12 Ways To Reuse Egg Shells In Your Home And Garden

Eggs are a staple in almost everyone’s kitchen. You eat them for breakfast, use them for baking cakes, biscuits etc.; but what do you do with the empty egg shells? Most people throw them away.

They do not know that eggs shells which they throw way contains high amount of calcium and many other compounds which can be reused for fertilizing the soil, for making face mask, for cleaning purpose and for many other household jobs.

So next time you are eating an omelet or poach, don’t just throw away the eggshell. Here are a few efficient uses of egg shells in your garden as well as your home.

Here Are 12 Ways To Reuse Egg Shells In Your Home And Garden

1. Use As Garden Fertilizer

High calcium content contained in eggshells are great for fertilizing your garden. Simply crush the eggshells and directly sprinkle them into every hole before planting the seedlings. They will decompose quickly and will add valuable nutrients to the soil. This will help the plants to thrive and aid in their growth. You can use them for potted plants also. Store remaining crushed eggshells and sprinkle them occasionally to boost the soil.

Use As Garden Fertilizer

2. Toss In Compost Pile

As eggshells are rich in not only in calcium but other nutrients beneficial for plants to thrive, add them to the compost pile after crushing them.

Toss In Compost Pile

3. Keep Away Garden Pests

Pests often ruin the vegetables and flowers you grow in your garden. Keep them away from your plants by spreading the crushed egg shells throughout the garden. They will work as non-toxic eco-friendly pesticides and help to keep plant-eating slugs and snails away.

Keep Away Garden Pests

4. Feed Them As A Supplement To Your Chickens

Your chicken will lay nutritious eggs with thick shells, if you feed them back the shells after crushing them. Simply crush the shells and add them to their regular food and serve them a bit every day to boost their nutrient intake.

Feed Them As A Supplement To Your Chickens

5. Treat Skin Irritation

Dissolve eggshells in small jar of apple cider vinegar for 2-3 days and apply the mixture to get relief from minor skin irritations, boils and itchy skin.

Treat Skin Irritation

6. Make Calcium Citrate

You can make your own calcium supplement using only farm fresh, organic egg shells. Steam them to sanitize and allow them to air dry. Crush the shells or grind them and add 1tsp. lemon juice per each egg shells and cover. As they dissolve completely, you will get your own calcium citrate.

Make Calcium Citrate

7. Get Glowing Skin

To bring youthful glow to your facial skin, crush dried eggshells after cleaning them thoroughly. Add the powdered eggshell to some egg white and apply on the skin. Rinse off as the mixture dries. This will revitalize your skin.

Get Glowing Skin

8. Whiten Your Clothes

Use crushed eggshell powder after combining with few lemon slices to whiten your clothes. Put them in a small cloth bag in the washing machine during wash cycle. They will keep your white clothes white for a longer period.

Whiten Your Clothes

9. Natural Stain Remover

Eggshells can be used as natural stain remover. Instead of using toxic synthetic cleaner, make your own natural stain remover at home using ground eggshells for removing stubborn stains of coffee, fruit juice etc. Sprinkle grounded shells over the stain after soaking the cloth in slightly warm water. Wait for 15-20 minutes to see the magic.

Natural Stain Remover

10. Use Eggshells As Cleaner

You can use eggshells as a non-toxic tough scrubber to clean pans and pots with food stuck on them. Just add them in soapy water to clean them.

Use Eggshells As Cleaner

11. Unclog Your Drains

Clogged drains are quite a common problem in many households. Put some ground eggshell in the sink strainer. They will tap the solids and when they gradually breakdown, they will work as non-toxic cleaner to clean the drainage pipe.

Unclog Your Drains

12. Use Them For Art And Craft Projects

Use eggshells to create beautiful crafts using glue, acrylic colors etc. you can make beautiful wall hangings, christmas tree ornaments etc. with them.

Use Them For Art And Craft Projects