We very often feel that our backyard is an extension of our living space. But only on special occasions, we use the backyard, and that too for throwing parties. We have never thought of using it as an extended living space. With good gazebos for rain and wind, we have a physical structure that can be used for multiple purposes during varying climatic conditions.


Of Late, people have started setting up gazebos in their backyard, but the only thing lacking is the know-how for gazebos’ correct use. Here, we try to bring people closer to the answer of how to use Portable Canopies and Gazebos in your garden?

Portable Canopies and Gazebos

Five Key Uses Of Gazebos And Canopies

1.   Outdoor Dining

The most common use of the patio space under a gazebo is to create a stunning outdoor dining space. Here, you can sit down with your family members or guests and take a sip of hot coffee in cold winters or have dinner under the night sky for a change.

You must make an effort to make an outdoor dining space under the gazebo akin to your indoor dining room. Add elements that enhance the decor, make sure that additions are subtle and not loud. The idea is to create a dining room with open spaces.

2.   Sitting Area

If you want an outdoor living room, just add a patio conversation set under the canopy, and you have an outdoor living space ready. Enjoy those long, never-ending conversations among your friends and family members.

Under the canopy, add rugs and comfortable sofa sets. Also, if there is a need for adding privacy, you can always include curtains. For the dusky evenings, you can use lights that add to the outdoor sitting space’s decor.

3.   Outdoor Lounging

Outdoor Lounging

If you like to create a mini-spa in your backyard, using a portable gazebo is the way to do so. Under the canopy, you add lounge chairs as you would see on the side of the pools. Relax under the sunshine while reading your favorite novel. To protect the feet from the scorching sun, you can lay down a protective rug.

For comfort, add the cushions on the recliner chair, considering you will probably stay in the lounge and watch the sunset. You can also add a few decor items to lighten up things with different color palettes.

4.   Outdoor Gazebo Based Home Party

Now it might sound whacky, but people have now started to bring out the home and kitchen essentials to the Gazebo and enjoy a party with a close-knit group. For example, you bring out the coffee machine or create a makeshift bar set-up.

Some people take their TV set out and fit it in the gazebo, and watch their favorite soccer game with barbeque and beer on the sides. So, essentially hosting a mini party on the house premise, but not inside the house, instead of in the gazebo. If you hosted a party, you know how painstaking it is to clean the mess in the house afterparty.

Below we have mentioned how you can make your backyard a complete staycation for every season.


  1. First and foremost, add quality furniture to the gazebo in your backyard. A quality set of furniture which is well polished improves the likeability of the place.
  2. Try to add UV shades that can be easily moved around. Having shades will prevent you from the summer heat. Also, if the shades can be removed, you can enjoy pleasant cold weather.
  3. Try to place an artificial pool by the side of your gazebo. It will enhance the outdoor lounge setup of the gazebo.
  4. If you want to enjoy the staycation till the late evenings and night pass illuminations/lights. They also provide a stunning look to the gazebo during the night.

Ending Thoughts

You are now aware of creating the perfect gazebo set up and ways to put it into use. It is essential to have good gazebos for wind and rain, provided if you would not like the heavy or gusty rains to blow away your fun.