9 Tips To Mix Metals And Add Sparkle To Your Home Interiors

A stoic personality, an aristocrat, a diplomat, an affluent persona with style and taste all packaged in one is the metal. Interior designers use this versatile metal to enhance style and influence to spell out their creations across all spaces of their creativity and design. The presence of metals in interiors is varied and abundant and is available in steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and even gold and silver.

Times have elapsed when only kitchens and bathrooms sported the metal fixtures. Spaces may be limited, but contemporary design belief is indeed out of the box and not limited to spaces. Metals today are a plethora of choices and are available in rose gold, copper, bronze, chrome, and wrought iron with varied finishes too.

Preferred for its durability and minimum or nil replacement cycle its superiority is a silent acceptance over wood, fabric, and plastic. Interior design is chic and charming with the use of metals in furniture to wallpapers.

However, one needs to understand that too much of anything is also too bad. One needs to give thought to coordination and form to strike the right balance and portray the right appeal in aesthetics when used.

Tips To Mix Metals And Add Sparkle To Your Home Interiors

1. Predominate Your Sparkle

Metals are available in a large variety and for starters, it is a difficult choice given the cost, availability, and color. You may choose to be a minimalist and introduce a few or one eye-catching piece into a limited area. Choose the room in your home first. The living room is the choice, then, choose the ideal space to place your metallic wonder against a contrasting wall and introduce softer and subtle elements to accent this metallic delight. You have indeed brought in a predominating sparkler into your room.

Predominate Your Sparkle


2. Allow A Fair Interplay Between The Warm And The Cool

A room that holds both the warm and cool metals is s sight to behold. Warm metal finishes are gold, brass, and copper while the cool ones are silver and chrome. Their interplay in a room lends a cool elegance. Take care to spread them over the room area and not cluster the items for it would become too crowded and lose the appeal. You may choose any room to showcase this collection. Here too let one metal predominate while the other metals may be introduced as limited editions.

Allow A Fair Interplay Between The Warm And The Cool


3. Make Neutral Metals A Permanent Feature

Wrought Iron is always the permanent feature in a home. Neutral metal refers to the traditional wrought iron. This is maintenance-free and with the perfect chosen design will certainly blend well with the interiors of the room with the staircase. Less is more should be the principle when introducing metal features in the space along with the staircase.


Make Neutral Metals A Permanent Feature

4. Introduce Chosen Metallic Accessories

The furnishing décor in the room plays a vital role too when metal accessories need to blend with the décor. The impact created by introducing well-chosen metal accessories breathe their life into the décor of the room. Warm metal accessories get accentuated with soft and pastel furnishings while cool metal accessories come out with a pleasing contrast with dark and heavy color furnishings. The coordination must strike a balance to please the eye.

Introduce Chosen Metallic Accessories

5. Go Gold And Bold

Gold polished or painted metallic items sometimes may be the highlight in a room. As a standalone, the gold centerpiece maybe the only highlighting feature in the room giving the room a regal and opulent finish. Gold metallic accessories are innate in their richness and create an opulent ambiance in the space that they are introduced.

Go Gold And Bold


6. Play With Texture

Metals too come with their touch and feel attitude. Texture in metals is as important as its form and hence their presence. The texture is the character of a metal accessory. Metallic finishes are matte, polished, and hammered finishes.

Each accessory with its texture and style lends completeness to the room décor when used aesthetically. Unpolished metal accessories are rustic in their look but exude a significant statement of their own when introduced with the right elements in the room.

Play With Texture

7. Add A Metallic Wonder Wall

Walls have their presence too in our rooms. Creating a signature wall in our homes is every home owner’s delight. Rooms with such shimmering walls require less investment in furniture as they tend to hold simple but elegant furniture. Metallic wallpapers create an impactful décor and ambiance. They are available in myriad colors, art, and design.

Add A Metallic Wonder Wall

8. Create A Larger Space

Metals are reflective of light. A large metal décor item in the room will certainly bounce off the reflective light it captures from the daylight. This tends to make a room seem much larger. Polished metallic embellishments are much preferred to serve the purpose of a reflective role.

Create A Larger Space

9. A Metallic Garden

Garden spaces are a signature of opulence when metallic wonders are introduced. Dotted with traditional lanterns and artifacts of metals, gardens spell out their presence to stand out from the extraordinary. Galvanized metals are popularly used as garden props since these metals are dipped in molten zinc to prevent rusting and are weather resistant.

A Metallic Garden