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How to Choose Paint Colors

I get compliments all the time on the paint colors in my house. One was even called “latte” and it looks like you could drink it. In fact, a number of friends of mine have copied what I’ve done and they using the same paint colors themselves. Want to know my secret?

Well, I had a little help.I hired an interior designer. She came in, looked at everything and picked out some amazing colors. She had some rules she went over about not seeing too many colors from one place, etc. It was like she could visualize the colors on the walls even though the walls were white (I had new construction). She was a great help. I paid her for her time and I did the painting myself.

“No, I Can Do it Myself”

People might think that they can do it themselves and would say forget it to the interior designer. I’m a guy, so hiring one was no big deal at all. I can see, however, that some women might not want another woman coming into their house and telling them what to do. Yeah, that probably applies to most of the women out there.

How to Choose Paint ColorsWhat If You Can’t Hire an Interior Designer or Don’t Want to?

If that’s not in your budget, then there are other tools you can use. For sure.

Interior Design / Painting Magazines

Magazines and brochures that you find at paint stores have lots of ideas that you can either copy or get inspired by. I think this what a lot of people do. Martha Stewart can give you lots of great ideas and she’s famous for making things simple and low budget. Paint is relatively cheap and makes a huge impact, which is why doing some painting makes a lot of sense if you want to make some changes.

Online Books / Tools

I found a great kit online that you can get and it gives you a foolproof way of picking out paint colors. You really can’t go wrong. It was made by a lady and she really seems to know what she’s talking about. This way, you’re doing the work of picking out colors with just a little help. I think that’s ideal and the way most people want to do it.

Use a Color Wheel

One more good tools is a color wheel. It helps you see the relationship between different hues of color. You can see which colors are opposites or close to each other. They start with primary colors (blue, yellow and red) and then make secondary and tertiary colors from them. If you know how to use one, it’s really handy. I have friends that do website design and they even use color wheels.


I think you only get out of something what you put into it. Don’t just throw some paint on the wall, do it in such a way where you’ll get compliments. It’s house and you have to look at the walls every day, so choose good paint colors that will make you enjoy your home more and add value to it.

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