How Do You Move A Bathroom

If you’ve decided to move houses, you’ll likely want to stick to using the same bathroom. After all, you’ve gotten used to the routine of knowing exactly where the sink is, where the toilet is located, where you place your magazines, or where you keep your shampoo and other accessories.

Moving to a new home may force us to adapt to new routines, and we might be worried about having to readjust once more to a new bathroom layout. Interestingly, there’s also a way for us to move your bathroom to your new home without too many complications. All you need is a bit of understanding a few tips to make this process much easier:

Consider updated policies first

Before you make any move towards moving the contents of your bathroom, you should first check any necessary documentation or policies pertaining to how plumbing should be fixed in your home in the first place.

If you’re going to your new neighborhood to submit documentation or even meet with your Manhattan movers NYC, you should also consider getting updated policies if there are any. This is especially by the time you decide to install utilities such as water and electricity in your new home – having a bathroom and overall house plumbing that’s according to city policy would make life much easier.

Create an inventory first

Before you start moving things inside your bathroom, it’s essential that you create a manageable inventory first. That way, you know exactly what’s inside your bathroom. Moreover, this allows you to check whether you can keep, sell, or even simply throw away items in your bathroom.

From a technical standpoint, it’s best that you keep a bathroom inventory to identify things that need replacement – such as broken sinks, or expired medicine in your medicine chest. Likewise, it’s important to know what you own to see what else that needs buying.

Check your overall aesthetic

Before you start moving your bathroom to your new home, check whether your overall aesthetic and interior design can still be pulled off with your previous bathroom setup.

If you’re opting for a more straightforward approach, it’s likely that you won’t need any new bathroom implements. However, if you’re aiming for a particular “look,” perhaps your bathroom could use some new sinks, tubs, and even toilets. 

Ensure that your bathroom parts adjust to the plumbing

If you’re moving your bathroom to your new home, make sure that your bathroom’s parts – such as the sink and the toilet, and even the shower – can be fit into the existing plumbing in your new home.

If not, you should reconsider the placement of the bathroom parts. Remember, in terms of downpipe closeness, the toilet should be closest – proceeded by the shower, the tub, and the sink. 

Hire professionals for assistance

Another way for you to move your bathroom successfully is to ask help from professionals such as your best interstate moving and storage.

With their skillset, equipment, and training, you’ll be able to ask their help to identify which aspects of the bathroom you can move to your new home (e.g., be it the sink, toilet, and other accessories), or which ones need replacing. Moreover, they’ll be able to use their equipment to move your bathroom essentials to your new home without the risk of breaking anything. 

House Moves: Move Your Bathroom Successfully!

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that it’s very possible to make a proper house move without having to compromise your favorite bathroom layout.

Thanks to the above, you’ll be able to migrate to your new home and get accustomed to a familiar bathroom setup that can help you feel more at home in your new house. And remember, there’s always the option to upgrade your bathroom set up to make it more updated and fitting to your new house!