Teak is a superior wood to use in a moist area. Due to its natural oils, it can withstand constant humidity. Teak is also resistant to mold. This makes it perhaps the best material to use in a shower.

One fascinating thing about the teak shower bench is its cleaning process, which is almost negligible. There are hardly any efforts needed for maintaining and cleaning the teak shower bench. They could be cleaned as per the instructions of the manufacturer. As a matter of fact, one can also clean them using the regular detergent and water in ratio 1:2 with a soft-bristled brush.

Ordinary wood will not be able to survive constant wetness but teak wood is able to surpass these harsh tests of time, humidity, and temperature. You will notice that in time, the teak shower bench will remain flat and smooth whereas other cheaper kinds of wood will be subject to decaying and mold.

Whether your teak shower bench is aged or whether it is new doesn’t really matter, one way of teak shower bench care is to place teak sealants on any piece after it has been cleaned. You have to realize that sealer isn’t the same thing as varnish. It simply acts to preserve the wood while allowing it to breathe and release oils naturally.

Understanding the correct care of the teak shower bench is a vital part of helping to maintain this lifetime investment. As there is no artificial coating involved, there are fewer chances of falling pieces and lost color spots on the surface of the benches within a few days of bringing home your teak shower bench.

Since a shower bench is to be put inside the shower, the one that made of teak wood is the best recommendation. Unlike other wood, this would last long which is up to decades-long if you know how to take care of it. You might consider a plastic or wood chair but mind you that they are not as comfortable as the one made of wood. Besides, the teak shower bench always gives you a more luxurious feel better than those of plastic and metal.

Teak tends to produce a natural patina after brief exposure to water, which actually works as glazing that adds to the durability of the wood. This patina makes the teak shower bench get a silver-gray color that looks stunning.

For those who wish to maintain the original honey color, you can always do that by coating it with a good sealant. It is one’s personal choice. Unlike any other ordinary wood, teak is resistant to moisture and it can stand extreme heat and humidity. Moreover, wood biting insects won’t bite teak wood as again it resists such an attack.