Oak bedroomfurniture sets

Which of the trees is characterized by such qualities as power, strength, sturdiness, durability, and resistance? Oak, the answer, is, perhaps, too obvious. But why is it particularly valued among both customers and manufacturers? Let’s dig to the essence and learn what stands behind its outstanding reputation.

The role of wood as a building material in the history of mankind is truly enormous. One can safely say that the tree played the role of an engine of progress. Even in ancient times oak symbolized wisdom, luck, and longevity.

In the Middle Ages, during the rapid development of navigation and trade relations, oak was taken advantage of in shipbuilding, mainly due to its outstanding waterproof qualities. A wave of oak spread in the furniture industry started gaining momentum since the Middle ages as well.

The use of oak can tell whether an interior is preserved in Gothic or Romanesque style. Oak materials have successfully preserved the legacy left by our ancestors.


oak tree

Oak habitats are mostly rich and fertile soil. There are about 600 species of oak, but in general, there are three main types of oak used by furniture craftsmen: standard oak (Robur), red oak and white oak.

As for furniture production, robur is widely used in Western Europe and the European part of Russia, while red and white oak types are predominantly grown and utilized in the northern part of America. Oaks grow up to 18-30 meters and a diameter of 120-180cm. The trunk is typically straight without knots is 15 meters in height.

Being the long-lived tree type, oaks may reach the phenomenal age mark of more than 1000 years. Many oak long-livers are assigned names; the most famous are Oak Kaiser, Oak King, Stelmužė Oak, and Oak Chapel.


Oak furniture is durable, with proper care is able to stand for many years. Often oak used to create massive and durable wardrobes, cupboards, tables, chairs and many more. The material is also successfully applied in the wine industry. Oak barrels are used for storage and transportation of wine and brandy.


oak furniture


Why spiritually advanced individuals make their choice in favor of oak furniture? It is believed that oak protects people from negative influences and compensates for the lack of energy in the human body.

The tree aura enhances the activity and eliminates congestion. Medicine experts confirm that the energy of oak has a particularly favorable impact on the liver and cardiovascular system.

Oak is a so-called tree species by sound. Oakwood, except for the top, “live” rings, specially self-conserving. The inner rings are not involved in life processes, they are impregnated with special substances and stone during the life of the tree. This explains the high strength of the material and furniture in particular.


As for the oak strength, it is listed among the best natural materials for furniture manufacture. However, high strength and hardness of oak cause difficulties in processing wood and increase the complexity.

Moreover, the production of furniture is suitable only for trees older than two hundred years. Therefore, many furniture companies do not risk to engage in oak production, preferring the cheaper and more affordable types of wood.

Due to its unparalleled strength, oak is considered the best in furniture manufacture. However, extreme strength and hardness oak cause difficulty in processing and increase the complexity of production, which is naturally reflected in the final price.

Industrial stocks of quality oak wood are extremely limited and each year they are becoming smaller. Therefore, many furniture companies are not at risk to engage in the production of furniture made of oak, preferring the cheaper and more accessible timber.

Another noteworthy oak property is incredible moisture resistance. This is especially important if the furniture is used in the kitchen or in a humid climate. Oakwood also boasts rich, truly royal drawing. From bright yellowish-brown to dark chocolate, it guarantees a distinctive noble look for years to come.