Be Unique With a Large Ottoman Coffee Table

Coffee tables come in all sizes, shapes, and styles. They grace bedrooms, dens, and living rooms. They are made from wood, metal, plastic or leather. Nearly everyone owns one. Ottomans are another favorite traditional piece of furniture. They too come in many sizes and shapes and styles. Both the coffee table and the ottoman serve an important purpose, and both are useful. However, what happens when you join these two conventional pieces of furniture — now we have a large ottoman coffee table! It’s a perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Ottoman coffee tables can be as elegant or as basic as you desire.

Covered with leather, microfiber or cotton, this piece of furniture is rugged and built to last. Many large ottoman coffee tables are on casters and can be moved around the room with ease. Other ottoman coffee tables have a removable top, or a hinged top, to provide you with storage space inside the base. Yet another option is the nesting ottoman coffee table. This large round ottoman opens up to reveal another smaller ottoman inside, and inside that one, another ottoman. It’s a great way to store extra seats or extra ottomans! The large ottoman coffee table can easily serve as a surface for a meal or a snack.

Using a cloth to cover the top gives it a warm look, and protects the material from stains or spills. When everyone has had their fill, clear off the top of the table, roll it over to the couch and prop your feet up on a comfortable ottoman!