Warm and Cozy Winter: How to Revamp Your Abode with a Clean Industrial Style Theme

If there’s one kind of style that’s most suitable for most homes, it’s the clean industrial theme. This kind of style represents industrial areas or an old factory, which has been trending for the last few years. Many homeowners opt for this style, specifically in their living area.

With this style, expect to see exposed bricks thanks to SourcePro excavator attachments, weathered wood, industrial lighting fixtures, among others. And if you’re planning to adopt this kind of style too, then you can follow these tips!

How You Can Revamp Your Home: Clean Industrial Style!

There are so many ways you can make your home look clean and industrial. But with the winter coming, you have to make the cold industrial look more homey and cozy! Here are tips you can follow to incorporate the industrial style and still have your home look warm during the colder holiday season.

  • Add Warm Lights

You probably know how short and dull winter days can be, so it’s time to brighten it up with extra elements to make a warm lighting ambiance. While it’s not something we need to do every season, adding some warmth to the lighting can change the move of the entire home.

You can do this by adding low-wattage bulbs and/or floor lamps, illuminating spaces, especially in darker corners.

  • Go for Exposed Brick

I recommend that you go for exposed bricks on your wall, along with lighting fixtures above tables. Just make sure that you have warm lighting to match the winter season. For those who are looking for bulbs for lighting fixtures, I recommend you hang them in a metal cage, as metal cage lighting is an important element in the industrial décor design.

You can also revamp your walls with framed arts that are black and white in color. Or, you can also spruce up walls without paintings by placing a classy mirror to cover empty spaces.

  • Put a Rolling Cart Made with Wood

If you want to incorporate an industrial feeling more, then place a rolling cart made of wood. You can use this to also place normal things on it, moving it around as needed. So, it’s pretty AND functional, perfect for the cozy reading nook to place your books, glasses, light source, and even a mug of hot chocolate.

Wood is also an industrial décor. If you want to have extra space in the room, you can opt for a black color on one of your walls, hanging a wooden crate on it for storage.

  • Use Fire pits and Heaters

Nothing feels as welcoming in the winter season than creating spaces for fire pits and heaters, especially during chilly nights. Sitting on cozy chairs and carpeted floors in front of the lit fire pit is a great winter memory.

Not only will it work well to keep the space warm, but it has a bit of vintage décor while still having a clean industrial style, so long as the furniture surrounding it matches the theme. You can also opt for different styles of firepits, including those that match the industrial style

  • Winterproofing With Rugs

Ceramic tiles and marble flooring might look and feel great during the summertime, but once winter comes, it will feel frigid. And no one wants to step on very cold floors!

You can cover the floors with rugs, placing them as insulators so the floor is warm and cozy. I recommend getting handmade rugs that have a high density and knot count.

  • Use an Industrial Curtain Rod

When you’re decorating the windows and have curtains, I recommend that you use industrial curtain rods. Always opt for metal-made items when you want a clean industrial look.

  • Bring an Iron-framed Bed with Decoration

As mentioned, metal is in when it comes to industrial design. If you want to change your bedroom, then opt for an iron-framed bed with little décor. If you have counters in your kitchen, then you can use a plumber pipe for support and also opt for exposed shelving on brick walls.

  • Indoor Plants with Wall Hanging Shelves

While this isn’t the most industrial look, it’s definitely one that will have your home look warm and cozy during the winter season when there aren’t many greens. Plus, you can still make this look clean industrial with the right pots.

Adorn your humble abode with indoor plants by investing in wall hanging shelves. Place the plants on the shelves, making sure that they are of right size and weight so the shelves can take them properly.

Wrapping It Up

With winter coming up, it’s actually possible to revamp your home and have it look warm and cozy with the clean industrial style! Not only will these tips help make your home look amazing, but it will be functional and safe, too. And not to worry, you don’t have to break bank to try beautifying your home,


I hope that this article on revamping your home with the clean industrial theme helped you out. Now that you’re familiar with the answer, follow any of these tips and get started to prepare for the cold season ahead.


If you have questions or want to share your own tips and experiences on working with a clean industrial style for the winter season, share them in the comments section below. I appreciate all your thoughts!