Dalyn Rugs

The 5 Best Dalyn Area Rugs

Dalyn rugs are quality products, which follow exacting product standards. The company is committed to offering rugs with fine-looking designs at an affordable price. In...
black rugs

The 10 Best Black and White Rugs for 2020

Black and white rugs are elements of floor decoration that come in different sizes, shapes, patterns, and designs. They are used as an alternative to...
Round Area Rugs

The 5 Best Round Rugs for 2020

A round rug is a very versatile piece of decor in your home. It can actually be used in every room of the house...
Oval rugs

The 5 Best Oval Rugs

Oval rugs are a popular type of floor furnishing in the United States and around the world. They are quite popular because of their...
Leopard Print Carpets

The 5 Best Leopard Print Carpets

Best Leopard Print Carpets reviews 1. Tiger & Leopard Zebra Animal Skin Print Runner Design 130 (2 Feet X 7 Feet 3 Inch) Buy Now 2. Home Dynamix...
how to make a rag rug

How To Make a Rag Rug

You’ve window-shopped so many rugs but still can’t decide. So why not look into custom area rugs? A custom area rug is made according to...
yellow area rug

The 15 Best Yellow Rugs

Springtime, and sunshine, warmth, and relaxation. If you’re looking to add any of these feelings to your home, then a yellow rug is right...
unique are rugs

10 Best Unique Area Rugs

You might have always considered yourself to be a more traditional, run of the mill, go along with the crowd kind of person. The...
washable rugs

The 5 Best Washable Rugs

Machine Washable rugs are best for a home’s high-traffic areas. Since they’re in places lots of people see, they have to look their best...
Washable Runners Rug

Washable Runner Rug for Your Home

Washable runner rugs protect the wood and hardwood floors. For other types of floors, these rugs add charm and character.  Because of their unusual...
Berber Rugs

Best Berber Rugs

Berber rugs were mentioned in a scientific study on the best space for relaxing. They defined it as a cozy study with a fireplace...
Tropical Rugs

The 10 Best Tropical Rugs for 2020

Tropical rugs are hot and cool. They evoke the blazing temperatures of the equator and the tropics. They also bring to mind lagoons and...
Southwestern Rugs

The 5 Best Southwestern Rugs

Southwestern rugs add a splash of character to any floor.  These distinctive designs reflect the traditions of the American Southwest: from Native American tribes...
6×9 area rug

The 5 Best 6×9 Area Rugs

You’re looking for a 6×9 area rug. Size like that means it could leave a big hole in your household budget.  It will almost...
How To Stop Wool Rug Shedding

how to stop a wool rug from shedding

There are basically two reasons why area rugs tend to ‘shed’. The more important of the two is the quality of fibers used. This issue is...
Discontinued Karastan Rugs

How To Find Discontinued Karastan Rugs

Finding discontinued Karastan rugs can be extremely frustrating. Whether you’re looking to replace a favorite Karastan carpet that’s worn beyond repair, or you’re looking for a matching piece of Karastan...
Zebra Rugs

The 5 Best Zebra Rugs

Nothing makes a statement the way zebra rugs do. Adding a zebra print area rug to a room can take a room from boring...
Karastan Rugs

The 10 Best Karastan Rugs for 2020

Using area rugs to liven your living space is both a practical and fashionable choice. No matter what your flooring looks like now, a rug can vastly improve...
9 x 12 rugs

The 10 Best 9X12 Rugs for 2020

9 x 12 rugs are great investments for floor decoration especially if you are looking for an alternative for wall-to-wall carpeting that does not...
French Country Area Rugs

The 5 Best French Country Area Rugs

Finding a way to make your living area unique is a tough proposition.  There are dozens of possibilities for what the change in a...
Carpet Design Ideas

5 Most Fascinating Carpet Design Ideas For Your Home

Everyone desires to decorate or embellish his home in the best possible manner. For this, we tend to utilize an innumerable number of accessories...