5 Dishes to Enjoy at a Coffee Table That You Can Prepare in Less Than 30 Minutes

5 Dishes to Enjoy at a Coffee Table That You Can Prepare in Less Than 30 Minutes

Does a coffee table involve the use of coffee only? Usually, that is one of the top questions you can hear about this furniture. But to respond to those hunches inside your mind, the answer is no. Its usefulness doesn’t stop in one corner since you can do more with a coffee table. Coffee tables aren’t exclusively for coffee, so there you go.

A coffee table is no longer a typical table where you can place your coffee and hang your feet every time you watch television in the living room. Instead, you can use it in many ways, such as placing it with the best dishes you can easily make. For more, below are five dishes you can enjoy at the coffee table with less than 30 minutes of preparation.

Baked Potato Soup

When we talk about the dishes you can cook that are easy to eat at a coffee table, it doesn’t need an extravagant type of dish. Since a coffee table only requires small spaces, one would say that soup would be best served. Soup such as baked potato soup is a hearty and warm delicacy you can make.


It has so many delightful items filled inside and on top. Also, it is very fluffy and creamy. Now, if you’re curious about how a loaded baked potato soup is made, follow the recipe offered by Foodal. It involves a fundamental process that you can easily do at home. Also, in terms of preparation, it takes only 30 minutes to make. So, never hesitate to try it!

Upgraded Ramen

Usually, when you feel hungry in the middle of the night, cooking ramen is the first thing that will cross your mind. Aside from tasting good, ramen doesn’t require a long time to cook. It only needs five to ten minutes, and then it’s ready to serve.


You can also upgrade your Ramen by adding extra toppings depending on your taste to make it extra special. For others, they will add some extra eggs and bacon and other spices to add some additional flavor. However, some people prefer not to complicate it and go with the simplicity of the packets.

Cheesy Chicken Nachos

Everyone likes the idea of a crunchy treat of nachos chips and its delicious toppings while eating it at a coffee table. That’s why the nachos’ evolution has been stimulated over the years by numerous recipes throughout the world. One of these is a recipe for cheesy chicken nachos that only takes 20 minutes to prepare.


This version of nachos is delightfully filled with chicken, salsa, guacamole, and extra cheese, depending on how cheesy you want it. However, if you want to transform it into a larger meal, you can do it by adding black beans and then substitute guacamole with chili.

Ham and Cheese Fried Rice

If you have an Asian taste and love to cook rice, make fried rice. Making fried rice is easy. All you need is to mix in rice and the toppings you want. It’s an alternative way to reuse leftover rice and turn it into something tasty and unique. Instead of throwing away leftover rice, you can also turn it into something special.


Fried rice is probably one of the easiest and fastest recipes you can create without worrying if you have all the supplies in a hurry. So, it won’t take too long to cook since it only needs 25 minutes to prepare. This version requires ham and cheese as toppings perfect for a combination of cheesiness and sweetness.

Hawaiian Pizza

There will always be time for late-night cravings where you look for crunchy and tasty pizza. However, the duration of ordering a pizza and the time you will spend upon doing it can be the same. So, why not just make it on your own and take advantage of the resources in your kitchen? It will be a smart choice since you can save more.


With only simple pantry ingredients including yeast, flour, vegetable oil, sugar, and salt, a fast crusty pizza crust can indeed be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Regarding its toppings, you can always have it with a few ingredients that you can look in your kitchen. So, you won’t have to worry that much.


In this recipe, top it with sauce, cheese and use your leftover meatloaf from a previous breakfast or lunch. Add it with canned pineapple or chopped fresh pineapple. However, if you’re not a fan of pineapples, then just sliced red bell pepper or tomatoes, change out the pineapple. Then, a Hawaiian pizza is ready to serve.


Getting your meal clocked in less than 30 minutes will shorten your hunger time. If you’re starving for a fine, cozy, and home-cooked meal, you can check the recipes mentioned above that are very easy to make. Remember that if you have the best dish accompanied by you, the time you will spend in the living room with the coffee table will be extra special.