6 Essential Electrician Apps for Technicians

Essential Electrician Apps for Technicians

Technicians not only perform highly technical mechanical or diagnostic tests. They also work with complex systems. The jobs of technicians are challenging. Why? It is hard to diagnose and fix machinery and other equipment.

Therefore, technicians use electrician apps to make their work easier and to save a lot of time. And some technicians use these apps to improve their efficiency.

Here are 6 essential electrician apps for technicians:

1. ElectroDroid PRO

Technicians use ElectroDroid PRO to make complex calculations. It takes lots of time to do these calculations manually. This app is the most comprehensive electrical calculator on the market right now. It has calculators for different types of electronic applications and a powerful suite of tools. ElectroDroid PRO features a capacitor charge calculator, frequency converter, decibel converter, voltage dividers, and resistor ratios. Ark electricians use this tool extensively.

2. Electrical Engineering Dictionary

There are 18 distinct categories and 3,000 terms in the Electrical Engineering Dictionary. It covers concepts, such as specialized devices and materials, standardized protocols, and units and measurements. There are several questions on this app, which include “Do or Die” and “Braid Buster” questions. Answer these questions to brush up your knowledge in your field.

3. Ugly’s Electrical References

Technicians have been using Ugly’s Electrical References for several years. It is now easy to access it on your phone. Use it to search and save information on your phone. The app contains quick reference tools and calculators. Once you purchase the app, you will have access to the latest reference books for free. The app features how-to videos demonstrating proper technique and several NEC tables and calculators.

4. FieldPulse

Sometimes technicians may want to generate several estimates and handle several invoices. It is not easy to generate these estimates and handle several invoices by yourself. Fortunately, it is easy to manage customer information, invoices, and estimates with FieldPulse. FieldPulse features customer management features, quote management, tax and markup calculators, invoice and billing calculators, and customized estimates and invoicing.

5. QuickBooks

Some technicians run their own small businesses, so they use QuickBooks to manage their business. It is easy to use this accounting software program. It is suitable for small businesses, so technicians can use QuickBooks to manage their books conveniently. QuickBooks features tax organizing features, automated accounting features, and project management cost tools. And it is easy to import your banking transactions with QuickBooks.

6. Route4Me Route Planner

It is challenging to manage several calls on opposite ends of town. Some technicians use Route4Me to automate the entire process. It is important to have efficient route planning, so use this app to plan the best routes for your team during the day. The app automatically charts out the best routes for your technician once you load in the service stop of the technician. It is easy to use this app, saving you a lot of time.

These are the essential electrician apps for technicians. Technicians are busy professionals because they have a lot of things to do, such as diagnosing and repairing the machine and equipment of their clients, managing several clients, and managing their books. Therefore, technicians can use these apps to reduce their workload and save a lot of time.