fits a corner perfectly.
  • Lighted—if you want to focus your guests’ attention more to your display, you ought to get a lighted curio cabinet.

Wine Racks

Wine may be deemed a luxury for some, but it is actually a healthy and delicious accompaniment to any sort of meal or snack. That is perhaps the reason why many quickly fall in love with after the first taste. When getting a wine rack to decorate your dining room, you might want to consider the following:

  • Material—wood and metal are the popular choices. Go for wood if you are after aesthetics and metal if you want more quirky designs.
  • Size—how many bottles of wine would you like to store in your dining room? Most wine racks offer storage for six to a dozen bottles. If you have limited space, you ought to choose a smaller rack that allows you to stack it atop other furniture, say, on the sideboard. If you have a big space left in your dining room area, a bigger, free-standing wine rack will be a good choice.

Make your dining experience most enjoyable by following our dining room furniture buying guide tips today.