Don’t Turn That Vacuum On – It’s Past 8 pm!

Don't Turn That Vacuum On - It's Past 8 pm

Have you ever run into this problem before? It’s getting late in the evening but you or someone in your house has just managed to knock over a planter allowing the soil to spill out all over the floor.

Or, maybe your partner was busy helping cook a meal and dropped a container of salt in the kitchen. These are messes that you want to clean up quickly and conveniently so you grab your vacuum and turn it on to get the job done, but wait! If it is after 8 pm, is this even legal to do?

It may sound silly but if you really stop to think about it, is it all right to vacuum after a certain hour? The vacuum makes a lot of noise and if you live in an apartment or condominium like so many of us do, you don’t want to disturb your neighbors. To get a good review of low noise vacuum options has some good recommendations.

Is it even legal to vacuum after 8 pm? The answer is that yes, it is in some countries but even so, these laws pertain to the loud noise of an excessive kind such as construction machinery. Vacuums do make noise, but not that much. Vacuuming itself is never against the law but the noise it creates could indeed create a nuisance for nearby neighbors and that is what you want to avoid doing by watching what time you carry out your vacuuming.

If you do live in a neighborhood association or an apartment or condominium you will want to check the rules regarding noises after certain hours. Most of these types of living arrangements do have rules and regulations in place which govern hours where things like remodeling, construction, and other activities that cause noise can be done. These laws are put into place so that everyone is respectful of everyone else. Noise rules will also dictate when a loud TV or radio might be a nuisance too.

Some cities and municipalities have rules which govern noise restrictions as well. In these places, you would need to follow these as well as any rules that are in place in your community. Most communities or apartment complexes will adhere to the municipal guidelines but they may also implement their own which could be even more restrictive.

A vacuum may be considered a noise nuisance if it is being run after 7:30 pm on a weekend and 10:00 pm on a weeknight. All of this depends on the rules where you live. So, while it is not necessary to shout at your partner, “Don’t turn that vacuum on – it’s past 8 pm!” you still want to be mindful of running it should the time be much later than that. It all comes down to being courteous of any neighbors or loved ones that might be disturbed by the vacuuming.

It is not against the law to vacuum after 8 pm. However, always follow the rules and regulations about the noise that are set by your landlord, municipality, or local council.